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CO-OP's Top 5 "Worst" Units (as of 5.0)

I got pm'd on Discord an interesting request recently, about what the 5 worst units are in CO-OP. I have talked before about some problem units in CO-OP that some commanders have, but I've never have put together a list of what I think are all the worst. Thus I threw together this postof what I think the worst offenders are. The units most desperately in need of buffing or reworking ti make them at all relevant.
NOTE 1: A unit being niche doesn't necessarily mean it is a bad unit. Mengsk's Sky Furys are very niche for his roster, but they are not a bad unit as they are very strong within their niche, even if you rarely need them. The units I am focusing on are units that perform very poorly within their niche or don't even have a niche.
NOTE 2: I have put these units in order of commander, rather than trying to arbitrarily order them in any way as I don't think such a ranking system would be useful though I will definitely recognize that some units have far more minor issues than others here.
  • Swann: Cyclone.
Swann's Cyclones suffer from a severe case of Overkillitus and poor effective DPS due to the nature of Lock On. Swann's Cyclone Lock On abilities does up to 1000 damage (spell damage so ignoring armor) over 20 seconds (50 DPS) with a 6 second CD after the channel finishes for any reason. The autocast of Lock will avoid locking onto the target of another Lock On (until that Lock On channel is done) but can be manually cast to stack. Cyclones are pretty fragile and very expensive, but 50 DPS that ignores armor sounds pretty good right? Well... it's not really 50 DPS, because while the dame is dealt over 20 seconds plus another 6 second cooldown, which is 38.46 DPS... in the best case. Realistically, Lock On isn't going to dish out close to 1000 damage most of the time because most things you'll see in CO-OP don't have that much HP, and while the autocast functions will prevent a bunch of a cyclones from all targeting the same unit, it does nit stop them from targeting the first unit they can. This means most lock ons will hit stuff like zerglings, marines, and zealots first. Then go in a 6 second cooldown. And then let you target the next unit in range. This really drives down the effective DPS of Lock On, for example, Locking On to a marine will deal 55 damage over 2 seconds and then go on a 6 second cooldown. Meaning you effectively did 6.88 DPS with the spell over the full 8 seconds. The only good thing yoy can say about that is at least the damage was front loaded so it did okish burst damage.
And again, Cyclones aren't cheap (you can basically make 2 Goliaths for every Cyclone) so yoy can even pretend it's realistic to make enough Cyclon3s to lock on to everything in an attackwave at once to solve this.
Goliaths, Siege Tanks, Wraiths, and Thors are all generally better options both in terms burst damage and effective DPS. The Cyclone just offers nothing useful to swann atm. Even the speed of the Cyclone is iut done by wither just going mass Wraiths or by using Hercules to carry around your damage dealing units.
If you want to play a Battlemech composition in CO-OP, Stukov's Infested Diamonsbacks are the answer you sre looking for.
  • Karax Mirage.
Mirages answer the question of if it is worth it to build a 130 gas unit that will deal an average DPS of 9.1 if that unit can live 2 or 3 seconds longer than a unit that costs 30 gas less, and that answer is a pretty resoundling no. Mirages deal pitiful damage to anything without the light tag. If the target has the light tag, then is will deal an okish average DPS of 18.2 (to put that into perspective Infested Liberators which have almost the same gas cost (125), deal an average of 90 to all units... while also splashing for 45 DPS in AoE.
But it gets worse, because remember that mirages have graviton lift. And you might think, isn't that a good thing, a 10 second stun right? Not as good as Artanis's double lift but still a good CC? Well remember besides how Artanis's Pheonixes are cheaper (100 gas) in addition to better at lifting (paying 50 gas per a lifted unit vs 130 gas) he also has a nother big difference, his army comp. Artanis's armoris generally made up of Dragoons, with maybe some high templaarchons, and tempest around too to deal with lifted units to make up for the poor DPS on Pheonixes. Karax's only anti air units are the carrier, energizer, and potentially the shadow cannon of immortals. The energizer is a support unit that shouldn't be attacking and neither othe carrier or the immortal really need the help of mirage to CC for them to deal damage. Lifting ground units often just means your Sentinels, Immortals, and Collosi can't deal effective DPS.
