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The program makes use of images from satellites and. Editor: Microsoft Internet Explorer introduces powerful new features while retaining the superior performance and stability of Internet Explorer 5. The new Internet Explorer features include: An Enhanced HTML and components HTC model that uses element behaviors and Viewlink. Google Earth plugin is an extension for Internet Explorer and Firefox that displays the contents of pages that have integrated Google Earth which should not be confused with Google Maps. Google Earth Change Log Add info. Google Earth plugin for Windows. C-Free 5.0 An excellent IDE for C/C++ language.


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Design 2 Gameplay 2.1 Adventures 2.2 Buildplates 2.3 Gameplay differences from regular Minecraft 3 Microtransactions 4 Development 5. Earth Explorer is GPS Enabled digital map software with high-resolution satellite imagery, shaded relief topographic imagery and blending imagery of the two. I had Free Google Earth on Windows 8.1 but now cannot access it after installing Windows 10. Gta 4 Unlock Code And Serial Key learn more. There are two formulas that can be used to. IExplorer - formerly called iPhone Explorer, is a freeware designed by Software4u for Windows that features an array of tools and a user-friendly interface.

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The free dataset includes the dataset. Mapping - Software Downloads for Windows. Some of Earth Explorer aliases include "Earth Explorer DEM", "Earth Explorer Full Version". All the future updates are handled by the Google Update service that runs in the background all the time and pings Google to see if. The search engine that helps you find exactly what you're looking for. Heads are GT40 with Hedman headers.

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🌴EXILED ARKπŸ’Ž - 18+ / PvE 4 Map Cluster - discord.gg/rMhJfTF

Whether you're brand new to Ark, or a veteran with thousands of hours, we welcome you to join a fresh start on EXILED ARK, a small PVE cluster with a friendly and welcoming community.
Our servers are primarily geared towards players wanting to take their time and progress in Ark's storyline, but can also be a home for those that just want to build epic bases, breed dinos, explore the maps or set up storefronts and meet other players. We have moderately boosted rates but nothing too extreme. Our handful of QoL mods significantly improve the gameplay experience without causing load times to be excruciatingly long. Admins are friendly, supportive and responsible, and are often in-game!
We currently have 4 maps in our cluster:
🌴 The Island ---πŸ’Ž Crystal Isles --- 🏜 Scorched Earth --- πŸ„ Aberration
Additional maps in the cluster are planned as the player base grows. Admins are committed to keeping maps clutter-free, and there is still plenty of spots remaining to build that awesome base!
Server IPs and rules are listed on our Discord - you will have to apply a Survivor role to yourself to gain access to the Discord. We are currently looking for mature and respectful players to join our growing community, and we'd be happy to survive the ARK with you!
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Server Bonuses
+ Community Center on The Island at 79, 36 + Infinite pickup timer on all structures + All tribe members can do baby cuddles + Custom hardcoded stacks in the ini + Custom loot beacons & cave drops + Alphas & Bosses drop Glory Coins, Skins & Blueprints + Admin logging is enabled + No server wipes + Raid dinos can be kept permanently + Weight and Movement Speed per-level multiplier slightly raised + CrossArkChat enabled, allowing players to communicate across all maps 
Mod List
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+ Kraken's Better Dinos + Shiny! Dinos + Dino Storage v2 + Super Structures + Eco's Garden Decor + Eco's RP Decor + Castles, Keeps and Forts: Remastered (only on Island) + Castles, Keeps and Forts: Science Fiction (only on Crystal Isles) + Capitalism Currency + Capitalism Player Trader Tables + Baby Premium Care 
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I'm working on a realistic Space Flight simulator

I'm working on a realistic Space Flight simulator
Reentry - An Orbital Simulator
The Mercury-Atlas Launch Vehicle ready to launch the Mercury capsule into orbit at Cape Canaveral
For the past 5 years I have been working on a realistic space flight simulator (currently in Early Access), where I have recreated real spacecrafts used by NASA during the race for space. The simulator offers study level recreations of the Mercury space capsule, the Gemini space capsule, the Apollo Command Module and the Lunar Module. In addition, you can land on the Moon with the Lunar Module and deploy the Lunar Rover and drive it around on the lunar surface.
Each of the supported spacecrafts has a dedicated flight manual with hundreds of pages of material.
Let me describe my project using in-game screenshots and descriptions from the real world. I will start with the goal of landing on the Moon, and then describe the process that was needed to get there. Then I will briefly walk through some of the tech behind the sim.

