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Flex Builder 3.0.2 Release Notes - Adobe Inc

It's possible to update the information on Flash Demo Builder or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam. Demo Builder 7 Download: Demo Builder is a powerful Flash-based tool that allows you to create eye-catching and professionally-looking interactive presentations that do not require any programming skills. Flash demo builder 3 0 keygen. Flash Demo Builder; Flash Template Builder; Tower Builder Flash. Visual paradigm for uml enterprise edition crack cocaine free download moto gp game for pc full version windows 7 9 hidden youtube cracked marble myob premier accounting v15 serial number wine mp3 music search engine nulled wordpress black shades cracked hack forums facebook flash demo builder 3 0 keygen for mac. Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder is part of these download collections: Banner Managers Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder was reviewed by Elena Opris 3.0 / 5.

Tanida Demo Builder Review & Alternatives

Adobe - Adobe Flex Support Center click this link here now. Help; Sponsor; Log in; Register; Menu Help; Sponsor; Log in; Register; Search PyPI Search. The amazing tool provides smooth features for building flash movies by staff members, educators and marketing. A cool tool to let you create impressive and professional animated Flash menus and Flash buttons for your website. Super Smash Flash 2 Demo - McLeodGaming Wiki - Super Smash. Delphi and C++Builder Decompiler 3.42 Delphi and C++Builder Decompiler is an easy-to use program that can help you to restore your lost source code.

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Tanida Demo Builder 11 allows you to create a video demo by flash, video or a standalone application. Adobe Flex Builder 3 Crack. Demo Builder is a tool to create interactive Flash and video movies that allow you to show how. Oracle Application Testing Suite Downloads https://familycenter33.ru/crack/?key=177. Demo Builder 7.2 Download. Free, open-source application framework.

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[US-MA][H] Lurtz's Trade Post: 100's of Sets, Polys, Minifigs & More [W] SDCC, Superheroes, Star Wars, Unlicensed Themes, Miscellaneous

Welcome to Lurtz's Trade Post 3.0!

Longtime trader over on legotrade and looking to meet some more folks and make some deals! I'm primarily looking to trade at this time, but I'll always hear you out if you're looking to make a direct offer on something. As you’ll see below, there’s quite a lot in my Haves - some of the spicier stuff I won't let go easily unless it's for my highest priority wants. Typically, the more valuable the item, the better the trade is going to need to be. It all depends on the deal though, so don't hesitate to reach out! I’m always happy to entertain – you never know what the right offer might be!

HAVE: Brickset Gallery of Sets, Polybags, CMFs and more: All of these listed here are NEW & SEALED. Most boxed sets have minimal shelfwear at most.

Minifigures: All in good working order, individually bagged and safely stored, with no torso cracks, bitemarks, etc. I have broken the images up into a few albums for easier browsing. This is not the full breadth of my personal collection, so if you're looking for something you don't see here, or have a question about a particular minifig just ask!
General Themes
Licensed Themes
Star Wars
Captain Rex(es) – 2 currently available, 1 in Very Good condition, 1 in Excellent condition
Also, I am happy to still be able to offer BONUS ITEMS on ALL trades! All trades, no matter how big or small, will include your choice of any one of the following items included for free - once we've negotiated the trade, just let me know which one you want and I'll include it with the package. For very large or high-value trades, I may be able to offer multiple bonuses, or access to a special reserve list – depending on what’s involved!
Set # Bonus Item
30428 Green Mech Dragon
40246 Tropical Fish
40397 Koi Fish
40434 Reindeer
5004915 Sensei Wu Keychain
N/A 3 Random Minifigures
N/A 50 Random Pieces

WANT: Divided into descending High>Low Priority tiers within each theme for increased clarity.


I've reached the point that I'd like to start targeting some mid-level Convention exclusives - obviously these are an order of magnitude above most minifigs, and I'll be ready to trade in value accordingly!

