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New Mod AMA! I'm NegativeGPA


Hi zen! I've recently joined the moderation team here, and I think doing an AMA is a useful way to kick that off to the forum.
I've been on zen for... 4? 5 years? Some amount of time. I've watched this subreddit goes through various arcs, waxes and wanes, community projects, wiki expansions, offshoots like IM chatting in CryptoCat, Skype, Discord, and numerous spelling alternatives. Over the years, I've come to be quite passionate about this place and the people who make it what it is.
This subreddit really is something special. We have quite an active user-base with new people joining - be they lurkers, posters, commenters, or robots. We have users of all sorts of backgrounds with different insights, ideas, opinions, proposals, and most-used-emojis. And I think all of it is what makes this sub so unique.
Ever try Googling a Case? Half the time, finding it leads one here or Koans (quick shout-out).
Anyway - that's enough crowd work and reminiscing for now, let's get to the AMA!


Not Zen?

Suppose a person denotes your lineage and your teacher as Buddhism unrelated to Zen, because there are several quotations from Zen patriarchs denouncing seated meditation.

Would you be fine saying that your lineage has moved away from Zen and if not, how would you respond to being challenged concerning it?

My initial introduction to Zen as anything but an adjective was when someone on reddit linked me to an Alan Watts lecture. I spent a couple months just binging on anything I could find from Watts before ordering his Way of Zen. I googled around for other Zen texts and came across Beginner's Mind.
I found Watts' book to be interesting, but it was mostly historical (not that such isn't useful info), and I was looking for more of the meat like the story he told about that kid whose finger got chopped off before trying to raise the finger that wasn't there.
I argued with Beginner's Mind on some contradictions I thought it had and some "sure you can say 'thus why not sit?', but you can just as easily say 'why not go to the mall and catch Pokemon?'" (the second one isn't the actual example that came to mind - this was before Pokemon Go 😭)
I eventually just typed in the URL "reddit.com/zen" to see what I'd find. I had a history of investigating fitness, malefashionadvice, etc. to use the resources in their wikis, FAQs, etc. I planned to do the same on zen.
Then I saw the intensity of what I was thinking of as dialectic that was going on here! I decided to post some excerpts of some stories / poems I had written with "is this Zen?" as the typical tagline, and eventually started reading some of the books people here recommended.
How does this relate to the question? Well - do you count Watts as "my lineage"? I'd say not - I saw him as more of a cultural translator than a Zen master.
I was recommended Watts/Zen after posting some upsets I was having when diving "too deeply" into Physics and beginning to have concerns about things like "is logic self-proving?", "can we show consciousness as a property of the universe, or do we have to take it as an axiom (on faith) that it exists?"
Was Physics my lineage? I'd say not (at least, not in this sense).
The first examples of me going "Ah! So THIS must be Zen!" are in Mumon, Joshu, Deshan, etc. If someone says XYZ isn't my lineage, I'd do what I think is useful for most scenarios where person makes X claim:
  1. Think about it. If I already agree with them, do I have more data to continue saying I agree? If I don't agree, why don't I agree, and what if they're right? Try and guess what reasoning might lead to their conclusion.
  2. Ask for clarification or follow-ups (if relevant to the statement).
  3. Think about it. Something will typically seem more likely, and I'll keep in mind that likeliness moving forward.
  4. Rinse and repeat when questions arise.

What's your text?

What text, personal experience, quote from a master, or story from zen lore best reflects your understanding of the essence of zen?

I've read a bunch of the sayings texts (Linji, Joshu, Yunmen, Dongshan, etc.) and "The Big Three": Blue Cliff Record, Mumonkan, and Book of Serenity (which are now probably due for an update to "The Big Four" to include the one I'm about to mention).
I admit I haven't finished reading all of the Treasury of the True Eye of the Teaching or whatever-is-it Cleary translated it as. It being not-in-print messes with my system of reading this books to fall asleep!!
Zen, I here claim, is about seeing your true nature. The End, Good Game. There's some quotes that come to mind (if they're not exactly how they appear in the texts - that's fine! It's how I remember them that is relevant to the "quotes that matter to me"!):
Do you not see that your teacher goes to the highest peaks and lowest hells with you, all just to save you?
No matter how rough the waves, the Moon reflected on the water.
Only when you can kill a man without blinking an eye can you be said to walk hand-in-hand with the Patriarchs
Now, some say "Zen starts at Enlightenment", and we have a decent case to make for that. We see the tradition during the Golden Age of Zen Student "A" gets enlightened then they go traveling around to test both themselves and other Zen Masters. This testing of oneself...
At first too high, in the end too low. When one realizes one's fault, one should reform, but how many people can?
He does not ignore it.

Dharma low tides?

What do you suggest as a course of action for a student wading through a "dharma low-tide"? What do you do when it's like pulling teeth to read, bow, chant, sit, or post on zen?

This one's a bit easier. It is said, "When hungry, eat. When sleeping, sleep", right?
I say, "When happy, be happy. When freaking-the-F-out, freak the F out!"
And ask thyself, "do I agree with these?"
Sitting upon Mars, The Stars glimmering, shimmering, coming and going. Sitting upon Sumuru, The sheathed sword can still kill And still, Shining, reclining, coming and going.
I spent a good 60 seconds figuring out a way to add an extra syllable to "New Mod AMA" so that the meter and rhyme worked with "NegativeGPA", so you know I care.
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