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Diablo 2 Latest Patch Download; Then download the newest patch from blizzard and update the game to 1.14d. Seasons in Diablo last approximately 3 months and allow players to progress through the grind of the game with a fresh start; all gold, items, and characters from the non-seasonal side of the game are not carried over and players must level a new character from Level 1. Per quanto riguarda Diablo 1 posso dirti che lo preferisco al 2 10 volte. Buy Actuators from Drognan in Act 2 Nightmare and Hell (higher tier components are sold in Hell only). Changelog - Diablo 3 - Icy Veins https://familycenter33.ru/crack/?key=500.

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Diablo 2 Fallen v13 Changelog: General - Standardized, clarified, and corrected all item, skill, combat art, and modification tooltips - All combat arts which reduce the opponent's armor now use percent reductions instead of flat amounts - All combat arts which grant Deadly Strike scale the opponent health threshold at the same rate (0.1% health per level) - All weapon based combat arts. Report File: All files and modifications hosted are property of their creator. Report errors in the Arreat Summit here. Release Information Type: RPG, SRPG & RTS Developer: Kouryokutei Publisher: Kouryokutei Release: Reitaisai 11, on May 11, 2020 Language: Japanese (English patched) Description In Gensokyo there is a mysterious treasure and our heroines are. While we do our best to ensure all files are safe, The GTA Place cannot accept responsibility for the contents of.

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This is the latest official patch for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Now Available & Patch Notes. Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction: Patch Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction Patch Information Mysterious World-event Players of Hell difficulty Realm games are hereby warned that a new, challenging. Added class custom player models. Loot rates are remade in the following areas: Homestead, Oblivion Level 1/2, Tristram.

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If don't have Lod 1.10 you can download the 1.10 patch files below. The expansion to Diablo II adds a host of new features to the game, including two new playable classes – the shapeshifting Druid and the cunning Assassin. R/Diablo - Can I legitimately download and install Diablo2 visit your url. This software offers you the feature of trimming, transitions and. Difficult: Normal, Nightmare, Hell your (fire, cold, light, poise.

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Ezdrummer Cracked Download https://familycenter33.ru/crack/?key=513. GB 1.6 GB free / / Alpha Protocol: 2020 Windows XP; Pentium 4 2.4 GHz; GeForce 6800GT or Radeon 1300XT; Windows Vista; Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or greater; GeForce 6800GT or greater or Radeon 1300XT or greater; 1 GB (XP) / 2 GB (Vista) 12 GB free / / American Conquest: 2020 Windows 98/2020 (Steam version requires XP/Vista/7). D2 LoD - Can't login to battlenet - Classic Games Tech. DevilutionX is released to the Public Domain. You play as one of seven classes, and must complete a series of quests, culminating in the destruction of Diablo, the lord of terror, his brothers, and a couple thousand demonic minions along the way.

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Diablo 2 Fallen at Sacred 2 Nexus - Mods and community https://familycenter33.ru/crack/?key=502. Diablo 2 patch 1 12 change log. This version is based on a legit digital copy of Diablo III (North American release) 2. Do not ask for crack. Best Astrology Software. Diablo II - Supported software - PlayOnLinux - Run your see this site.

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Don't hide the Diablo II window when losing focus -res800 Start at 800x600 (avoids window moving off-centre on load)-sleepy Call sleep(1) to avoid D2 using 100% CPU time -altcolor Change color of monster health bar -title "foo" Set the Diablo II window title to foo. Read our Introduction to Runewords and check out 1.10 Rune Words Corrections? This is a character and items editor for the game Diablo 2 (D2).

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How to change language to english: ProjectDiablo2. Cause: User has overwritten some of the MPQs in the Diablo 2 directory instead of copying only the missing MPQs from the Diablo 2 CD. Solution: Uninstalling and installing Diablo 2 again and copying only the MPQs from the CD that are not present in the Diablo 2 directory. Seismic Slam Build with Might of the Earth Set top-tier solo gr-pushing gr. This works for almost all of Blizzards older games (Starcraft 1/Broodwar, Diablo 2/LOD, Warcraft 3/Frozen Throne) and is cross platform. The Arreat Summit - A Strategy Guide for Diablo II.