But on the plus side, Mirages do have the ability to ignore damage for 2 seconds, so that when Amon decides to Yamato them, it will take 3 seconds for them to die instead of 1 that's enough time for 1 more auto attack with their 1.1 Attackspeed. That's another 8 damage dealt to that BC, only 534 more to go before you kill it (yes it takes a single mirage over 1 and a quarter minutes to kill a BC).
Mirages are basically just very expensive aerial meatwalls, kinda nice defensive stats and barely any offensive power wrapped up together and giving to a commander who has no need for it, especially at a premium price.
  • Alarak: Vanguard.
Vangaurd really only barely make this list for me as they only have one real issue. The problem is that it's a big issue, which is that their projectile attack does not track. They'll deal good AoE DPS if they hit and have a good price point and good defensive stats, but having them hit a target can be a real nightmare. This tend to be compounded too, by Alarak being there as Destruction Wave's knockback effect is a really good way for Amon to dodge Vangaurd attacks, even without moving on his own. The projectile is so low only infested are slow enough to not reguarly escape most of the damage and I can't really picture using any Vangaurd build outside of those maps and even then, if you want to go mech against a swarmy comp as Alarak, massing Slayers (or just using Alarak for the AoE) is often better than trying to run a bunch of Vanguard. Vangaurd will deal goood anti structure DPS though, nit as good as Wrathwalkers, but still pretty good.
Vangaurd are probably the most useful of these bad units, but they still could use a bit of TLC.
  • Stukov: Infested Banshee.
Meet the Mirages slightly better anti ground cousin. Defensively Infested Banshees are pretty stacked, decent hp, long ranage, cloaking, rapid regen. Offensively that have some serious issues with overkill due to their projectiles and armored targets due to their poor scaling and double hit attack, but it's not as outrageously bad as it is for the Mirage as their average DPS is still around 16, which is not great, but not terrible for a 3 supply unit. But the 100 gas price tag is pretty step for Stukov and their role as supporting anti ground DPS is just done better by every other option Stukov has. Diamonsbacks, Tanks, even Brood Queens are more capable of providing anti ground DPS support than Banshees are at a much better price point. On top of that, those units don't have overkilll issues while the infested Banshees are pretty bad making them impossible to justify using over your other options.
It would be something if Stukov could at least use them in some niche situations where the flight helped them out, but Diamondbacks, Brood Queens, and Tanks can outspeed them quite readily (Diamondbacks and Queens are actually just faster, while tanks can deep tunnel) and they all have equal or greater range than Infested Banshees (and more than enough range for them to work together in Deathballs without issue).
The Banshee really suffers from having no useful identity for Stukov, regardless of its bad overkill issues and mediocre DPS.
  • Fenix: Disruptors.
A truly pointless unit for Fenix, as for all of Fenix's options for anti ground splash damage, his disruptors are not only his most micro intensive option, but they are also eeasily his worse option in basically every useful metric. They contribute nothing to tactical data web, have a lengrhy CD for their effect, are nore expensive that your other options, and are incapable of doing anything else other than splash damage bursts vs ground units (and again, on a commander who has multiple options for this that are already strsight up better) so we can't even pretend they could have a secondary use.
The only good thing you can say about them is atleast they look cool while wasting your APM and resources.
And that's my current top 5 "worst" units in CO-OP. Please let me know how wrong I am in the comments. :D
submitted by TheTerribleness to starcraft2coop

