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Discussion For Post-Sequel Antagonist? (TRoS Spoilers)

As seen in The Rise of Skywalker, old Sheev is dead...probably for good, the Sith are gone...probably for good and the First Order is pretty much obliterated as an enemy faction. While it is nice and hunky-dory, Star Wars is a franchise about wars, so I doubt this is the last time the galaxy will be at each other's throats.
To preface, I'm not a Star Wars scholar. I'm just a fan who consumed Legends and the new canon - the good and the bad. I thought this would be a fun discussion though, considering where the franchise is at the moment.
So...what would you guys like to see as the next antagonist? The First Order / Sith Eternal were effectively repeats of the Galactic Empire in terms of aesthetic, so where do you guys want to go from here?
I had a few ideas just for the sake of stimulating discussion:
First Order Remnants - While probably not the main Big Bad of a new set of films, they're probably still around. I'm guessing they'll be more like pirates or brigands than an actual threat because the First Order was less of a government and more of a roving band of terrorists overall. They can help the true Big Bad or serve as the introduction to something worse.
New Separatist Union (https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/New_Separatist_Union) - This group was mentioned as a thorn in Mon Mothma's side in the Aftermath books, though they seemed to not play a strong military role in the Galactic Civil War. As the name implies, they seem to be a revival of the Confederacy of Independent Systems - a faction I personally liked.
I also think they can be a great antagonist for a few reasons:
-They have legit gripes with the New Republic / Resistance because of the fact that they still represent the Galactic Republic - the government that screwed them over in the first place. Also, the Republic never really went away since the Galactic Empire, despotic as it was, could be seen as a continuation of the Galactic Republic. In their eyes, nothing has changed and they've been screwed every step of the way.
-The First Order mess could make them angrier since the New Republic effectively let them happen while also leaving a lot of nice weapons to salvage for another conflict.
Clone Wars 2.0 could be interesting since the New Republic used battle droids and I doubt they'll go back to using clones since that is what led to the rise of the Galactic Empire. Maybe the New New Republic will have to tolerate the New Separatist Union...or the new Clone Wars will be even bloodier than the first.
Corporate Sector Authority (https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Corporate_Sector_Authority) - A Legends faction that returned to canon to own Canto Bight, they were more of an economic power overall that nevertheless maintained a sizable military force of their own. Even the Galactic Empire gave the group a wide berth, possibly due to their economic might with the multitude of corporations that resided in its territory.
The CSA did have a big hand in funding the rise of the First Order and they could easily be the ones harboring First Order remnants as well as weapons dealers that got hold of First Order tech. With the distance between the the Core Worlds and the CSA, which is on the edge of the Outer Rim, they would be a pretty interesting faction to serve as an antagonist - a capitalistic, greedy and relatively neutral faction in the galaxy that only wants to make a quick buck and squash the lesser beings in their territory.
Mandalorian Empire...of a sort - Inspired by the Legends' Mandarlorian Wars and the united clans under Mandalore the Ultimate, these guys could really be a scourge on the galaxy with all of their starships, military might and basilisk war droids.
Granted, we don't know what the plans are with the Mandalorian show and with the new trilogy, which is rumored to be about KOTOR, so this idea is kind of up in the air.
Something with Xim the Despot - Now this is a fella that wasn't even touched on that much in Legends...kinda like Yoda's species. He was a warlord from long ago who conquered the galaxy, leaving behind legends, tales and treasure in his wake. The Tion Cluster and his old kingdom is a thing in the new canon, so maybe a resurgent Xim's empire could be a cool antagonist - something that could be done in combination with the new Separatist movement since the Tion Cluster did join the Separatists in both Legends and canon.
If he had Jedi to back him up, maybe this might be a cool way to introduce more militaristic Force users like a canon version of the Knights of Zakuul or the Imperial Knights. After all, Xim had to have considerable assets in order to conquer the galaxy while the Sith and Jedi still existed.