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Download uTorrent 2.2.1 for Windows visit this site. How do i get my Diablo 2 to Patch 1.12a?: Diablo. The mouthpiece of the gaming generation, The Escapist aims to capture and celebrate the contemporary video gaming lifestyle and the diverse global video game culture by way of in-depth features, thought provoking articles and relevant columns authored by leading video game authorities, as well as cutting-edge video shorts, engaging forums and robust social media elements that incorporate the. Added a fake CT player, now deathmatch is 100% compatible and all players are terrorists. Contents[show] This is a list of the changes and improvements made by Blizzard Entertainment to Diablo II and its expansion, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

Diablo 2: LoD 1.12 patch up (No CD required)

PSA: The new freeplay event is already on, and it is just to kill 100 beasts.

I don't quite know what to say anymore. I've fought the loot stuff, been okay with drops. Nothing great, but I can deal with it. Speaking from a 300+ hour point, I've gotten 12 Legendary items, I can live with that. Wish the MW rates were a bit higher, but even then it won't mean much to me.

I can live with the bugs, I've actively seen them get fixed.

I can live with the "stealth nerfs", albeit I'm not too fond of feeling lied to here. Either we weren't lied to, and there is a troubling lack of communication within the BW group, or we were lied to.

I have -zero- issue with the amount of communication between BW and us (be it on Twitter, EA Forums, Reddit, w/e). Their Twitter feeds are completely destroyed with people slamming them with bugs or "SUMMON THE LOOT", or some sort of comment about incompetence. This sub has been a cesspool for the past week, offering little outside of people "NEEDING" more loot, talking about quitting and moving to TD2, "DESTINY, DIABLO AND DIVISION ALL LEARNED, WHY HAVEN'T YOU" among other things. Most of it is worthless rambling at this point. They know. We know. Things are rough, things are in the process of change, change takes time. I'm aware they applied hotfixes in the past, those exact changes aren't what the game needs, but whatever.

I'm okay with having spent ~50 on this game (post Origin Access). I have had a lot of fun exploring, theory-crafting, and just slugging around across most of the content. I know it's unfinished, we all do.

What I'm not okay with, however, is the current roadmap planning. We apparently had 2 of the events unlocked that were locked. One is Scar Infestation. If it IS running, cool. Doesn't feel like it though. I like this one more than the Outlaw event, as that only really gave us a unique enemy named Outlaw Inticer, or something close (I killed it too fast to know the spelling, same ring to it though). This event at least gives us the chance to (hopefully) farm Drills/Hives to get into that delicious rare mine.
Here is my issue: the other event is to kill 100 beasts. That's it. Kill 100 beasts for 1000 coins. You have 3 days as of this morning. We literally got a daily mobile game challenge as our "freeplay event". Except this isn't a daily.
Why, at this point, do I feel more respected playing a "new" Aeria Games MMO as a completely free player (for those not familiar: Aeria is NOTORIOUS for extreme P2W. EA is cute) than I do for putting in time and money for a big name title? This is my only issue at this point. I wasn't on the jump-ship boat until I saw this today, because THAT is a joke, and the only punchline is that I'm sitting here logged in still.
  • Edit: Good gravy, my first reddit gold! Neat-o and thank you! I'd like to pinpoint my exact frustration here without editing upper content: it isn't that we are getting 1k coins for a "locked" content event. My beef here is that it is literally "Kill 100 Beasts". No new unique beasts. 1 new World Event involving protecting Arcanists from a 3 at a time per gate infinite Brute spawn, followed by an Ursix. This is uninspired crap. It's the same mission we do in the handful of "unique" World Events we already have (I don't count the camp of Dominion/Outlaws/Scars/Skorpions being out of place and to eliminate them different missions, etc). I can only hope for something actually worthwhile in April, I guess. Meanwhile, I've got more Hip Fire rolls to get on Legendary Snipers (let's be real: they are MW)!
  • Edit2: STOP INFLATING MY EGO. Thank you for first plat though!
submitted by ogmozero to AnthemTheGame