High Minifigs I am more actively seeking out.
sh130 The Collector SDCC
sh044 Jean Grey SDCC
sh521 Black Lightning SDCC
sh295 Steve Rogers Hydra SDCC
sh208 Sam Wilson SDCC
sh043 Bizarro SDCC
sh434 Vixen SDCC
sh207 Arsenal SDCC
sh133 The Joker (Heath Ledger)
sh608 Joker (Jack Nicholson)
sh052 Dr Doom
sh118 Wolverine Mask
bat016 Scarecrow GITD
sh436 Cyborg
sh116 Storm
sh143 Superboy
sh597 Maria Rambeau
sh519 Lex Luthor (Superman)
dim048 Raven TTG
dim049 Beast Boy TTG
dim054 Starfire TTG
Medium Minifigs I wouldn’t mind acquiring.
sh471 Reverse Flash
sh539 Spider-Man 2099
sh212 Hulk Minifigure
sh435 Batman Tactical
sh339 Aaron C
sh030 Chitauri Foot Soldier
sh029 Chitauri General
sh197 Starfire
sh083 Clark Kent
sh080 Faora (armored)
sh168 Iron Legion
sh084 Iron Patriot
sh365 Magneto
sh032 Deadpool
sh534 Batman Yellow Lantern
bat026 Harley Quinn
bat018 Poison Ivy
sh373 She-Hulk
sh491 Captain Boomerang
sh440 Disco Joker
sh448 Giant-Man Hank Pym
Low Minifigs I don’t pressingly need, but could use.
sh646 War Machine
sh655 Iron Man Mark XXX
sh654 Iron Man Mark XXII
sh640 Iron Spider
sh633 Iron Venom
sh610 Rescue (Mark XLIX)
sh650 Harley Quinn Jacket Corset
sh638 Spider-Ham
sh635 Cheetah
sh625 Captain America
sh626 Hawkeye
sh564 War Machine Quantum
sh644 Loki Spongy Juniors
sh643 Hulk Magenta Pants
sh062 Bane (Tom Hardy)
sh595 Catwoman Red Goggles
sh594 Two-Face Black & Red
sh066 War Machine Mark II
sh574 Nebula Quantum
sh410 Grandmaster
sh021 Two-Face Henchmen
sh535 Batman Armored
sh479 Scarlet Spider
sh417 GCPD Officer SWAT Gear Male
sh282 Red Hood
sh556 Ocean Master
sh054 J Jonah Jameson
sh128 Nova Corps Officer
sh047 Arctic Batman
sh397 Polka-Dot Man
sh472 Killer Frost
sh539 Doomsday Shortlegs
sh358 Wonder Woman Short


Even if they are not listed here, I'll usually entertain offers involving rare characters or good armybuilder troops – clones and Imperials are always worth a look!