Grysk - Possibly the canon Vong, they are the bane to Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Chiss as a whole and come from the Unknown Regions. If they're anything like the Vong, they can introduce newer and crazier things to the screen, especially with their tools, ships and general look. Since one of the biggest complaints about the sequel trilogy is that it was "same old, same old," the Grysk / Vong could be used to spice up a set of films with something very radical.
If anything, I'm sure Timothy Zahn would be pleased since he has been writing about this guys for awhile now in the canon Thrawn novels.
So these are a few of my ideas for the sake of discussion. Feel free to add some more ideas and / or chat about these ones below. Thanks and be nice to each other!
submitted by InnocentTailor to MawInstallation

Thal's B*lls! An FFXIV Lore post!

Hello again! It's been awhile. On so many levels. But I'm back with Yet Another FF14 Lore Post by yours truly.
"But Quor," I hear you ask, "why aren't you farming Bozja for your Relic/clusters/the glory of the Bozjans?" Well dear reader, that's because the FF14 servers are currently undergoing maintenance. Naturally, that means it's LORE TIME!
Sadly, this time around anyway, there's....not really all that much to add. This event is a weird amalgam; fight-wise, we're stuck in Heavensward, but character-wise we're all the way into Shadowbringers, a full two xpacs later. So in the interest of spoilers, I'll just be talking about the primals here while only touching vaguely on why Y'shtola went from full-on healer to full-on caster dps. Then I figured we'd touch on the now-finished trifecta of Dream/Torment/Dreambeakers we have, since all three put together follow the story of FF14 2.0's finale to a T.
BUT! As is tradition with my posts, I bring not only the gift of a massive wall of text knowledge, but also that of music! This time around we've got a compilation of all sorts of SE (and SS!) songs. This set was done as a part of TGS a couple of weeks ago, and contains stuff both from more recent SE releases as well as things that are classics from way back in the Squaresoft days. We're talking everything from NieR to Einhander to Chrono Trigger to Chocobo's Dungeon.
Of course there's some FF14 stuff there, specifically the entirety of the recently-released Pulse Remix album. That particular portion starts at around the 30 minute mark and goes until the end. Overall you're looking at about an hour of some amazing remixes. Definitely give it a listen, but mind your bass if you happen to be in an apartment or at work or something, because that drop on A Long Fall is downright dirty in the best way.


So what's this event about exactly? Obviously we're vanquishing the primals, but who exactly are these primals, and why do they need to be vanquished? We'll start with the first question.
Ifrit - our resident fiery demon boy, Ifrit is the embodiment of flames and serves as the "god" of the desert-dwelling Amal'jaa lizardmen, a war-like beast tribe that makes their home deep in the deserts of Thanalan. In FF14, Ifrit - Lord of the Inferno - is the first primal you face, at the tender level of 20, and it's through your battle with him that your character discovers that they house within them a special power - the Echo - that renders them immune to the "tempering" process that a primal inflicts on living beings. This "tempering" amounts to a kind of fanatical mind control, wherein the primal washes it's victim over with their own raw energy, at which point the victim becomes zealously and impossibly devoted to the primal, and more important to the perpetuation of the primal. This Echo gives your character the advantage that so many people lack in that you can face down primals without having to worry about losing your entire being to their influence. It's also during this fight that your character first makes real contact with Hydaelyn, the Mothercrystal, and you receive your first "blessing" from her in the form of a red fire-aspected crystal.
Titan - just as Ifrit serves as the patron deity of the desert-dwelling Amal'jaa, so too does Titan serve as the god for the cave-dwelling Kobolds. Called the Lord of Crags, he's a bit less bloodthirsty than Ifrit, but only just. Titan exists less as a means of the aggression of the Kobolds and more because they feel that their territory has been encroached upon, and thus needs defending. This doesn't mean he's a good guy per se, as he's still freakin' Titan, and earthquakes are never fun for anyone. Thus it falls to you, as a bearer of the Echo, to tackle the literal and figurative mountain that is Titan, facing him deep beneath the volcanic mountain of O'ghomoro. As with Ifrit, vanquishing him grants you another blessing of Hydaelyn, this time in the form of a yellow earth crystal.