Legacy of a sniper – The Widowmaker – bowsin guide [w/ gameplay video]

Legacy of a sniper – The Widowmaker – bowsin guide [w/ gameplay video]


  • Introduction
  • The bow and its quiver
  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Immunes/resistances
  • Speed
  • Stats
  • Skills
  • Gear
  • Sockets/Corruptions
  • Merc
  • How to play
  • Tldr
  • Video



Most of all this is a guide for my favorite character build this season. But it is also an invitation to further develop this build together, so i will share what i know about it, show what i came up with in the process and hope you will contribute to make it even better and/or correct me where i am wrong.
I first heard of a build called the Sniper-Sin using the Widowmaker bow back in 1.10 LoD when it was a meme build which didn't really fit into the gameplay of D2. Using Guided Arrow with a lot of poison dmg from Venom was strong against any enemy, but since we're playing a classic hack&slay – that's far from effective against the hordes we are facing every time we log in. I didn't play the Sniper-Sin back then and i didn't think about it when i started playing PoD this season. But when i came to the point where my main chars were geared and i was looking for something new, this build came back into my mind. So i dedicated the last weeks of this ladder gearing up and adapting the old idea to the new possibilities PoD offers us. What came out of this process was more than the meme cs-runner build i was expecting, turns out PoD offers exactly what the Sniper-Sin lacked to make it a viable build, comfortable in any place of the game (except ubers i guess) and so the result is what i call the Widowmaker – named after the bow that makes all this possible.
(you could argue that it's merely a shadow skills variation of a bladesin that uses a bow but nobody wants to hear that, right?)

The bow and its quiver

To get a hang of what the concept of this build is let's take a look at the Widowmaker. Every damn attribute on it is useful and wants to be exploited to the max. Up to 200%ed gives it a certain base damage to work with and from here it just gets better. Ignore Targets Defense makes AR unnecessary against all mobs that are not bosses, so the Magic Arrow it gives to us can cut through trash mobs with 95% to hit what comes in its way. For everything else we get Guided Arrow that doesn't need AR in the first place. So with those 3 attributes we have 2 attacking skills and no worries hitting our targets – nice! Last but not least we get 33% Deadly Strike what translates to 33% chance to deal double damage, what translates to an average 33% more physical damage. It's a unique so of course it can and should be slammed for 5 open sockets.
Just as the bow is mandatory for this build, we only have one quiveset of arrows to choose. If you decide to make a bowsin you finally have a reason to pick up those useless unique arrows – Moonfire arrows. They have some more or less irrelevant stats but what makes them irreplaceble is the "fires two additional magic arrows". This way we turn our Magic Arrow into some kind of AoE skill which is a must if we want to step out of the shadow of the Sniper-Sin. True, its no multishot but to be honest – nothing compares to this sick "kill everything on the screen"-skill of the bowzon. We might be safer to compare it to bonespear or holy bolt if we don't want to look like total chumps.
Why not go for doomslinger and by that get multishot like necros and sorcs do it to deliver their damage to the masses you might wonder? Well, i guess you could do that, but because you would loose all the utility stats from Widowmaker you would have to change most of the equipment to adapt to it. Of course it is possible, but in my opinion the result would be a very different style of play than what i was aiming for with this char. The necessity for a single target skill, AR and pierce plus the slower attacking speed were enough for me to not further consider a crossbowsin, alltough i really like the attacking animation that comes with it. If somebody wants to try this out i would be happy to help with that but for now i'm sticking with the bow.
UPDATE: I tested switching to doomslinger without adapting gear. It has its pros and cons but plays more like the conventional multishotzon. I'll try to make something out of it. maybe now, maybe next ladder, this might be my next project. Stay tuned =)
So let me summarize:
With bow&arrow we have:

  • 1 single target skill (guided arrow)
  • 1 skill against packs of enemies that always pierces and doesn't need any Mana
  • No problems to hit
  • Some physical and some magical damage to work with


