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History of the Sol war: Lesson 3, Humans don’t die easily.

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The lecturer watched his class. Apprehensive and excited, they’d done their research this time, and the conclusion they’d come to was that humans were insane.
“My part of this lecture will be rather short.” He explained and twitched his antenna conveying his pleasure at not actually having to prepare anything for this topic. He opened the presentation and the UV lights dimmed.“Most federation species cannot survive the loss of a limb through violence. Our species will lose too much fluid and become unable to move as well as going in to shock. The Corsk have significant issues due to their breathing orifices being on their upper arms. The Ordeen would simply lose hydraulic pressure and collapse. And with their diffuse nerve system and brain the Scithan’s would suffer brain damage. Humans however keep going.” He moved on to the next slide. An image of a human missing an upper limb, seeming to be taking part in some kind of physical competition against other humans who were not lacking such limbs.
“Personally I have seen humans with limbs missing continue fighting even while the wound is fresh. Humanity, being able to survive this, have developed various replacements for missing limbs.” He moved on to the next slide. A collection of human prosthetics throughout the ages. Starting with simple hooks, all the way through to the more modern systems where the cybernetic was grafted to the nerves. A student raised a hand.“S-sir….Is that a weapon? They replaced lost limbs with weapons?” The student’s voice shook and his antennae were folded back in fear. The lecturer smiled, clicking with amusement.“I think I should hand off to our guest lecturer. Colonel Gregor Vanahime.” The lecture hall was suddenly frozen.
They’d all heard the stores, legends really. The Iron Hearted Captain, The human with a steel soul, some of the remaining religious organizations in the federation had him down as some kind of blessed or cursed creature. Gregor ‘Iron Heart’ Vanahime. The man who had led a squad of 20 men and crushed the Federation’s lunar base, without losing a single trooper. What they saw, was shockingly not what they expected. A human, with short white hair and a weathered face, He looked late sixties. He wore a human military uniform, medals of honour pinned to it. Walking on to the stage from the side, they could only really see his left side. He looked, utterly normal. Greeting the lecturer he smiled, exchanged pleasantries and then turned to face the assembled student-recruits. There was a collective straightening of antenna in surprise and confusion. The upper right part of his face was metal, his eye was also artificial. It wasn’t the normal artificial implant that simply looked like a normal eye, but rather hand several complex lenses housed in a boxy structure. He didn’t address the class right away, but rather took off his dress jacket, under it he wore a button up shirt with short sleeves. The class at this point was leaning forward to get a better view. Both his arms were mechanical, heavy with armor plating and clear mounting points for more, or possibly weapons, the cybernetics disappeared into his sleeves. This was him. The human that was more metal than man. The ones closest to the front could see in the armour on his arms tiny marks, like the honour marks on their lecturer’s carapace. They’d heard of this human ritual amongst human soldiers, each tiny scratch was a foe the human had slain. A few recoiled, realizing that every surface had marks on it. Vanahime spoke and the spell was broken, the class suddenly realizing he was here to teach them showed the appropriate amount of respect.
“To answer your question. Yes. Humans often include extra things into their prosthetics. Not just weapons.” His Tricul was fluent enough that they didn’t need their universal translators. Still his voice was gruff and jovial.“For example” He tapped the prosthetic eye on its side, the clinking of metal loud in the silence.“This allows me to see in the normal wavelengths of humans, The ultra violet of you lo-” He caught himself.“Tricul. As well as Infrared. It has lots of other functions.” He took the controls for the presentation and pressed a button, The next slide appeared. It looked to be a simple diagram of a human.“To save questions, I’ll answer them all here. Yes. I have a prosthetic heart. A flechette round saw to my old one, My lung as well.” There was another ripple of shock. Humans could replace their hearts?! Was there no part of them they couldn’t simply replace with a machine.“The eye was a near miss with a plasma weapon.” The class could understand the damage, but at the same time, why would any creature continue fighting after that. It was insanity.“I can’t remember what took the limbs. At least what took which limb. One was lost to an ambush by some Ordeen during the pan-asian conflict. I know one leg was a particle gun shot.” He paused and smiled at the class, Seeming to enjoy the growing horror and fear that he was causing them. To most of them any one of those ordeels would be career if not life ending. Yet here he was standing before them, talking about them as if they were just what he’d had for an evening meal the day before. As he spoke the diagram behind him lit up slowly indicating areas on the Colonel that'd been replaced, A section of the head, all four limbs up to the main joins, his heart and left lung and small sections of his neck.
“Now, The topic I’ve been asked to teach you lot is Humans and cybernetics during the Sol war.” He tapped his fingers on the lectern, the rapidfire thudding of metal on the plastic drawing attention back to the present.“During what The Federation calls the Sol war, What we call the invasion of Earth. Humans ended up facing a enemy that preferred to incapacitate rather than kill. At the time we didn’t know if this was some kind of irregular tactic to demoralize and overwhelm our support systems, or what. But it meant we needed to find a solution. So we did what humans always do when we face something new.” He smiled again. The students didn’t like it when he smiled, they’d been told it was a display of friendly joy but it reminded them far too much of the fact that the humans were predators. It also wasn’t helped by the fact the smile always came with a cold glare from the one remaining eye.“We came up with something new. Rather than just patching a trooper up and sending him home. We gave them bits that were stronger, faster, more reliable than normal human parts.” He said and tapped his own arm. “I was the first to volunteer for it. Had my arm replaced, Then my heart.” He said and looked around at the class.“Turns out normal humans can’t keep up with an augmented trooper. So I got my own squad, Some general needed a name for us, so just used what my troops called me. Iron Heart. We became the Iron Heart squad.” He clicked on to the next slide this one showed an image of a far younger looking version of himself along with ten or so other men and women, They were sat atop what appeared to be a burnt out Federation hover tank. In high spirits.