Garuda - known as the "Lady of the Vortex" by her followers, Garuda serves as the patron to the Ixal beast tribe of birdmen. Easily the most violent and aggressive of the "main three" primals you face, Garuda's servants go so far as to kidnap members of other beast tribes and bring them to serve as fonts of prayer for their mad goddess. Garuda and her Ixal make their home among the great mountain range known as Abalathia's Spine, and it's here, within the heart of a massive vortex that you ultimately end up facing her down. But just as you're about to strike the killing blow that would destroy and dissipate her energies, none other than Gaius van Baelsar shows up, and with the Ultima Weapon at his disposal, he absorbs the very essence of Garuda into the ancient machine. More on that later.
Still, your success over Garuda empowers you further, and you acquire a green wind-aspected crystal as another blessing from Hydaelyn.
Shiva - here's where we depart a bit from the mold. Shiva is most definitely a primal, but unlike other primals, who are summoned via vast-quantities of aether (usually provided via aether-rich crystals) and take form based on the "image" of their summoners, Shiva did not so much "take" a form as she inhabited one. Specifically, she "lives" within the woman known as Lady Iceheart, or as we know her here in FFRK, Ysayle. As the de facto leader of the "heretics" of Ishgard and the person who houses the "spirit" of Saint Shiva in her breast, Ysayle is treated with an almost religious holiness by her followers.
The story of Shiva herself is also far more complicated than that of a simple primal however. Shiva, or Saint Shiva (aka Mother of the Sheave) as she was once known, was a mortal woman who fell in love with the ancient wyrm, Hraesvelgr, one of the Seven children brought to this star by Midgardsormr (who himself traveled an impossibly vast distance before settling on the world of FF14). Probably to his surprise, Hraesvelgr returned these feelings for Shiva, but was torn at the prospect of his love dying in what amounts to a blink of an eye in the life of a dragon. Following an initial period of bloodshed between man and dragon when mortals moved into the dragon territories of Dravania and Coerthas, Saint Shiva's love for Hraesvelgr would see her beg dragon soulmate to devour her, so that her mortal soul may forever reside within her beloved. So devour her he did, and the peace and contentment he found in his now-permanent connection with Shiva formed the foundation of peace between man and dragon. Of course, this peace was not to last, as the forefathers of Ishgard betrayed Hraesvelgr's sister, Ratatoskr, and killed her in order to take her power for themselves. This sent Hraesvelgr's brother, Nidhogg, into a rage, ultimately resulting in the 1000 year-long Dragonsong War that forms the basis for the Heavensward expansion.
This of course begs the question; how did Ysayle summon Shiva's soul into her body if Hraesvelgr is in possession of it? And the answer is that she didn't. She just summoned the concept of Shiva into her body, following a particularly scary (and enlightening) meeting with Hraesvelgr himself, where the elder wyrm took pity upon the nearly-dead Ysayle and saved her life. This also begs another question; if Ysayle basically summoned a primal into herself, why didn't it take over her mind? And the answer there lies in the fact that Ysayle also is a bearer of the Echo. Much like our main character in FF14, Ysayle's Echo also allows her to see glimpses of a person's past, living it through their eyes as if she was there, and it was through this ability that Ysayle was able to glimpse the truth behind the 1000-year lie that Ishgard had labored under, as her Echo allowed her to live those memories from Hraesvelgr as if they were her own. Once an enemy, Ysayle becomes a stalwart friend during the events of Heavensward, as you work together alongside Alphinaud and Estinien to bring the truth of the past to light.