Of course this is not enough to make a decent build. In order to kill stuff we need more, so let's see what the skilltree of the Assassin has to offer. Big surprise, we will put poison on our bow thus the most damage we deal will come from Venom and increased poison damage. The amount of poison damage added by Venom is not as high as comparable poison attacks like deadly poison, rabies or plague javelin but it deals that damage every 0.4 seconds which makes the dps dealt not only comparable but also erases the typical poison feeling of having to wait for the enemy to die (i'm looking at you, bow necro).
I'm sure everybody who ever played a multishot-zon and then switched to a boner or holy bolt pala was shocked how having only 3 projectiles negatively influences your clearspeed. When enemies attack you from multiple angles, you will need much more time to kill them no matter how high your damage is. To avoid this feeling of incompetence, the assassin has a trick up her sleeve to add more "arrows" to this build – the well known bladeshield. Not only will this give us more projectiles that will deliver our poison to the enemies, it also has auto-aim so we can focus on the tougher mobs while the bladeshield kills whatever lurks around us. Its not too hard to achieve 4 blades, so that would make 7 projectiles of which 3 are piercing – not bad at all.


So now that we are killing stuff, its time to survive. I really love the bowzon concept of defense where killing everything in and out of sight within a split second makes you kinda immortal, but that kind of killspeed is a luxury we can't afford. So we have to dig deeper in our bag of tricks.First, as for any non-caster there is the classical sustain, life leech. Widowmaker gives enough physical damage to make it count, and as any trapsin will know, bladeshield is a reliable source of leech, even if we don't do a thing.
But better than healing damage is to avoid it. For that PoD offers a great passiv skill – Mindbarrier. Thanks to a stupid old bug, Mindbarrier caused games to crash when taking part in maps with +4 players. That made it a skill non grata and no assassin wanted to be caught with a point in it, thereby making this a forgotten gem. What it offers is a chance to stun enemies on hit for a considerable amount of time and stunned enemies can't hit you. Also our attack speed is high enough to basically auto-stun everything that is not one shotted – mostly poison immunes. Luckily the bug has been fixed (or at least moved from Mindbarrier), so now we can level like any other character by running circles in the desert.
Speaking of running – this also is a great trick to survive, even in a not-cowardly way. Dodging ranged attacks and positioning yourself tactically is a big part of the Widowmaker playstyle, evading attacks and always looking for the best pierce line. So accumulating faster run/walk really pays of.


Like any build that gets its damage from an element, we have to deal with monsters that are resistant or even immune (I) to our attacks. In case of poison these monsters are (in the most popular zones where the Widowmaker likes to roam):

  • Maw fiend (I) 50%, physical res, Sand Maggot (I), - River of flames
  • Venom Lord (75% psn res), Oblivion Knight (75% psn res) - Chaos Sanctuary
  • Black Souls (I), Specter (psn immune+phys immune) – World Stone Tower
  • Venom Lord (I), Minion of Destruction (95% psn res) – Throne of Destruction
  • Various monsters in the Tier maps, i don't recall all of them besides the Slinger, Cadaver and Blood Temptress in T3.

Luckily nearly all of these immunes have a really low amount of life, so with a good workaround they don't feel immune at all. Only the Maw fiends take a bit longer to crack, if you really want to kill them on your way to Diablo.
So what do we do against this? Every other elements answer to this would be the runeword Infinity, but some devil of developer thought it would be a good idea to exclude poison damage from being affected by the conviction aura, so thats not an option for us.
What counts for poison damage is the Lower Resist curse of the necromancer. While there is an item/runeword that can be worn by a mercenary and gives a chance to cast lower resist when struck, it didn't do the job for me since it just did not trigger often enough to break immunities or lower resistances. That was mainly because of my merc being too slow or just not near the target i want to hit, or because the target was stunned and by that not hitting my merc. Anyway, it didn'nt work, that's also why i don't even remember what item/runeword it was anymore. The only other way to get hold of the curse would be a wand with charges on it, but you would have to keep switiching between that and your brebuff claws in addition to recharge it every other minute and i'm just not willing to do that.
So if breaking immunities of the monsters doesn't work, we need another source of damage.
I guess there is more than one answer to that, i tested some and my favorite is to get a high enough amount of physical damage to be able to kill poison immune monsters with that. This comes with the advantage that the amount of life leeched back to us also rises, what gives us more survivability.
Other than cold/lightning/fire, poison immunity is not randomly assigned to unique bosses. So you won't encounter random monsters that are immune to both poison and physical damage. The only monster i encountered that can do that is the specter, which always comes with those immunities. The only way for me to kill them is the magic damage of Magic Arrow – it works but it takes some time.
Another way could be focussing on other elements like lightning by using a helmet with the runeword Dream (+Holy Shock). It's not really budget but it does the job, more on that later.
As for monsters with high resistances, lowering them is essential to your overall killspeed especially if you're planning to farm/ run in Chaos Sanctuary. Sadly the only way to get it for the Assassin is by facets, so get them whenever you can. There are only a few monsters with higher poison resistance than 50% so that should be the amount you should aim for at least. -res is way more effective than increased poison dmg, so you when gearing you might even consider to abandon some +skills for more phys dmg since your poison damage will be high enough for most creatures anyway. Here you can adjust as you wish to find the sweet spot.