Audena's Guide to Cadena


Hi! My name is Audena and I main a Cadena in MapleSEA’s Aquila server 😊
I decided to write this guide because Cadena is such an underappreciated class. Being a newer class, players don’t generally have a good idea of what Cadena is capable of and are also turned off by its difficulty. In the right hands, however, Cadena is extremely strong and flexible, as combos are not predetermined and you are free to adapt your playstyle to suit the specific boss or map layout you are playing in.


  • Class summary
  • Pros and cons
  • Skill breakdown
  • Recommended IA
  • V-Matrix Recommended Tri-Nodes/common nodes + priorities
  • Animation cancelling and basic skill combos
  • Fundamental Bossing techniques
  • Mobbing advice
  • Job-specific potential lines
  • Additional Resources
  • Conclusion

Class Summary

Firstly, Cadena is a combo class and it requires animation cancelling to maximize its potential. Thus, if you are looking for a one-button mashing class, you won’t find it in Cadena. Playing this class requires you to exercise your finger dexterity, spatial awareness, cooldown management and creativity. Additionally, you are a glass cannon with barely any party utility, relying mostly on mobility to dodge most attacks in boss fights.
However, apart from its difficulty, Cadena has almost no other weaknesses in my opinion. It is recognized in both KMS and GMS as a top tier bosser with extremely high damage and good scaling into late game. Mobbing is also better than average and you won’t have to use animation cancelling when mobbing if you’re lazy. Finally, if spamming the same skill over and over bores you to death, you will probably find this class extremely FUN.

Pros and cons

  • Excellent damage both early and late game
  • Extreme mobility – apart from having several mobility skills, Cadena can halt her momentum at any time, allowing for precise micro-positioning in boss fights
Great at solo bossing
  • A 2-minute cooldown bind that is also an iframe
  • Access to a teleport to bypass Lotus’s lasers
  • Able to stay suspended in the air for a long time
  • Access to extra lives (via the Nova 5th job skill Pantheon)
  • Dark Sight (but more unreliable)
Good mobbing
  • High mobility
  • Every skill is an AoE skill
  • Access to summons to take care of specific platforms in the map
  • For the above reasons, Cadena excels at training in big maps. This means you can train at many maps that other classes would not normally train at, allowing you to save money on Kishin service and to benefit from high burning (i.e. NO need to fight for CLP maps)
  • Access to easy mode mobbing (i.e. just spam normal attack)
Other stuff
  • High QoL with only two buffs to upkeep (Booster and Nova Warrior)
  • Easy to train to 200
  • High base crit rate
  • Fun
  • High barrier of execution and difficulty
  • Prone to dying in bosses when you mess up a combo or fail to control your movement
  • No party utility
  • Requires you to manage several cooldowns
  • Boost nodes take up a lot of slots on the V Matrix
  • Chain Arts: Takedown can be unreliable
  • Chain Arts: Fury causes massive lag if your GPU isn’t good enough (although the recent KMS patch has introduced a toggle option that might fix this problem)
  • Chain Arts: Chase is ping reliant and will be difficult to use during server lag

