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New landlord experience

Hello! I am usually more of a lurker than a poster, and since I gain lots of insight from people's experiences I wanted to share mine.

I have long been interested in real estate, and a few years ago I finally purchased my first property. It was a single family home in a college town where I lived. After living there for a while, I had moved out of state and rented the property. I was lucky to have a tenant move in before the covid cluster f started and my tenant is awesome. Pays on time and is super nice.

This fall I started looking for another property and found a nice duplex in a good area. One of the units was already rented. After offer, negotiation, inspection, financing, etc etc we finally close earlier this week. I received the tenant's security deposit, prorated rent for November, and the lease agreement. This tenant had moved in a few month ago. I contact the tenant to introduce myself and instruct how to direct future rent payments and the first thing I hear is that his job had been impacted by covid and now she is able to only pay about 60% of the original rent amount.

I can relate and understand how covid has affected people's lives, but I find the timing extremely curious, as they had not mentioned it to the previous owner and I am hearing about it first thing. The state's eviction memorandum has expired, but I saw that there is a CDC eviction memorandum in place. Either still, I do not think that eviction is the best course of action at the moment. Some rent is better than no rent.

It is also kind of disappointing to see that when I was researching about the topic of covid related housing hardship, first results were articles demonizing landlords and all the tenant help and resources that one can imagine, but nothing for my situation. I am a person as well. I have a family, more than one mortgage, property taxes due, insurance due, maintenance expenses and so on. I work very hard at my day job, often during odd hours, and I come home exhausted. I am an immigrant from a former communist country and I came to the USA hoping to find freedom and ability to enjoy the fruits of my labor. So far this country has been extremely kind and welcoming to me, but this trend of punishing the 'evil landlords' is extremely concerning. I am also concerned about the fact that legal contracts (rental agreements) are not being enforced. From my experience, a country without a strong legal system that enforces legal contracts is a country that is heading towards failure.

Thank you for reading! Be safe, healthy, and God bless you.
submitted by Alex-004 to realestateinvesting

Planning On Getting Married... Do We Need A Marriage Contract? What Should Be Included?

We've been together for 5 years and lived together for 1.5. We're looking to get married and buy a house (We are located in Ontario).
Due to covid we will most likely buy the house first then get married once all the restrictions are lifted.
Both of us are 31, my income is 87k, her income is 72k. My savings are 370k, hers are 60k.
I expect my income to increase by around 5% annually, probably topping out around 130k. Her income will probably be going up by about 2% annually, no idea where it would top out.
The house will cost 650k-750k and we are looking to put 20% down. My parents offered me 75k to help with the downpayment.
She's going to put 40k down and I will cover the rest of the down payment + closing costs. We are planning on splitting expenses evenly.
Obviously we hope we will never need to consider a separation but as the saying goes, expect the best and plan for the worst.
She suggested that a marriage contract should include a clause that would prorate any division of the house by the following formula:
Each person gets their downpayment times the percentage increase in the value of the house plus half of the remainder.
(For example on a 700k house that increased in value 50%, I would get back 570k and she would get back 480k. If the value stayed the same I would get 380 and she would get 320)
I wanted to include a clause that allow both of us to keep the increase in value of whatever savings/assets they brought into the marriage and she is fine with that.
I was also thinking of putting something in where the right to spousal support is waived as long as the individual has over 100k of other assets.
Do people here think we need a marriage contract? Is there anything else that people think would be important to include? Obviously we would be doing this through a lawyer and getting our own legal advice, but I am interested to know what people on here think.
submitted by ThrowPFC2020 to PersonalFinanceCanada

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