As mentioned before, speed is a factor with this build. Of course everybody loves to run fast to get the best clearspeed and for quality of life, but in my opinion the Widowmaker makes most use of it. I still can't put my finger on the perfect amount but in my experience and from what i gathered, the effective movement speed scales very slowly from 130% upwards. Of course there is still a difference between 130% and 200% but you have to decide if need it or if there are better gear options for you. Combined with Burst of Speed im using around 170% at the moment (107 from equip, ~64 from BoS), while i'm sure 150% or even 100% would also do the job.

The other kind of Speed is the attacking speed. I was really bummed out when i discovered that different character classes have different caps for max speed with bows. So even with Burst of Speed and lots of IAS, we won't shoot as fast as the Amazon with its 7 frames per second. The Assassins max speed with a bow is 9 fps or 2.77 attacks per second, which is the standard speed of a mid-gear WF-Bowzon in LoD.
Considering the poison dmg of Venom lasts 0.4 seconds, it seems redundant to hit more often than every 0.4 seconds. That would be 2.5 times per second what translates into hitting every 10 frames. But because attacking faster also means switching between targets faster, i recommend aiming for max speed – it isn't hard to reach anyways.
To achieve this speed with the Widowmaker we have to take our lvl of Burst of Speed into consideration.With lvl 1 BoS we need 60% IAS for max speed. Since there will be lots of +skills and +shadow disciplines on our gear, we can assume that even with 1 hard point in BoS we won't need 60% IAS. At lvl 19 Bos, you will only need 10% IAS to reach 9 fps, so i would recommend aiming for that.


So with all this theory out of the way, we can start with the actual guide. As always stat distribution is pretty simple.

  • STR: only as much as you need for your gear. If you want to make the most of your Venom, this would be 167 STR for shadow dancer boots. Thats a lot of strenght, but hey what the hell.

  • DEX: DEX raises our physical bow damage. Since that is my chosen way to deal with immunes i will recommend to but everything you can into it.

  • VIT: I go with the same amount of VIT as i do with bowzons – nothing. With the right playstyle ~500 Life are enough to survive, that is if you play softcore. HC players can take as much VIT from DEX as they feel comfortable.

  • ENE: yep, nothing. Mana isn't really an issue for this build.