“Humans don’t die easy. We refuse to die. See, when we get in to dangerous situations, our bodies give us this drug called Adrenaline, means we can’t feel pain, we can also run faster, and are stronger.” He explained, the class glanced at one another, worried. Human bodies made a drug that makes humans even more dangerous? What next?
“So if you end up in a war with humans, Make sure you kill them, or they’ll keep coming back. Now This was in the second...or third year of the Sol war, So there was another six or so years of ground fighting to go.” He waved at the image. “I’d not had both my arms upgraded back then.” He chuckled. “Now you see, Humans have this thing, we can get angry. And we can yell and say stupid things to each other. But we won’t stay angry. We’ll get over it and get on with life.” His voice changed, no longer was it gruff and jovial it was cold and carried the weight of all he’d seen.“But what the federation did, you didn’t make humans angry. You made us hate. Now for humans, hate is very different. See, when you make humans hate, it don’t go away. It’ll stay for a long while. Decades.” The class was nervous, afraid. No one had actually told them what had happened, and none of them knew. But whatever it was, they knew it’d never happen again. “And humans stop caring about things when they hate. Things like their own safety, or even what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’ See, when humans really, properly hate, they’ll go to the ends of the galaxy to get you.” He straightened up and smiled “But wasn’t you Tricul that did it. Was the Torsek that made that mistake.” He finished. The lecture hall was frozen again. Torsek, the only species in the Federation that no longer had an origin planet. Humanity had seen to that. This part of the story they knew. The Torsek had done something. They’d broken Humanity's rules so badly that humanity had turned the Torsek home world into a ball of ashen rock. Gregor smiled again.
“Now, When you tell a man who hates his enemy and can no longer fight, you can let him fight again. You get a man who is in it for revenge. Not just for himself, but for every wrong done to all of his people. That’s why you get the people like my troops.” He moved on to the next slide.This appeared to be the diagram of a prosthetic arm.“But it's been a good what? 190 years.” He paused “All’s forgiven. Now, Modern cybernetics. These tend to have more bells and whistles than mine. But as you can see. They mimic the human form pretty well. We’ve found that doing weird things, like extra fingers or such confuses the brain. So it's normally just a human hand with extra stuff activated from the outside, or in specific situations. This one.” He gestured at the slide “Has an interface port, and a computer stored in it. Used by the boffins.” He said looking at the class they all looked a little shell shocked from his somewhat mad lecture.
“Now I’m sure you’ve all seen the olympics. We used to have a rule saying that those with prosthetics couldn’t compete with those without, because those with would be at a disadvantage.” He laughed, a short barking noise. “We had to change that! Because now people without cybernetics would lose!” The class knew the noise was supposed to indicate mirth, but they weren't sure why this was funny.
“Now I don’t have much more to say on the topic of Cybernetics an’ the Sol war. I have plenty of stories. But those arn’t really lectures! So any questions?” There was a long silence before one of the students spoke up.
“Mr. IronHeart...sir. What did the Torsek do? It doesn’t say in the notes.” The student was pale, afraid that asking the question would earn another outburst from the old human. However Gregor smiled and seemed to perk up.
“Smart question kid. See, In human culture, you’re not allowed to attack non-combatants, people who don’t want to, or can’t fight. Kids, injured an’ the like. Well when your planet is under attack ya send them somewhere safe-” He was cut off by the lecture suddenly.
“That is a topic for another lecture. Any further questions can be sent via Extra-net To myself, I will forward relevant questions to Commander Vanahime. After the fifth lecture, I will be uploading a file with all questions answered. Questions will be anonymous.” He turned to the Colonel.
“Thank you for providing this lecture. I believe it is human custom for the class to thank the guest?” He asked and turned to the class. “Please thank Colonel Vanahime for this lecture.” In unison the class thanked Gregor for teaching them. Gregor smiled, collecting his dress coat in the process.
“It was my pleasure.” He told them. “I’ll be heading off then.” He said and walked back off the raised teaching platform the way he’d come, letting them see, one last time his cybernetic eye. Once Gregor was out of sight the Lecturer continued.
“I hope you all found that lecture illuminating. Continuing on from where the good Colonel left off. Humans are capable of surviving almost anything short of decapitation or destruction of several critical organs all at once.” He swapped back to his own presentation.
“The next lecture will cover The chronology of the Sol War and the first meeting between Federation peace makers and Human Ambassadors. Class dismissed.”

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If anyone has any questions about stuff mentioned in this or prior 'lessons', please ask in the comments Or message me. I will be using those questions to build the 'lecture notes' For after the fifth chapter. As always, criticism is welcome. Hope everyone enjoys.
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Two Quebec film makers released a documentary glorifying Che Guevara, the racist and homophobic communist killer. Not a single line of criticism in this article in @LP_LaPresse, a paper that lectures us on political correctness every day. Disgusting. submitted by VVindowmaker to PeoplesPartyofCanada

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