Project Apollo
The Apollo project (1961 - 1972) was the program that took humans to the Moon for the first time, allowing Neil Armstrong to set the first human footprint on the surface of the Moon. The Apollo Command/Service Module spacecraft carried three astronauts from Cape Canaveral to lunar orbit.
A powerful rocket named the Saturn V launch vehicle (111 m high) launched the spacecraft into orbit around Earth, and then performed a final burn to put the spacecraft on a coasting trajectory towards the Moon. The Lunar Module was then extracted from the launch vehicle to join the three astronauts in their journey. In my simulator, these procedures are implemented and in-game checklists and tutorials will make you familiar with them.
The Apollo Command Module cockpit
When the spacecraft arrived to the Moon, a lunar orbit insertion burn put the spacecraft into orbit around it. The Moon is a dark and remote place. As the Moon sets and rises on the horizon here at Earth, the Earth rises and sets on the Moon. This can be seen from lunar orbit, adding some color to the environment.
Earth rise as seen from the Command Module in orbit around the Moon
When in lunar orbit, two of the astronauts entered the Lunar Module, undocked it from the Command/Service Module to perform a powered descent down towards the Moon, and land on its surface. The third astronaut was left alone to pilot the CSM.
The Lunar Module cockpit
A guidance computer named the Lunar Guidance Computer performed most of the work on getting the Lunar Module down, while the astronauts operated the panels, monitored the instruments, and had semi-automatic control. During the final phases of the landing, the astronauts took over and manually landed the spacecraft.
Landing on the Moon
Following instrumentation and precise maneuvers, the Lunar Module is brought all the way down for a safe and soft landing on the lunar surface, 380.000 km away from the Earth.
Once landed on the Moon, the crew opened its hatch, walked on the Moon, and planted the flag. The Lunar Rover was attached to the Lunar Module and assembled on the Lunar surface. The astronauts could then use this fully electric car to explore the surface, as well as driving lunar-rally.
The Lunar Rover on the surface of the Moon
The Lunar Rover was the first car to be driven on the Moon, and was designed to weigh as little as possible. It could be configured to have four-wheel drive and turn using either wheel axis.
The Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV), first car on the Moon
Project Gemini
Project Gemini (1961 - 1966) is considered the "Bridge to the Moon". The capsule carried two astronauts into orbit around the Earth, where they practiced and tested theories and maneuvers required by Project Apollo. It was in project Gemini the Americans first performed rendezvous and docking with another satellite in orbit (the Agenda Target Vehicle), and did their first Extravehicular activity (EVA). All of this was needed to be able to fully design and plan a lunar landing mission.
The Gemini capsule cockpit
The Agena satellite was launched prior to the Gemini spacecraft and used to see if the planned rendezvous and docking maneuvers worked. Agena had a dedicated engine and it could be used as a powerful secondary engine to the Gemini spacecraft. In the Gemini 11 mission, this engine was used to take the spacecraft into a record-breaking orbit with a maximum altitude of 1,369.0 km.
The Gemini spacecraft docked with the Agena satellite, using its engine.
Project Mercury
Project Mercury (1958 - 1963) was the first American space program. It took the first american into space, with the goals of understanding if it was possible to orbit Earth, as well as understanding how a human body would behave in this environment. Special systems were developed to create a spacecraft that would have the right environment to sustain life for the duration of a mission.
The Mercury capsule cockpit

Developing the simulator
The simulator is developed using the Unity game engine. The first version was released using Unity 5.0 but the project has been updated and migrated in-line with the releases from Unity.
The initial goal was to create an Apollo simulator but I quickly realized it would be too hard to start here. I needed to learn everything, including the technologies on-board that would allow a spacecraft to function, maneuver and fly in space. I decided to follow the real historical events, starting with the simpler Project Mercury (get into Orbit and return safely) to Gemini (rendezvous and docking, still in Earth orbit) to project Apollo (get to the Moon and land there).
The game uses a custom made physics engine for orbital mechanics. The first year of development went mostly into learning the mathematics and physics needed to get into space, maneuver there, and to predict where the spacecraft would be at a given time. Using orbital mechanics and the six classical orbital elements (Keplerian Elements), the physics engine started to take shape. There is a really great and free e-book by FAA describing space flight and orbital mechanics for beginners, you can find it here.
However, given that Unity is floating point based, I quickly stumbled upon problems. After talking with a few developers at GDC, I was recommended to check out a talk from Unity 2013 by Kerbal Space Program, covering their use of a floating origo.
Using University Physics I started creating systems to model electrical components on-board, as well as thermodynamics and fluid dynamics to model temperatures, oxygen tanks, flow and so on.
I released a little tech preview on Windows Store to start gathering data and feedback, and to build a community. A few dedicated volunteers reached out to see if they could help me with the project. Today this is a group of active players who test the simulator before release (beta testing) and keep the community active.
The engine evolved to support the requirements of Project Gemini, reaching the Moon in the Command Module, and finally landing on it using the Lunar Module.

What it takes to play the simulator
All of the spacecrafts available in the simulator has been modeled after blueprints and manuals made public by NASA at a very high level of detail.
However, one of my design criteria from the beginning of this project was simplicity. I wish to provide the player with everything needed to fly and operate the spacecrafts. I created an in-game Academy with multiple lessons for each spacecraft, and an exam to test the knowledge.
The Lunar Module academy
An in-game Mission Pad contains multiple checklists that can be followed to progress through each mission phase, and to configure the spacecraft into a required mode.
The Mission Pad is used as a tool throughout the mission
A Checklist Guidance system was developed to help the player get through checklists and find all the switches that need attendance.
The checklist guide
However, nothing beats the feeling of going all in. Studying the systems using the Flight Manuals, or the official manuals released by NASA, will give you a full understanding and control of the spacecraft.

Whats next?
The game is under continuous development. The near-term plan is to complete the Apollo program and all the phases of a full lunar mission. I will also revisit Mercury and Gemini to make some further improvements. I'm working on VR features, as well as multiplayer modes.

You buy the game and find more details from the products' Steam page Reentry on Steam
Cinematic Intro on YouTube Cinematic Intro
All the manuals are accessible online: Reentry Flight Manuals
We do have an active discord community if you are interested in this project Reentry on Discord
For more technical details, you can find some material on my blog digitalerr0r.net
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