Now the Skills we use.
Martial Arts: All the skills in this tree require a claw/dagger or at least a one handed weapon. We don't use that, so we don't use this tree. The only exception is Dragonflight for which you can switch to your second weapon slot to use it. This is the Assassins teleport-skill and sadly i have to say it is the worst teleskill of all classes. It has a huge cooldown of 6(?) seconds and needs an enemy in sight to be activated. I still put a point in it to get faster across the River of Flames, but i'm not really happy with this.
Traps: First of all, 20 points in Bladeshield for reasons mentioned above. Usually you will have more skillpoints than needed, so everything left you can put into the synergies. With my setup i would complete both synergies at lvl 101, only reaching it at 99 if i abandon Dragontail. Another option in the trap tree is Death Sentry. I have not tried it because i don't think it is effective, but if you like, why not put a point in here to get that sweet corpse explosion after the first kill. Maybe for low budget versions of this build that lack in killspeed, this could be a nice addition against immunes and for general damage. Also i like the idea of making use of all those skill mechanics the Assassin has to offer.
Shadow Disciplines: This is our main tree. Of course 20 point in Venom, this is where the dmg comes from.BoS only enough to get to lvl19, the scaling of the frw isn't worth the skillpoints. Ultimatley the aim should be that 1 point in BoS is enough.Next skill to max is Mindbarrier. With good gear and skillers you will reach around lvl 40, which would give you a 39% chance to stun on hit. If for any reason you need more skillpoints, i guess 30% or even less are also enough to play with.I put 1 point in Shadow Master. We can of course discuss which shadow is best, but what convinced me is the +allres the Shadow Master gets. I primarily use him as a blocker with 1 hard point and +skills he really does the job well.

Summary: 20 Venom, 20 Mindbarrier, 20 Bladeshield, 1 point each into Dragonflight, Shadow Master, rest into bladeshield synergies.


Here it is getting interesting. There are some very mandatory items you will need to make this build work well, while other slots will give you more options or will send you on the quest to find the perfect rare item. I will try to give low budget suggestions where i can, but keep in mind that this will also limit the effectiveness of this build. The Widowmaker can but doesn't have to be erxpensive. Having said that, she is not a necro that runs through maps with nothing than her bow equipped.

The Setup i run at the moment can be seen in the video below or in the armory: https://pathofdiablo.com/p/armory/?name=ciluheft
I also made a low budget version that still works. The damage is fine but the missing -enemy res really shows against venom lords in the Chaos Sanctuary where this little Widowmaker can get overwhelmed by the infectors wave.

In general we are looking for following stats in our gear:

  • +Skills, + Assassin skills, +Shadow disciplines
  • Increased poisin damage / - enemy poison resistance
  • Life/Mana sustain (leech or mana/life on hit)
  • Enhanced dmg / max dmg / flat dmg
  • Enough Increased attacking speed to reach 9 fps (10%)
  • Cannot be frozen
  • Faster run/walk
  • Dexterity
  • Resistances
  • Deadly strike

That being said, here is what i would recommend for gear:

lol, Widowmaker, try to get 5os or as many as possible

Also lol, Moonfire unique arrows

Here we have many options. The headgear can hold up to 3 facets, so if we want a decent amount of -enemy res, something with 3 open sockets should be aimed for. Other than that we are looking for +skills to raise our damage and other nice stats that are missing on our gear. Since this is a slot with more than 1 option, try to find something that fits your needs.
Best in Slot is a rare circlet/tiara/diadem with nice stats like +2 Assassin skills, frw, str, dex, leech, allres and what not. Of course all that with 3 open sockets. Have fun looking and paying for that.
If you're looking for low budget and can't even afford low rolled facets, than anything with +skills will make your life better, like peasents crown or Lore runeword.
The only thing i wouldn't wear is Andariels ugly Face because it's damn ugly, that also and especially counts for bowzons. I'd rather wear a 3os Nightwings than being caught with this golden piece of shame.
If you go lightning, then Dream is mandatory for the Holy Shock aura.

There are some options, depending on what you can spend or what you are trying to achieve. First the obvious choice, the runeword Bramble with up to 50% increased poison damage. I had the luck rolling a perfect one, just to discover that allthough it boosted my damage into the regions of 20k and above, it didn't feel that effective when i encountered enemies with high poison resistance. So you might better look for something with 4os and +skills to boost your damage. The low budget option here is Natalyas armor with +2 shadow disciplines and 3 open sockets. It also gives you some life per lvl and looks damn good. Solid choice. Best in slot i guess is a 4os Arkaines Valor with +2skills. It also gives life per lvl in form of VIT/lvl and also some FHR. I like to think of it as the big brother of Natalyas armor. Also requires 165 STR. Of course all those open sockets want to be filled with poison facets. The last option i'd like to recommend is 4os Ormus Robe. It has style and if you want to go for lightning as your second element, you can get up to 15% increased lightning damage. Your call if you want to socket lightning or poison facets. Considering you won't have any slots in your headgear, you might want to go with poison facets to get to a decent amount of -enemy poison res

I'll make it short. +2 Shadowskills up to 25 dex and 30%frw are top arguments for Shadow Dancers, even if they need 167 STR. For me BiS.
If you want to go full phys dmg then go with Wartravelers like every bowzon would do for reasons.

