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REVIEW: Homtom S8, $160 Galaxy S8 inspired Phablet

Well folks, me again, this time with the Homtom S8. At the time of writing, this can be had for around £120 or $160. Thanks to Homtom themselves for offering one to review!


  • Mediatek 6750T, 8x A53 @ 1.5Ghz / 1Ghz (4/4), Mali T860 MP2 GPU
  • 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage, MicroSDXC Support
  • 5.7" 18:9 1440x720 IPS LCD
  • Android 7.0 with minor cosmetic changes
  • Sensors: Ambient Light, Accelerometer, Compass, Proximity, Gyroscope
  • Cameras: (Claimed) 16MP+5MP rear cameras, 13MP front
  • 3400 mAh Battery, fast(er) charging

Unboxing, Design & Hardware


As the name implies, Homtom's S8 bears more than a passing resemblance to Samsung's Galaxy S8. In the box you'll get the phone in a branded sleeve, a 5V 2A charger, Micro USB cable, SIM tray eject tool, an extra screen protector (one is also pre-applied), and a clear case. They also throw in a USB OTG adapter, which is a nice touch I've never seen before.
Like its namesake, this is one beautiful phone. The middle is a chrome-effect super smooth polished metal, with various antenna bands. Power and volume buttons are on the right and unfortunately wobble slightly, but not much. The top houses only the SIM/MicroSD tray, the left is bare, and the bottom contains the microphone, loudspeaker, 3.5mm headphone jack (yay!), and upside-down MicroUSB port.
The metal midframe curves to be thinner on the sides, where the back wraps around slightly to meet it. The back is a plastic, non-removable plate that's polished and shines to a mirror finish. There is a very slight flex to it, though no worse than even Samsung's older plastic-backed phones. We find the fingerprint sensor back here, which has more of a pronounced ridge on it than I've seen before, making it easier to find blindly. Above that, we find the slightly protruding camera bump, with a double-LED flash flanking it. Above the cameras we also find a second Microphone, enabling true stereo audio recording, a very nice touch on a budget phone.
To the front of the metal midframe we find a small plastic rim to bridge the gap between the frame and the front glass and help increase durability. The front glass is "2.5D" (I never much liked this term :p), though the curve here is more pronounced than I've seen before too. It's a far cry from a Galaxy S8's monster curves, though it's a step up from other 2.5D china phones I've felt. Despite the curviness and smoothness, the phone is still easy to hold. Regular usage or sideways to take a photo, it never felt like it would slip out of my hand.
Front bezels will obviously not match the much more expensive Galaxy S8, though they're satisfactory at this price point. Above the display we find the earpiece and sensor cluster, as well as an RGB notification LED hiding in the upper right corner.
Due in part to the plastic back, the phone is relatively lightweight given its size. It weighs a lot less than the Umidigi Crystal I recently reviewed, though doesn't feel any less sturdily built. There's no creaking under pressure.
The fingerprint sensor's speed is average, and the phone doesn't vibrate to give feedback on whether a fingerprint was detected, rejected or accepted. I've mentioned that to Homtom though and the feature may come in an OTA.
I had a few misfires unlocking with my fingerprint at first, though after adding the same fingerprint twice, I've had no trouble since.



Obviously to reach such a low price point, compromises must be made, and the display is one of them. You won't find a curved, 2960x1440 OLED display here, but instead a flat 1440x720 IPS LCD. There are no rounded corners either, though you can easily add them yourself with various apps.
The display gets more than bright enough for outdoor use in sunlight. As is with other Homtom Devices I've tried, the display refreshes at 53Hz. A strange quirk, though it's not noticeable in everyday usage.
Colours are good, and the MiraVision display tuner is included if you want to further alter the output to your preference. I found the display colour temperature to be quite warm when compared to my other devices or my computer monitors, so I used MiraVision to push it a little cooler. Again, like other Homtom devices I've tried, the minimum brightness also gets incredibly low. You'd have no trouble using this in bed at night. The automatic brightness is also much more effective on the S8 vs the Crystal, with larger changes in the resulting brightness vs the ambient light.
As for touch, it's fast and accurate unlike other cheaper devices. We get the relatively standard 5 simultaneous finger support, and touch typing is a breeze. The pixels feel right on the surface of the glass.