Ravana - now we are well and true into Heavensward territory. Ravana - unlike other primals here - is a new entry to Final Fantasy. A being aspected to Earth and Fire, Ravana serves as the patron deity for the Gnath beast tribe, a collective hive mind of beings with many ant-like qualities to them. A lover of conflict, Ravana exists only to prove his strength in glorious combat. Being aspected to both earth and fire, Ravana shifts between a tanky form and a damage form, employing brutally beautiful bladework with his Chandrahas swords to slay all who stand before him. While on your journey with Ysayle and co. to try and end the Dragonsong War peacefully, you are tasked by Vidofnir, daughter of Hraesvelgr, to end the threat Ravana poses to her brood in Anyx Trine. Upon doing so, you earn the respect and gratitude both of Vidofnir and the local Vath, an off-shoot of the Gnath who have attained an independent "Newmind" that is apart from the "Onemind" of the Gnath collective.
Bismarck - once again back to well-trodden territory, Bismarck is basically the big ass whale that everyone knows and loves, with a dash of Moby Dick thrown in for good measure. "Patron" deity of the Vanu Vanu beast tribe of birdmen (much larger than the wiry Ixal), he is known as The White and it's said that in eons past, he left the oceans to find a home among the Sea of Clouds, moving in and out of the various cloud formations as he hunted. Large enough to devour some of the smaller floating islands that make up the Sea of Clouds, he is summoned into existence by the Vundu clan of Vanu Vanu, and the Zundu and Gundu clans entreat you to end the threat he poses. Since you yourself have a dire need to navigate the Sea of Clouds (in search of an ancient floating continent named Azys La, pursuing a megalomanical madman), you agree to do your Warrior of Light thing and help them. A bit of creative ingenuity from Cid, a few Ishgard-made dragonkillers, and a not-quite-bite-sized island to serve as bait is all combined with some good ol' magiteknical know-how to enable you to finally get the one that got away. Aspected to both wind and water, Bismarck's fight in FFRK reflects every phase of the fight pretty well, right down to the bubbles that spawn and the weather that changes.
King Thordan, AKA the Knights of the Round - I'm a little disappointed they went so far as to include Ravana and Bismarck, but neglected to give us Thordan instead. Maybe they just didn't want to try and find a way to program the 17 fucking phases he has or something. Anyway, the tl;dr on this guy is that he's the embodiment of the original King Thordan of Ishgard, the one who betrayed Ratatoskr and killed her for her power. He and his twelve most trusted knights trapped her and murdered her, and this Thordan is the modern embodiment of him, a primal summoned into being in a way similar to what Ysayle did with Shiva. Lots of stuff happens, he ends up on a floating continent that continues to float thanks to it's machines draining the power of the Warring Triad (yes, that Triad), but then you come along and put him in his place because you're the Warrior of Light and killing gods is kind of your thing.
Nidhogg - brother to Ratatoskr and Hraesvelgr, and one of the Seven of Midgardsormr's Brood, brought to this star by his sire, Nidhogg saw it as the duty of dragonkind to protect this world. He saw man as weak and thus incapable of being it's protectors, and when Thordan and his men learned of this from Ratatoskr (who quite liked mortals) she answered honestly and told her exactly how Nidhogg felt. Upon learning of his sister's demise, Nidhogg flew into a rage and attacked Thordan and his remaining men, but empowered by consuming Ratatoskr's Eyes (a dragon's eyes hold it's power), they were able to beat the great wyrm back, taking both his eyes in the process. On death's door, Nidhogg made his way to his brother, Hraesvelgr, and angered at the fate of his sister, Hraesvelgr granted Nidhogg one of his eyes that his brother might live, and take vengeance for their fallen sister. And so Nidhogg began his 1000-year war. As time went by, and the power of Ratatoskr became diluted in the people's of Ishgard, Nidhogg had plenty of opportunities to end the city-state and her people, but his rage and hatred could not be satisifed thus, as even a thousand years felt like mere days ago to a dragon. The only way to bring peace between man and dragon was to kill Nidhogg, and so it was that you and your friends journeyed to his home in the Churning Mists to put the great wyrm down, once and for all.
Of course, things are never that simple. But that's a story for another day.