Here it is really hard to find a BiS choice. Use it to get what you are missing.
If you have no IAS at all on your equip, use Nosferatus Roll (10%), also it gives 15STR, life leech and slow target. All these stats make it a really good attacking belt.
If you don't have any manaleech use M'avinas and also get 20%frw.
If you want to go max damage go Arachnids Mesh for +1skill and slow target.
I'm using String Of Ears for Lifeleech and 15% reduced physical damage to help my survivability.
If you're really desperate for cannot be frozen than you can also use the Sash from the Death Set. I would recommend to upgrade it so it gets more potion slots.
Razortail gives the most phys damage but hey, i already have 100% pierce, i don't want people to think i depend on this belt.

Here you only have one choice: Trang Oul's Gloves for +25% poison damage. (and some cold res)

I recommend Highlords Wrath for +1skill (+2 if you're lucky and/or rich) and Deadly Strike per lvl to maximize yout physical damage. Also with the 20% IAS you won't need any more on your other gear.
Other options would be Cat's Eye for IAS,DEX and frw,
Eye of Ettlich for +skill(s) and lifeleech,
+3 shadow disciplines magic amulet or a
rare amulet with +2assassin skills and stats you need.

Ravenfrost for cannot be frozen and DEX obviously. The second slot can be filled with a
Wisp Projector for 10% extra poison damage and the Spirit of the Wolverine that gives you additional phys dmg.
Bul Kathos wedding band is slightly less expensive than Wisp Projector and offers you +1skill, life leech and life. Good ring if it fits the rest of your equipment
If you can't afford that, you can fill this slot with whatever you need, for example leech, stats and res.

Secondary weapon slot:
Here you can equip prebuff claws, that means claws that will give you +skill to your venom and/or BoS and bladeshield.
Best in Slot would be magic claws with +3 shadow disciplines and +3 Venom, those can be shopped at Anya (Hell). Tell me when you got two of those. Please.
Next best thing is Plague runeword with +2skills in a base with +3Venom and if possible +3 bladeshield.
Until you can afford those, just look for claws that give +Venom.

Obviously Anni+Torch. The better they get, the better for you.
Besides that you can push your poison damage with shadow discipline skillers. Since they are not expensive you can easily get nice adds like faster run, max dmg, dexterity or life. But seriously why life when you can have damage? :) I decided to collect 9 faster run skillers, so i could run fast fast fast.
Another option would be trap skillers to hit the next bladeshield breakpoint for the additional blade, your call.
The small charms slot can be used to get what is missing, and guess what that is? Right, resistances. We didn't talk about that yet and as with every other class, resistances will decide if a build feels viable or not. So put as much res as you can gather in your inventory. Of course you can also take away some skillers to do so.


Concerning sockets i gave away the answer already. Gather as many poison facets as you can. -res is more important than %dmg. The only exception i made was in the bow where i used one Lo rune for more Deadly Strike. You have 12 possible sockets, that makes up to -60%enemy res and +60%poison damage. With that you will irradicate most enemies poison resistance, even the one of Diablo (50%).
For corruptions, i can just repeat myself: get what you need.
With weapon, head and armor of course you want to get sockets, but gloves, belt and quiver give more choice.
Quiver can get 10%ias and by that will free you of the need for IAS on amu or belt. Interesting for lightning version. It can also get life or mana on hit to help with the sustain. Especially for Mana, that will be enough. Life will be ok, but i prefer solid leech. Another option on quivers is +5allres. But since nobody is picking them up or slamming them you might be forced to wear what you get. I have managed to get every piece of gear i want, except for +5allres Moonfire arrows damnit!
Gloves also can get 10%Ias or up to 10% allres, your call.
Boots – also 10%allres. Cooldown reduction could be useful for Dragontail but not if you can get res from them.
Belt – this really doesn't matter in my opinion. You don't need pierce and getting that much resistances to make use of increased max res is not that easy. I'm fine with cnc.
Amu: +2skills for more dmg, other option would be +5allres
Rings: Faster run or phys red.