Skill breakdown

Instead of organizing the skills in chronological order from 1st to 4th Job, I find it easier to explain how Cadena’s kit works as a whole when I separate active skills from Passives and Buffs, followed by Hyper Skills and 5th Job skills.
Agent Shift: double flash jump [1st Job]
Chain Arts: Chase [1st Job] (“Pursuit”)
  • Mobility skill allowing you to roleplay as Spiderman, pulling yourself towards any platform or monster
  • Cooldown: 0.5s (negligible)
  • Halts momentum at any time – useful for animation cancelling and micro-positioning in boss fights
  • RESETS flash jump
  • Activates Dark Sight for 2 seconds
Chain Skills
Chain Arts: Stroke [1st Job, will receive upgrades up till 4th Job] (“Stroke”)
  • “Normal attack” skill – this is your only attack with no cooldown
  • IMPORTANT thing to note is that this skill has TWO parts
  • When using any Weapon Arts skill after the first part of this skill, that skill deals 10% extra Final Damage + an additional 5% Final Damage from the Hyper Passive
  • It can be used in the middle of another skill – as such, this skill is our bread and butter for animation cancelling, and NOT Chain Arts: Chase (as is commonly misconceived)
Chain Arts: Tough Hustle
  • Hold down the key to attack in a large area around your character
  • Cooldown: 50s
  • Tip: this skill will continually refresh Weapon Variation stacks, so there is no need to worry about the buff expiring while using this
Chain Arts: Takedown [4th Job] (“Takedown”)
  • Bind skill with a unique feature – you have to spam the bind key at least 25 times to get the max damage from this, so make sure you keybind it conveniently 😊
  • Cooldown: 150s (120s with Hyper Skills)
  • Also applies a 10s iframe after the hits start
  • This skill immediately puts you at 8 stacks of Weapon Variation
  • Tip: Despite putting you at 8 stacks, it seems that the damage of this skill varies depending on how many stacks of Weapon Variation you have. If possible, try to reach 8 stacks before using this as it actually does a lot of damage on its own for a bind skill
Weapon Arts Skills
Cadena uses her Weapon Transmitter to conjure up several street-style weapons apart from her iconic Chain. All of these skills have their respective cooldowns, and you will be using all of them in both bossing and mobbing. Using all 8 Weapon Arts skills will give you max stacks of Weapon Variation (see Passives below).
Weapon Arts: Blade Cut [1st Job] (“Blade”)
  • A straightforward dash skill
  • Cooldown: 4s
  • Tip: when using Blade in the air, this skill turns into a teleport, allowing you to bypass Lotus lasers and Lucid’s crescent projectiles
  • Movement can be cancelled with Pursuit
Weapon Arts: Talon Strike [2nd Job] (“Claw”)
  • Used from the air. slash downwards diagonally
  • Tip: the hitbox on this skill is MUCH larger than it looks. It’s also our only skill that hits platforms below our character
  • Cooldown: 3s
Weapon Arts: Shuriken Bomb [2nd Job] (“Shuriken”)
  • Also known as Beyblade
  • Cooldown: 10s
  • Tip: This skill is extremely useful when mobbing if you have high enough damage to kill monsters with it, as it basically clears an entire horizontal platform on its own
  • Notably, it will trigger Damage Reflect – remember to manually explode it if it is out
Weapon Arts: Shotgun Blaster [3rd Job] (“Shotgun”)
  • Attacks with a shotgun, launching your character backwards
  • Cooldown: 5s
  • Shotgun does more damage the closer you are to the monster
  • Tip: Shotgun RESETS Pursuit, allowing you to use Pursuit twice in the air without falling to the ground. A big part of why Cadena can hover in the air for a long time
  • Movement can be cancelled with Pursuit
Weapon Arts: Dancing Daggers [3rd Job] (“Daggers”)
  • Attacks in an area around your character without moving position
  • Cooldown: 10s
  • Tip: this skill puts you in the air midway through its animation, allowing you to activate the secondary features of skills like Blade and Bomb when you animation cancel into those skills after using Daggers
  • Notably applies a Fear debuff that reduces DEF by 30% - make sure to use this skill on cooldown
Weapon Arts: Energy Bombs [3rd Job] (“Bomb”)
  • Drops bombs at your present location, launching your character backwards
  • Cooldown: 8s
  • Tip: when used in the air, the skill will not launch you backwards – important to note as you might not always enjoy being flung backwards when trying to use this skill in a boss fight
  • Movement can be cancelled with Pursuit