For this, we take a few steps back from Heavensward, to the earliest days of A Realm Reborn, the 2.0 version of the game. Over the course of your trials against Ifrit, Garuda and Titan, you are shadowed by a man you later learn is the Legatus of the XIVth imperial legion, one Gaius Van Baelsar. A character from the 1.0 days, Gaius had mostly stayed out of things, as he saw the plan Nael van Darnus - Legatus of the VIIth legion - was implementing as utter madness. Unknown to Gaius at the time, Nael had long-since been tempered by the Elder Primal, Bahamut, who had lain imprisoned within the lesser moon of Dalamud for several thousand years. This tempering would lead to the formation of the Meteor Project, the utter destruction of the Citadel of Bozja, and the Seventh Umbral Calamity that nearly brought the world to ruin. As a means of trying to prevent such senseless devastation, Gaius - while not quite betraying the Empire - did provide some key information and tools to the characters in the 1.0 version of the game in an effort to stop Darnus' mad scheme.
Alas, it was all for naught, and Dalamud fell.
Still, despite all this, Gaius saw the empire's cause as just; the subjugation of other nations as a preventative measure to stop eikon (aka primal) summoning from occurring. Following the conquering and subsequent occupation of the Eorzean city-state of Ala Mhigo some twenty years prior, the Garlean's - under Gaius' command - had excavated and restored an ancient Allagan anti-eikon machina weapon that they codenamed "Ultima." This "Ultima weapon" could house the very essence of a primal within it's core, using it for it's own ends while simultaneously preventing the primal for retaining any kind of corporeal form. In a way you can think of it like a "ghost trap" from the Ghostbusters, only with fully articulated limbs and an impressive away of weaponry (alongside a world-destroying secret weapon housed deep within).
Late in the ARR leveling process, as you begin to approach the then-cap of level 50, things ramp up significantly, complete with a joint attack by the city states of Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa and Gridania against Garlean bases in and around Eorzea, with the intent to cut them off from each other and render their main base - Castrum Meridianum - vulnerable to assault. Assaulting the Castrum, you and your allies cut your way to the Praetorium at it's heart, and the Dreams fight with Gaius serves as a pretty faithful recreation of the actual Praetorium fight, riding down an impossibly-long elevator to the secret base that houses the Ultima Weapon deep within.
This leads us naturally to our Torment fight, where Gaius takes command of the Ultima Weapon (and the three primal essences of Ifrit, Garuda and Titan that it possesses) in an attempt to beat us once and for all. A little divine intervention from Hydaelyn sees the nigh-impenetrable defense of the Ultima Weapon brought down, and repeated assaults on it drive out the essences of the primals, weakening it further, until finally the Ascian Lahabrea makes his appearance, triggering the Heart of Sabik within the Ultima Weapon, and the Ultima magic that it contains. Hydaelyn exerts great effort to shield her champions from the devastation wrought by Ultima, and while the Praetorium itself is little more than a blown out husk, we manage to survive and take the Weapon down once and for all. This leaves Hydaelyn incredibly weakened though.
So who the hell is this guy? Well, behind everything else going on with the primals in ARR, while Gaius watched us, so too did Lahabrea. Dressed in dark robes, and seemingly able to transport instantly to and from where ever he wanted by stepping through portals wreathed in dark energies, Lahabrea was an enigmatic foe who's intents lay hidden for most of the 2.0 experience. Ultimately, you learn that he - at some point - had taken advantage of Thancred in a weaker moment and physically possessed him, using his knowledge to provide Gaius with important details about the Scions and their anti-primal efforts. You later learn that Lahabrea was responsible for teaching the beast tribes how to utilize crystals and prayer to summon a primal into being, and that his intention for these repeated primal summonings were as an indirect attack on Hydaelyn herself, who Lahabrea said had "ruined" the world by attacking the "true" god of this star, Zodiark. Each primal summoning drained that much more power from Hydaelyn, and any further damage caused as a result was simply a bonus. So it was that Lahabrea manipulated Gaius into using the Ultima Weapon, empowering it with the essences of primals so as to unleash Ultima upon the world, and usher in a new Calamity.