High Minifigs I am more actively seeking out.
sw0315 Shadow ARF Trooper
sw0815 Scarif Stormtrooper(s)
sw0608 Clone Pilot Phase II
sw0927 Mimban Stormtrooper(s)
sw0925 Han Solo - Imperial Mudtrooper Uniform
sw0609 Clone Pilot Phase I
sw0973 Lando Calrissian Cloud City
sw0770 Grand Moff Tarkin
sw0811 Thrawn
sw0774 Imperial Navy Officer (Death Star)
sw0775 Imperial Officer LBG Uniform (Death Star)
Medium Minifigs I wouldn’t mind acquiring.
sw0586 Darth Vader Tan Head
sw1007 Scout Trooper
sw0499 Sith Warrior
sw0837 Clone Trooper Phase II Gunner
sw0910 Clone Trooper Phase I
sw0524 BARC Trooper
sw0474 Poggle the Lesser
sw0332 Eeth Koth
sw0500 Jedi Knight
sw0246 Hondo Ohnaka
sw0316 Savage Opress
sw0623 Imperial Officer Dark Tan
sw0860 First Order Special Forces TIE Pilot
sw0969 Cloud Car Pilot
sw0522 Clone Trooper Phase II 212th Battalion
sw0759 Ahsoka Tano Adult
sw0485 Leia Slave
sw1005 Finch Dallow
sw0494 Mandalorian Supercommando(s) (or 495)
sw1067 Lando Old Man
Low Minifigs I don’t pressingly need, but could use.
sw0796 Imperial Death Trooper Specialist
sw0622 The Inquisitor
sw0950 Range Trooper
sw1110 U5-GG
sw0933 R2-BHD
sw0937 R5-A2
sw0572 Astromech Droid
sw0936 2-1B Desert
sw0327 Anakin Short Legs
sw0387 Queen Amidala
sw0421 Agen Kolar
sw0418 Palpatine Dark Red
sw0384 Shirtless Maul
sw0982 Imperial Transport Pilot
sw0490 Padme Amidala Arena
sw1044 Imperial Crewmember UCS ISD
sw0472 Count Dooku
sw0570 Ithorian
sw1020 Zuckuss
sw0392 Even Piell
sw0795 Imperial Hovertank Pilot
sw0995 Rebel Fleet Trooper
sw0518 Kashyyyk Clone Trooper (or sw1002)
sw0807 Imperial Death Trooper
sw0248 Mon Calamari Officer
sw0573 RA-7 Protocol Droid
sw0687 Rodian Alliance Fighter
sw0689 Duros Alliance Fighter
sw1060 Klatoonian Helmet
sw1059 Klatoonian Ultron
sw0924 Quay Tolsite
sw1052 Astromech Turquoise
sw0247 Admiral Ackbar
sw0493 Mechanical Maul
sw0480 Coleman Trebor
sw1028 Wookiee Warrior
sw0887 Luke Old
sw0523 Airborne Trooper Phase II 212th Battalion


I have overlooked this category for too long, and although nothing here is life-or-death, anything in the High Priority Bracket will definitely get my attention.

High Minifigs I am more actively seeking out.
atl020 Atlantis Temple Statue
pha007 Amset-Ra
nex098 Lord Krakenskull
nex095 General Garg
uagt036 Electrolyzer
cas420 Troll King
uagt028 Antimatter
sp115 Craniac
uagt016 Terabyte
sp114 Brick Daddy
mof011 Zombie Groom
mof010 Zombie Bride
nex121 White Stone Statue
nex106 Stone Clay
pha008 Anubis Guard
Medium Minifigs I wouldn’t mind acquiring.
cas443 Armored Knight
uagt034 Professor Brainstein Mech
uagt032 Sharx
sp047 UFO Alien Red Undecorated Helmet
sp101 Skull Twin
sp010 Explorien Droid (or sp011)
sp041 Spyrius Droid
gs006 Red Robot Sidekick
njo370 Ed Walker
ac010 Toxic Cleanup Scientist
njo255 Ghost Student
tlm053 Plumber Joe
tlm052 Plumber Apprentice
nex099 Fancy Pants
agt027 Magma Commander
agt023 Dollar Bill
alp021 Alpha Team Android
tlm071 Vitruvius Medallion
nex107 Robot Hoodlum
njo088 Cyrus Borg
njo254 Master Yang
Low Minifigs I don’t pressingly need, but could use.
hs007 Captain Jonas
uagt021 Invizable
agt007 Gold Tooth
agt017 Fire Arm
din003 Specs
agt019 Slime Face
agt005 Saw Fist
tlm035 Kebab Bob
tlm043 Hank Haystack
pha010 Helena Tova
uagt025 Toxikita Armor
uagt012 Retox
cty0933 Bellhop
njo118 Karlof
njo063 Snike
njo005 Chopov
cas491 Kingdoms Mill Peasant
mof012 Zombie Driver
tlm047 Frank Foreman
tlm054 Dr McScrubs
cty1103 Truck Driver
cty0971 Construction Worker
air049 Airport Pilot
air055 Airport Pilot
twn336 Beach Tourist Female


Specifically looking for many multiples of the Viking. The rest are ancillary.