Weapon Arts: Cinderblock Smash [4th Job] (“Brick”)
  • Smashes enemies with a giant brick, jumping slightly forward in the process. Alternatively, hold the up button to jump even higher
  • Cooldown: 8s
  • Tip: There is nothing you can do to cancel the movement of this skill except to combo it immediately after Shotgun, which is a trick I use a lot in bosses to keep my character stationary
Weapon Arts: Assault and Battery [4th Job] (“Bat”)
  • Three consecutive hits with a bat (press 3 times). Using any other skill in between the 3 hits will put this skill on cooldown. Hold the arrow keys to move while using the skill
  • Cooldown: 12s
  • Tip: This skill does incredible burst damage and unlike other classes’ burst skills, it is SKIPPABLE and hence Cadena benefits a lot from cooldown skip/reduction
Weapon Booster: increases attack speed by 2 [2nd Job]
Nova Warrior: 15% all stats [4th job]
There are really only two passives you need to be consciously aware of when playing Cadena. High innate Final Damage and Crit Damage allows Cadena’s damage to scale very well with Damage % and into the late game.
Weapon Variation [2nd Job, will receive upgrades till 4th Job]
  • Everytime you use one of the 8 Weapon Arts skills, you gain a stack of a buff that gives you final damage. At 4th Job, this gives 11% Final Damage per stack up to 8 stacks, for a total of 88% Final Damage
  • Everytime you use a different Weapon Arts skill, the buff is refreshed and you automatically deal an extra attack (think Final Attack)
  • Cooldown: 0.25s
  • There is no need to use all 8 Weapon Arts skills to upkeep all 8 stacks – you can simply rotate between two different skills if you wish
Weak Point Converging Attack [3rd Job, will be upgraded again in 4th Job]
  • At 4th Job, this skill applies 2% Crit Rate and 10% Crit Damage per Status Effect on the Monster, up to a maximum of 10 Status Effects (confirmed that it does stack)
  • Cadena can inflict 7 Status Effects on her own, resulting in a maximum of 14% Crit Rate and 70% Crit Damage that does not appear in the stat window. The Status Effects are:
  1. Bleed [passively applied from Weak Point Converging Attack]
  2. Slow [applied either by Stroke, Pursuit or Maelstrom]
  3. Confusion [applied by Bat]
  4. Fear [applied by Daggers]
  5. Bind [applied by Takedown, not 100% uptime]
  6. Poison [passively applied by Venom Burst 5th job skill]
  7. Mage Link [passive if you have it]
  • In parties, this could potentially increase to a whopping 10 stacks depending on what status effects your party members are applying on the boss
Hyper Skills
Recommended Passives
  • Non-Chain Arts – Reinforce
  • Non-Chain Arts – Boss Rush
  • Chain Arts: Stroke – Reinforce
  • Chain Arts: Stroke – Next Attack Reinforce
  • Chain Arts: Takedown – Reduce Cooldown
Chain Arts: Crush (“Crush”)
  • Almost a full map-attack. Great vertical range.
  • Cooldown: 30s
Elite Serum:
  • Standard hyper buff giving 10% Damage and 10% Crit Rate for 60s
  • Cooldown: 120s
  • An incredible burst buff, pretty much doubling your range for 30s
  • Cooldown: 200s
5th Job Skills
Chain Arts: Maelstrom (“Maelstrom”)
  • Summons a maelstrom that lasts for 6s
  • No cooldown
  • An amazing skill that usually clears 2 platforms on its own, greatly improving our mobbing capabilities. It also continually deals damage in boss fights even when we are busy dodging attacks and whatnot. Our best 5th Job skill
  • Tip: highly recommend to keybind this as it’s much easier to activate than pressing Down + Attack
A.D Ordnance (“Cannon”)
  • Summons a cannon that lasts for 10s, dealing damage to nearby enemies before firing a blast that deals massive damage
  • Cooldown: 25s
  • Yet another summon skill, giving us a respectable number of THREE summon skills in total to improve map coverage (Shuriken, Maelstrom, Cannon). Also does a lot of damage in bosses
Chain Arts: Fury (“Fury”)
  • Map-changer skill, causes giant chains to rain down and attack enemies
  • Cooldown: 155s at Lvl 25
  • Good for mobbing and bossing
  • BUT causes massive lag if your GPU isn’t good enough. This might be fixed in an upcoming patch, as KMS has released a toggle option for this skill to turn off the grey platform effect
Chain Nirvana (upcoming 4th V Skill)
  • As far as I know, this skill is a PASSIVE which is great because it just gives free damage without further clogging up our keyboard which is already full to the max
  • It summons huge chains to attack the entire map and looks very flashy