Software & Performance


Homtom's S8 runs a mostly stock Android 7.0 Nougat. Cosmetic changes are found in the settings app with skinned icons, and software differences are found in extra little features here and there.


We have the usual sound loudness boost, though even without this the loudspeaker's volume is plenty.
For display, MiraVision lets you tune saturation, white balance and so on to your liking, and you can customize the navigation bar, a big plus for me as I prefer the back button on the right. You can hide the bar and only bring it up when needed, though with the 18:9 display I don't feel this is very useful.
Homtom likes offering gestures either with your fingers or the phone itself, and the S8 is no exception. Double tap to wake, an Android fan favourite is present here, along with a ton of extra gestures to go straight into apps or control media. You can also move the phone itself to automatically perform certain actions such as flipping the phone to silence an incoming call.
In another menu (with rather poor English translation unfortunately) we get other options such as swiping down with three fingers to take a screenshot.
But they're not done there; you can also perform fingerprint sensor based gestures to change music tracks or trigger the camera shutter. The S8 has the largest gesture support I've ever seen on a phone so far.

Performance - Wireless

Unlike the Umidigi Crystal, wireless performance of all kinds is superb on the S8. WiFi range is far and speeds are fast, bluetooth range is the longest I have seen, outclassing my LG G2. I can still use my bluetooth speaker even when going outside my house.
The phone seems to favour dropping from LTE to HSPA when the signal is weaker (as is the case indoors here), but it never drops mobile connectivity unlike other budget phones I've used here.
LTE and HSPA speeds are average - My LG G2 on the same carrier will speedtest with double or triple the download/upload speeds. But even with a weak LTE signal, the speed stays usable. One quirk I've noticed across multiple speedtests is that I cannot get more than 10mbit/s download with LTE (Three UK carrier). The phone will easily upload over 20, sometimes 30mbit/s though. A little odd, but 10mbit/s is still more than enough.
The fastest I can get over WiFi is around 50mbit/s, this is with 2.4Ghz N wifi. The phone doesn't appear to support either 5Ghz wifi, or 802.11AC wifi, or perhaps both. The wifi speed is much more stable with signal fluctuations than the Crystal.
GPS is superb on the S8, compared to the joke that was the Crystal. The first time I tested GPS, without even having any A-GPS data downloaded yet, the phone got a lock down to 5 meters within 10 seconds. The compass works fine here too.

Performance - Benchmarks

For whatever reason, the S8 scores slightly lower in CPU benchmarks compared to other devices having the same MT6750T SoC inside. Who knows why, but the phone remains very smooth to use with no lag. Antutu scores a 39k, with Geekbench scoring a 602/2353 for Single/Multicore.
The internal eMMC storage Homtom have used is great, touching 220MB/s write and 147MB/s read speeds, faster than many phones that can cost twice as much or more. The phone's MicroSD reader tops out at 56/25MB/s read/write, in reality the 64GB card I'm using benchmarks closer to 90MB/s in a USB 3.0 reader, but this doesn't matter when you have 64GB internal storage and should only be using your card for media.

Performance - Audio

I like to plug a set of big headphones into my daily driver device and listen away, so I'm interested in the audio quality of whatever I'm using. As always with Mediatek phones, I'll enter the engineering mode and remove the volume limit on the 3.5mm jack output. I'm happy to say that the Homtom S8's audio output is brilliant. Maybe it's the same across all MT6750T devices, I don't know if they all use the same audio hardware too, but there is plenty of headroom allowing for huge preamp EQs, and/or deafening audio levels even driving huge 50mm driver headphones.
The S8 causes my headphones themselves to distort before outputting distorted audio itself, so job well done, this makes a great PMP too :) Headphone jack placement on the bottom is also my preferred location.

Performance - Battery & Charging

Homtom includes a 5V 2A charger in the box, and using a USB power gadget, the most I saw the phone pulling was just shy of 1.3A. So it's definitely warranted that they include a charger faster than 1A. Homtom claim 3400mAh battery life, and after a few days regular usage, it does seem to outclass other devices claiming to have 3,000mAh cells. I could get through a day's usage taking lots of pictures with lots of internet usage and messaging just fine.
We know that the 6750T is a more power hungry SoC, still being 28nm, though over a few charge cycles I got around 4-5 hours screen on time on average, which is very good.


