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The Streisand effect, or how /r/technology knows better.

First let me start out with a definition. The Streisand effect, named after Barbra Streisand, is when some piece of information is being censored, but the actual censoring brings more attention to the information.
Lets say there is a story/link/video that is censored by evil anti freedom guys somewhere. Then because it is censored it gets reuploaded/reposted/etc. Then we can loudly exclaim "how did those idiot evil anti freedom guys not know about the Streisand effect. It must be because I am super smart and those guys are dumb."
I believe that redditors don't understand how this works. For every piece of information that is subject to the Streisand effect there are probably 100 more which are successfully hidden. Even then, just because a redditor sees something which was censored doesn't mean that the censorship was unsuccessful, since it is highly likely that this censorship will lead to less exposure and only some increased exposure to the wrong crowd.
As proof I offer this post. Streisand effect in full swing, right? Except that those services aren't known by anyone. Every heard of datalinktek.com or datanetprotocols.com? Me neither.
Perhaps that post was too small. What about something with the pirate bay? This site must have seen a huge spike from its recent full blown Streisand effect, right? Not really...
Redditors far too often cry Streisand. Does anyone remember the scandal Fifa suffered over twitter avatars?. It isn't even on the first Google results page when searching for "Fifa Twitter", and it is something like the 6th result when searching for "Fifa Twitter" on Google news. You have to specifically search for both organisations at the same time and then look for an article way down the list. This is the exact opposite of Streisand effect. Even if you assume this was the Streisand effect, the whole insinuation that FIFA needs advertising from torrentfreak so badly that it is going to try a weird viral trick in order to let people know there is a world cup on is ridiculous. Speaking on behalf of every person who likes football/soccer on this globe: we were aware that the world cup was on. We did not need reminding of that fact through a torrentfreak post.
Here is another example of someone crying Streisand. The gist of the story is that there was an alternative website to get Yale course information, which Yale shut down because they didn't like the way it interacted with their system. Now the guy who made it complained and then he fought back by making a Chrome extension which does what his website used to do. Of course reddit knows this will be hugely successful:
Some redditor: Has no one in Yale's administration heard of the Streisand effect? Such a simple problem to solve, yet they took the worst approach possible.
Yes, those silly Yale guys don't know about a vague pop culture phenomenon! How dare those guys be so dumb, and they only hurt themselves. Except then there is this:
New York Times: Last semester, 1,840 students — more than a third of the undergraduate student body — used [the old website which was taken down] to choose their courses, the brothers said.
And lets look at the extension:
Extension Banned Bluebook 1,063 users.
This is a bit more than half of its previous users, and this is after this story got over half a million views online. It seems like this led to more exposure, but less exposure to Yale goers (which was the goal). Looking at the reviews of the extension all it has is an initial burst of users and that is it. Yales attempt to squelch this site was undeniably successful.
Last but not least: Coinye west, a defuct crypto currency parodying Kanye West. The makers of this currency were obviously sued by Kayne West. This of course angered reddit, since it concerns intellectual property, cypto-currencies, and censorship. Reddit of course replied by crying Streisand. 1, 2, 3, 4 Of course this led nowhere, and the crypto currency became irrelevant very fast and the makers were actually burdened by the lawsuit, not helped. As a result the project was abandoned by its makers and by its users. The coin is now considered defunct.
I wouldn't be surprised if those redditors would look at this post and call it an example of the Streisand effect too.
TL;DR: It is the Streisand effect, not the Streisand law. Just because some redditor heard of some "censorship" somewhere doesn't mean that the censorship was unsuccessful. /technology likes to act smug about this effect not realising that most of the time this effect isn't happening.
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