High Minifigs I am more actively seeking out.
col0365 Viking (S20)
Medium Minifigs I wouldn’t mind acquiring.
dfb006 Mustafi 2
dfb015 Gotze 19
dfb009 Muller 13
dfb016 Kruse 23
dfb003 Boateng 17
dfb002 Neuer 1
dfb014 Kramer 20
col005 Zombie
col007 Robot
col048 Gorilla
col070 Lizard Man
tgb001 Brawny Boxer
tgb004 Judo Fighter
tgb009 Agile Archer
tgb008 Horseback Rider
col081 Classic Alien
col138 Judge
dfb001 Low
Low Minifigs I don’t pressingly need, but could use.
col008 Demo Dummy
col067 Royal Guard
col002 Cheerleader
col004 Circus Clown
col014 Forestman
col010 Super Wrestler
col058 Sailor
col085 Bandit
col140 Mermaid
sim022 Mr. Burns
col103 Daredevil
col304 Boxer
col203 Carpenter
col037 Fisherman


I've done a lot of work tracking down items in this category, so outside of the High bracket, most of these are tertiary objectives at most.

High Minifigs I am more actively seeking out.
gen003 Nesquik Bunny Rabbit
st006 Lucas Sinclair (LEGS ONLY)
iaj031 Mola Ram
poc006 Angelica
tlr016 Captain Fuller
iaj035 Temple Guard 2
ava001 Aang
ava006 Zuko
ava007 Katara
ava002 Sokka
dim031 Sonic
dim025 Ethan Hunt
Medium Minifigs I wouldn’t mind acquiring.
tlr019 Cavalry Soldier (or 020 or 021)
iaj041 Kazim
iaj042 Grail Guardian
tlr003 Red Knee
poc008 Cannibal (or poc009)
dim030 E.T.
iaj045 Elsa Schneider
sr002 Snake Oiler
poc042 Silent Mary
poc041 Officer Magda
poc038 Lt. Lesaro
poc021 Philip Swift
poc005 Admiral Norrington
pop011 Seso
pop009 Sheik Amar
Low Minifigs I don’t pressingly need, but could use.
poc017 Gibbs
poc018 King George's Officer
poc020 Mermaid Curved Tail
poc025 Mermaid Syrena
dim042 Michael Knight
tlr015 Latham Cole
tlr004 Dan Reid
tlr007 Chief Big Bear
poc031 Davy Jones
scd013 Lighthouse Keeper
poc032 Maccus
sc034 Mercedes-AMG GT3 Driver
pop001 Alamut Merchant
poc015 Hadras
dim029 Tina Goldstein
hp136 Marcus Flint
hp198 Death Eater Book 4
hp171 Slughorn
hp181 Hermione Book 3
hp182 Cornelius Fudge
hp183 Executioner
hp149 Susan Bones
hp193 Ernie Prang
hp155 Dementor


Outside of the army-builders, which I can always take more of, I think I might actually own every single Middle-earth figure at this point, so everything here is merely to reinforce the collection. Not the priority it once was.

High Minifigs I am more actively seeking out.
lor022 Uruk-hai Handprint (w/ printed shield if possible)
lor009 Rohan Soldier
lor027 Cave Troll
lor070 Soldier of the Dead (grey hands)
lor069 Soldier of the Dead (brown hands)
lor082 Radagast
Medium Minifigs I wouldn’t mind acquiring.
lor025 Lurtz
lor011 Moria Orc
lor008 Uruk-hai
lor043 Goblin Soldier 1
lor032 Goblin Soldier 2
lor064 Mouth of Sauron
lor107 Dain Ironfoot
Low Minifigs I don’t pressingly need, but could use.
lor044 Goblin Scribe
lor014 Boromir
lor004 Samwise Gamgee
lor066 Aragorn
lor086 Lake-town Guard
lor110 Gundabad Orc White Forehead
lor020 Haldir
lor016 Merry
lor012 Pippin
lor077 Gundabad Orc Hair Shoulder Spike
lor018 Ringwraith
lor081 Necromancer