At the end of it all, after fighting Gaius on your way down to the Ultima Weapon, then fighting Ultima Weapon itself, you finally find yourself "face-to-face" with Lahabrea, mocking you even as he wears Thancred's body. After an arduous fight, you force the Ascian out of Thancred and back into the Rift, to rest and recover from your ordeal as he plots another way to bring strife to the land.
Ultimately, Lahabrea meets his end towards the finale of Heavensward 3.0, where the now-ascended Thordan uses his sword, Ascalon, empowered by the vast energies siphoned off from the Warring Triad, to utterly obliterate Lahabrea's soul, destroying him at a fundamentel level and sending him to a final rest within the Lifestream. This marks the death of the first of the Unsundered, leaving only the Ascians Emet-Selch and Elidibus as complete souls from the time before the Sundering.
Once again though, that is a story for another time. I was really hoping this event would maybe bring us a bit deeper into Stormblood, maybe introduce some new characters besides Alisaie Hildibrand as a dancer would be amazing and give us more new fights than just Nidhogg, Bismarck and Ravana, but what can you do. FF14 has so much content though that I'm a little surprised DeNA hasn't capitalized on it more.
Anywho, if ya made it this far, thanks much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. All of this was written from memory so forgive me if I missed a detail or two. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to plug this game that I love so much. With the advent of Shadowbringers last year, FF14 went from being "a great game for an MMO" to "a great game" in the blink of an eye. ARR is good, but has it's issues; the team was under some tight constraints and still finding their stride. Heavensward really kicked it up a notch, and was easily the best FF story since at least FF9 or 10. Stormblood was good, more realpolitik than high fantasy, but it had some amazing moments, with the only major criticism people agree on being the "dichotomy" that existed within the storyline, as it attempted to tell a pair of parallel stories at the same time.
But then Shadowbringers came out, and ho-lee shit. Easily the best game since FF6, and arguably the best fantasy game in general since....I dunno, the Witcher? Dragon Age Origins? It's hard to reference anything because tastes vary wildly between people, but take your favorite fantasy game of the past 20 years and Shadowbringers tops that, easily. It takes threads woven as far back as ARR and ties them together in such a way that just blows your mind. The lead writer for Shadowbringers, Natsuko Ishikawa, received a standing ovation at one of the PAX conventions during a panel, simply because what she had created was so good. Yes, this is a subscription game, and yes, it's an MMO, but it's absolutely worth it from a single-player story perspective, and despite being an MMO, the game is largely single player until you to the level cap. All the multiplay stuff prior to that tends to be pretty light, and it's all enabled by the excellent Duty Finder system that always ensures there's plenty of people to party with whenever a multi-person dungeon or trial comes up.
So, having said all that, there is a free trial of the game for anyone that is interested. It was recently boosted so that the level cap on the free trial is set at 60 (current max level is 80) and it includes all of the content in A Realm Reborn (2.0) and Heavensward (3.0), including the post-patch quests, up until patch 3.56, which is the patch immediately preceding the Stormblood expansion (4.0). In short, you get ~60% of the game for free, with some restrictions to chat, trade and personal economy as an anti-bot/RMT measure. Not only that, but Heavensward is widely loved as being an amazing story in and of itself, and much of the stuff you find in ARR is nothing to sneeze at either.
If any of that interests you, then you can get the trial from here:
Other regions outside of NA will need to search for the trial site that matches their region, but the process is otherwise the same. The trial also exists on the PS4, and can be downloaded via Steam if that's your preferred method, but do note that the Steam and non-Steam PC versions of the game are exclusive to one another, meaning that if you start on one, then you're stuck on that version of the game forever. Buying the game on Steam means sticking with Steam forever, while buying it on not-Steam means you can never have it on Steam at all (outside of adding it as a non-Steam game to use the Steam overlay while you play).
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