Recommended IA

  1. 20% Skip Cooldown
  2. 10% Boss Damage
  3. 8% Damage to Targets/21 Attack

V-Matrix recommended Tri-nodes and priorities

Cadena uses all the same skills for bossing and mobbing, so “perfect trinodes” don’t exist. You’ll be perfectly fine as long as you boost every skill 2 times.
Early 5th Job
In the early 5th job, I recommend focusing on the following 6 skills, making sure each is boosted twice and leaving out Crush and Takedown:
  • Skill 1: Stroke / Tough Hustle / Weapon Variety
  • Skill 2: Blade / Claw
  • Skill 3: Daggers / Shuriken
  • Skill 4: Shotgun / Bomb
  • Skill 5: Brick
  • Skill 6: Bat
As each boost node contains 3 boosts and you need to boost 6x2=12 times, you will need a total of 4 boost nodes to boost every skill twice. Again, it doesn’t matter what the specific trinodes are so long as you have boosted every skill twice.
Late 5th Job (for more advanced players)
As you progress in 5th Job and obtain more slots, you will want to boost both Crush and Takedown to help in bossing.
  • Skill 7: Crush
  • Skill 8: Takedown
Whilst it is acceptable to take another two boost nodes to boost both of these skills twice, I recommend working towards a 5-boost node setup for late game. In this setup, you will boost Skills 1-7 twice and Takedown only once. This allows you to save one node slot at the expense of losing a boost on Takedown, which is perfectly fine because in party settings you will never be the one binding anyway. You can also keep a sixth Takedown node to slot in in case you ever want to max Takedown.
TLDR: with 5 nodes, you will be able to obtain 15 boosts. With these 15 boosts, you can boost Skills 1-7 twice each and Skill 8 once.
Priorities are getting boost nodes to max Skills 1-6 as that will have the greatest impact on your damage. Since we can use almost every boost node, I generally crafted Core Gemstones with my Core Pieces and not specific Boost/Skill Nodes
Generally I always use the 5 boost nodes I mentioned, the 3 V skills, True Arachnid Reflection, DSE, Venom Burst and DHS whenever necessary. You can also use DCO if you still have space. I don't really use DSI + green pot as Cadena is a cooldown-based class and if you spam out all your skills you won't have anything to use except Stroke.
Other than that, Pantheon if you need extra lives. Grandis' Goddess Blessing becomes quite good at higher levels and when you get skip cd IA because it stacks and gives you a high chance of skipping Bat cd. And finally Blood for Blood is great for burst damage in bosses.

Fundamental bossing techniques: Animation cancelling and basic skill combos

As mentioned previously, you want to cancel your skills with Stroke and not with Pursuit (this is a very common misconception). Using Stroke is faster and deals more damage. The key is to use the Weapon Arts skill immediately after the FIRST part of Stroke.
For bossing, there are three basic cancelling combos you can use. The reason why I group these skills together is because they come off cooldown at around the same time. Practice them well because messing up will probably cause you to die.
Stroke > Blade > Stroke > Shotgun > Stroke > Claw
This combo can be used every 5 seconds. Note that you have to delay Blade slightly to maximise the attack from Weapon Variation as it has a 0.25s cooldown. Doing so will also make your character jump backwards higher after Shotgun, making Claw easier to land. As such, allow Blade to move your character ever so slightly, and use the second Stroke in the middle of the movement and it should be enough.
Alternatively, you can just spam out all 6 buttons and see if it works for you. One way to make the combo easier is to omit the Stroke before Claw. You can also try holding Claw down instead of mashing it and see if it helps.
Stroke > Daggers > Stroke > Bomb > Stroke > Brick
This combo can be used every 10s. The difficult part is timing Daggers > Stroke > Bomb. When timed correctly, Bomb should NOT fling your character backwards as using Bomb in the middle of Daggers means you are using the skill in mid-air.
Stroke > Shuriken > Stroke > Bat (x3)
This can be used every 12s. These two skills are grouped together because they both deal multiple hits, allowing you to proc Weapon Variation’s attack multiple times with just two skills.
Other bossing tips
  • Be sure to keep Maelstrom up
  • Crush and Cannon can be used on cooldown
  • Consider saving your bind for the iframe instead of using it on cooldown
  • Make sure to keep Daggers and Bat on cooldown as they apply important status effects

Mobbing advice

There is no need to use animation cancelling while mobbing if you don’t want to. You can also just spam Stroke if it deals enough damage to one-hit the monster you are fighting (not too difficult to achieve). Experiment and see what works for you!

Job-specific potential lines

If you can get your hands on it, a Hat with -Skill Cooldown is VERY helpful for Cadena.

Additional Resources

Combo tutorials:
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GT03SDYYp2g&t=154s
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zJ-Ai4ksok&list=WL&index=32&t=32s
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7QYgmkgXL0&list=WL&index=31&t=11s
My bossing video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mz_H57xlTWo&t=19s


Thanks for reading!! I hope you found this guide helpful, and I will try to keep it updated if I've left out anything!
submitted by Audena to MapleSEA

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