Photo - Sample pictures | More Sample pictures | Even more sample pictures

Probing the hardware with apps shows that the S8 reports having a Sony IMX135 as its main rear camera, which is interesting. The IMX135 used to be found everywhere among high end flagship phones around 2013-2014, in devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and LG G2 and G3.
After taking a ton of photo and video, I'll say I believe Homtom, that they're using this sensor in the S8. I have an LG G2 on hand that has the same sensor, and I will say right now that the LG G2 takes better pictures - but the sensor is only one part. The G2 has a sapphire crystal lens cover, more advanced lens system, and most importantly Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800 Image Signal Processor is obviously going to output higher quality images than Mediatek's budget ISP. The IMX135 is a 13MP sensor, so we know Homtom is doing what everyone else in China is doing and interpolating the images up to "16MP".
That said, I'm genuinely impressed by the pictures I'm getting from the S8.
The shutter speed is very fast, I'm so used to waiting longer to take a picture with a budget phone that I keep ending up taking 2 or 3 since I wasn't sure if it took one or not. HDR is best worth avoiding, it is not subtle and gives a very cartoonish look.
The "Bokeh" mode is as found elsewhere on budget mediatek chinaphones, a software based radial blur. Just forget that option exists. If you want to add such an effect, use an app like snapseed and apply the post-process manually, you'll get a higher quality result.
Auto-focus speed is average, but the camera quickly realises when it's out of focus and triggers an auto-focus, unlike the Crystal which often flat out refused to focus. White balance is also much smarter, instead of everything being tinted blue. I haven't felt the need to change the white balance off from Automatic yet.
The flash is reasonably bright, thanks in part to it having 2 LEDs. It's usable as a flashlight.


From the stock camera app set to high quality, videos come out in a .3gp container, with 17mbit/s 1080p 30fps H264 (high profile) video, and 128kbit/s stereo LC-AAC audio.
And since we have two microphones, we are actually getting true stereo sound. Be careful that you're not covering the backside microphone when you're holding it to record video. Audio quality is great, and the stereo separation is good. They are doing some noise cancellation, though it's subtle and not comically overblown like I've seen elsewhere.
The S8 also has the smoothest Electronic Image Stabilization I've seen so far for a budget china phone.

With EIS Examples: Sample 1 | Sample 2 | Sample 3 | Sample 4

Non EIS Examples: Sample 1 | Sample 2 | Sample 3

Using EIS will cut the field of view in order to have a buffer on the sensor to move the capture area to compensate for movement, resulting in less sharp video, but this doesn't bother me when I typically share 480p videos to facebook or over telegram.
The video camera does seem a little too over-eager to dynamically change the exposure and white balance though, it would be better if changes were more gradual. See the ground in the 2nd sample for an example, it's almost like it's flashing. If auto exposure and white balance changes happened over a slightly longer time I think it would look better.
I'll also mention at this point a camera quirk - using any third party camera app results in less exposure in photos. Outside in daylight you'll still get usable shots, but indoors or at dawn/night, third party camera apps become very dark. This could be a tell that the S8 actually truly has dual rear cameras, and third party apps are perhaps only accessing one of them? Either way, I don't feel this is much of an issue, as the stock camera app produces great photos and videos. It's not like the Crystal where a third party camera app was essentially required to make it usable.


At this price point, the Homtom S8 is brilliant. Budget phones around this price typically have major pitfalls, often the camera, performance or battery life, though all of these are solid on the S8. I'm genuinely impressed.
It's well built, looks great, runs smooth, lasts all day, takes great photos, connects fine.
Trying to find faults would be things like the screen being "only" 720p, but putting a higher resolution panel would then put the phone out of the price bracket it's in. Likewise for neat but otherwise non-critical features like NFC, wireless charging or infrared.
Considering the price they're asking for it, I can't complain. I highly recommend it, and a few of my friends I've shown it to have already placed orders :)
If you have any questions just comment and I'll try to answer.
submitted by Roph to Homtom [link] [comments]

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Other stuff too - open to offers.
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