Brickset Wants List of Complete Sets

There’s no hard priority list here, so I’ve used Brickset for these for easier browsing. Besides the buildable figures, I am mostly interested in the rest of these SEALED rather than loose/complete, but if you have an offer, I’ll always hear you out.

Most of my priorities are minifigures and sets, but I'm also seeking Minifigure heads - strongly prefer one-sided over two-sided, looking for anything from the past ~9 years or so (older stuff lacks detail), variety preferred - exclusively seeking any/all FLESHTONES, not anything yellow. I also will consider Camels, modern Horses, and other interesting animals.

Verification - and you can check my rep over on the Traders Record if you need to vet any further, currently #5 all-time there.

Let me know if you have any questions, and never hesitate to reach out - thanks for browsing, and let's make a deal!

submitted by Lurtz_Of_Orthanc to Legomarket

Does anyone remember the Smash Bros. fangames that existed on the Nintendo DS?

For those who don't know, the Nintendo DS was actually home to quite a few Smash Bros. fangames. This was mainly because the DS was a Homebrew beast, and there was a thirst for a portable Smash title back in the day.
Obviously looking back now, things are obviously different and we now have two portable Smash titles under our belt. So the desire for one has been more than fulfilled.
However, what I wanted to do is take a look at some of the fan projects back in the day that attempted to fill that void. Some of them are pretty interesting and one of them seems somewhat complete. Or... at least as "complete" as they can be.
All of this information comes from a website called gamebrew, and I'll be sure to link to downloads of these games (or demos) if possible just in case any of you want to check these out.
I should stress however, that these may not be the latest version of the games. Time has not been so kind to these fangames since they've faded into obscurity. But I will do my best to provide accessibility in this post to them.
These games do also request a flashcart to work. Although they may work in an emulator depending on if they support DLDI patches for some of them. I'd personally look into your emulator of choice to see if they personally support homebrew like this.
As for something like nds-bootstrap, I've personally not had any luck with booting some of these games, but if you do, definitely let me know!
Anyway, onto the games!
Super Smash Bros. Tactics: This game is a tech demo that was released all the way back in 2006. It's apparently a turn-based approach to the Super Smash Bros. formula. It includes only two playable characters being Link and Samus. Three stages are also included. Suffice to say, this one seems pretty barebones, but looks like a cool spin on the Smash formula.
Super Smash Bros. DS: This piece of software also seems like somewhat of a tech demo. The UI seems relatively barebones, and has some debug text. However, according to the original website post, there's a Tetris stage which is damn cool!
Super Smash Bros. Charged: This game looks to display a bit more presentation. The game contains Brawl renders for characters and was made in DS Game Maker. It even has a trailer available!
Super Smash Bros. Rumble: Arguably one of the more completed ones. This one actually had a blog back in the day! Here's an archive if anyone is curious. This game contains aspects such as unlockables and even a stage builder. So if you want to check out one of these, this might be the one for you.
Super Smash Bros. Crash!: This is arguably the most complete experience out of all the games. It contains a total of 29 characters, and a roster similar to Super Smash Flash 2 (a mix of video game and anime characters.) This game also has All-Star mode and Classic mode. If you are interested in any of these games, I'd probably recommend this one the most. The original blog for this game is still available to see as well!
Anyway, that's about it! I just wanted to shed some light on the precursors to the portable Smash experiences we have now. These aren't totally stellar hidden titles, but I'd say are just stuff to look that if you're bored or are interested in what a pre-3DS handheld Smash game could look like.
submitted by epicmartin7_ to smashbros

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