Besides our shadow, who will block those stunned monsters for us? Let's check the candidates.

A1 Rogue: Well, given certain runewords they can give us decrepify or maybe other things. I'm not really sold on them, also i prefer a blocker. If someone's got an idea, please. Otherwise NEXT!
A2 Desert Guy: So let's check the auras. No need for blessed aim, and i wouldn't put a priority on defiance. Prayer is nice to have but not essential. We could equip this guy with Pride for more damage or Reapers Toll for decrepify and thus, more damage. He is a decent blocker.
A3 Swamp Guy: I use one of those on my bowzon, so i can say they are not decent blockers but walking aura donors. The auras they offer are: Meditation – we don't need Mana, Sanctuary (if i'm not wrong) – thx nn and Cleansing – great aura but you already get that from your prebuff claws. The aura bonus also applies if you quickly switch back and forth on your weapon slots whenever you get cursed/poisoned. If you can't afford plague, this merc is an alternative.
A5 Barbarian: He comes with a lvl4 Might aura for our phys dmg and is a really good blocker. My favorite but i won't judge anyone who decides to pick the Desert Guy.

For Merc equipment i will shortly share some thoughts on A2 and A3 but go more into detail on A5 since that is what i'm playing with.

As i said A2 could boost your damage with Pride or for lower budget Reapers Toll. For other equipment slots i would recommend the usual from the top of my head. Considering your possibilities Steel shade or Tals Mask for sustain and Treachery as armor.
A3, well he is hard to be kept alive on a budget, i can tell you. Considering he is the low budget alternative for people who want Cleansing but have no Cham for Plague it will be hard to get happy with him i guess. Try your best. (lol, i'm not very helpful, right?)
A5, Here i will also share two options. First is Lawbringer(decrepify), Steel Shade, Treachery. This setup is nothing new and will deliver good survivability and reliable procs of decrepify to lower your enemies phys res. Good choice, not too expensive.
Second option is Last Wish, Steel Shade/Andariels ugly Face, 4os Shaftstop. This option aims to give you as much phys damage as possibile with the lvl 17 Might aura from Last Wish. You can put it into a Phaseblade and combine it with Steel Shade for maximum sustain, or in a Colossusblade paired with Andariels ugly Face, so the Merc also will do good damage and by this help with immunes.Also of ocurse Last wish gives the merc Fade on proc and Life Tap for both of you. Crushing Blow can help with bosses. Shaftstop gives him even more survivability as it always does. Try to fill the sockets with enough IAS to hit a nice breakpoint and if you still have empty sockets, add some Lo/BeVex runes for more max res or phys dmg reduce. You have proven with Last Wish that you don't care about runes, so why not. Currently i'm running 3os Guardian Angel for better res, but i will change that in the future i guess.

How to play

If i didn't forget to mention something you now know how to set up a Widowmaker bowsin and i'm sure you won't really need someone to tell you how to play it. Also i added a video that shows my approach on it. Nevertheless here is how this build can be played: Bottom line, what makes it fun to play is that it makes use of many different mechanics PoD and the Assassin class has to offer, but in combat you really are just using Guided Arrow and Magic Arrow manually. That lets you focus on your movement and perception of the battlefield. The philosophy on how this build needs to be played and how it should feel comes close to the Martial Arts specialist the Assassin really is. With the words of Bruce Lee
"Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow, or it can crash. Be water, my friend."
Adapt your action to the situation and the movement of the enemy and flow where ever is space to flow. That being said, playing the Widowmaker really can give you the feeling of watching an oldschool Kung-Fu movie. I love it.

So that is the guide on the Widowmaker. I'm looking forward to discuss this concept with you and hope that not many of you will make one next ladder, so i can get the equip cheap :D If you have any questions you think dont fit in the comment section feel free to message me ingame or on the website under the accname *qles


lol assa use bow

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