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[Online][3.5][Ebberon] Ebberon: The End of War

3.5 Edition Ebberon in all it's glory. A dark, rich, high-adventure setting with essentially all the best D&D has to offer with it's own unique pulp fiction / pulp noir / fast action flavor on top. Magic is widespread, sufficiently analyzed and largely accepted as an inherent part of the world. Weak magic items and services are common and commercially available in a mass produced fashion. Truly powerful individuals are rare and special, and standout heroes can quickly become the stuff of legend. With the end of the last war adventurers seek to find a new means to apply their skills in a world dense with intrigue, political tension and forbidding wildernesses.

Pace: The minimum target is every other week. I am happy to accelerate to weekly or twice a week if everyone is able to at the time. I can't predict how often I will be able to do that though.

Format: Realtime in Discord and possibly Zoom, with other tools added as needed/desired.

Player Requirements:
- Good communication, good attendance and mature player behavior. This means letting us (especially the DM) know if you can / cannot make a meeting with more then 24 hours of warning, showing up to 75+% of sessions held, and not being 'That Guy'.
- You don't have to know everything, but you need to be willing to learn the fundamentals.
- If you do know everything, that should be fine too.

What I want for this game is to throw epic challenges at the players, and see them handled brilliantly. Whether this is straight up combat, puzzling predicaments or complex intrigue scenarios I want everyone to do their best.
Your characters will acquire various advantages to give them power to face these challenges, but it is up to you to make the best use of that. Death is effectively permanent, and exceptions are incredibly rare and frowned upon in Ebberon.
For both the individual and the party: Death is not guaranteed, nor is survival. Be brave, but use your wits too.

Character Restrictions (Fluff):
The character must fit with Ebberon's rich lore and history. This isn't hard to do at a surface level, and there is plenty of room for creativity, deep integration or both. But you aren't dropping in a character explicitly tied to cultures, places and events that don't exist in Ebberon. Nearly every race and culture has been recolored slightly or dramatically in a way that is important to be aware of if you are going to build a character. Roleplaying up your connection to the world well can result in in-game benefits, such as extra Action Points.

Character Restrictions (Mechanical):
Anything core 3.5, anything from the Ebberon 3.5 books and much of what the 3.5 splatbooks have to offer is fair game (for the most part). Pathfinder 1E content may be viable if throughly converted and vetted. Everything selected (including core) will be reviewed and subject to DM house rules based on well known or suspected problems (according to the internet and the DM's experience). This can happen after they are selected and used, so anything too broken should be understood to be at risk of being changed suddenly.

What is balance?
- Primarily: what keeps the game fun, individually and collectively
- Secondarily: what makes multiple options worthwhile
- Tertiarily: what makes sense
- A character that is strong because of a good build is good
- A character that is invincible because of a broken build may not be good
- A character that is nigh-invincible because of organic development... is awesome
- If you need help with a build, ask for it.
- It is possible within the setting and house rules to alter your build through special training and services

Party: I do not require that the party is balanced, but natural consequences will ensue whatever you do. Currently have 1 player who is interested in being a Human Cyran Factotum (a "Jack of All Trades" class with a skill monkey emphasis and flexible party role). Class Link: http://srd.dndtools.org/srd/classes/baseDungeon/factotum.html

DM Style (As far as I can tell):
- Usually permadeath
- Narrative > Story
- Both roleplay and combat should get screen time, together when appropriate
- I can handle complex crunch and mixed party power levels
- I like sandboxy stuff, but if you don't find the adventure it will definitely find you.

Example Homebrew Rules:
- Rule: The Factotum's Cunning Knowledge bonus is capped at the characters INT bonus. REASONING: This is an attempt to prevent the factotum from outstripping other characters skill checks in their own domains of expertise... too much.
- Rule: Warforged lose immunity to Energy Drain, and can suffer ability damage/drain as well as other status conditions in some situations. Warforged gain a +1 to Fortitude saves against negative energy effects. REASONING: Warforged have souls interwoven with complex, breakable bodies. They are alive, but slightly out of tune with normal life. As such they get some resistance to negative energy, similar to how they resist positive energy (1/2 healing)... but not immunity.
- Rule: 4d6kh3 for stat rolls with a standard array fallback option (15,14,13,12,10,8) REASONING: In Ebberon the standard array gives a fine backbone for heroic exploits, and can play well for the majority of character concepts. It makes a fine default, but rolling stats and getting lucky feels too good to leave out.
- Rule: You can take fixed HP rolls of half the dice value. This is a safe, but generally suboptimal choice. REASONING: 5e style 1/2+1 fixed HP is too good versus random.
- Rule: With large amounts of in-world training over a long time, you can slowly increase max HP within your possible HP range. REASONING: Bad luck can be mitigated with effort... somewhat.

Example Iconic Archetypes for Ebberon:
- Warforged Soldier: Built to fight, then set adrift in a world without a war.
- Halfling Berserker: The Talentan halflings ride dinosaurs and fight like monsters.
- Dragonmarked Heir: The Dragonmarked houses define and control much of society... and have cool powers.
- High Adventurer: Ebberon's secrets are many, and uncovering them can make you rich and famous.
- Artificer Rampant: A magical mad scientist who makes clockwork golems and magical weapons.
- Gnomish Spy: Everyone has heard stories of Zilargo, but they still never see it coming.
- Undying Elf: The Deathless live on though positive energy... but they are not alive.
- Loyalist Hero: The Last War dragged on for a century, but not everyone has forgotten why they fight.
- Historian Spelunker: The past holds great and wondrous secrets, and he must make them known
- ... and many more.
submitted by DM_Kane to lfg

Three moons Initiative PvP

Three Moons Initiative is a brand new server looking for new or experience players to join.Since we are a new server, mods and settings can be changed to the communities liking. Join us on our Discord channel for more info. https://discord.gg/b4RKWfz
SERVER BLOCK LIMITS 15k block ship limit 30k station limit
SERVER RULES: Don't be a jerk Do not attack new players just starting off. ( New players have a week grace period)
SERVER SPECS IP : MODS : Nanobot Build and Repair System, Skybox The Abuss + Speed mod, RivalAI, MWI - Homing Weaponry, Retractable Plasma Accelerator Cannon, Teired Armor Thrusters, Gyro Package, Hacking Computer v3, Updated compact batteries, Azimuth Complete Mega Mod Pack, Tiered Engine Super pack, Modular Encounters, Exploration Enhancement Mod, Tech Blocks Everywhere, Weaponcore, Teired Tech Blocks, Tiered Engine Super Pack, Defense Shields, Rotary Airlock, Deuterium Reactors, Recolorable Thrusters, PDC Cannon turrets, Text HUD API, Screen Gunk Be Gone!, Norca Engineering HUD, Mexpex Warfare Industries, Hudrogen Density 8x, Better Stone, Automatic Ore Pick up,
submitted by Hiro32 to spaceengineers

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