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How to run old Mechwarrior games on Windows 10 (7/8 too potentially)

Good morning bondsmen,
I had a member of our community ask if I could make a guide for Mechwarrior compatibility this morning so I'm going to go ahead and do just that. Some of these games take a decent amount of fiddling around with, and a few require publicly available downloads. As a disclaimer I will say that I don't endorse file sharing; I have my old discs still so I'm going to assume we're all on the same footing. For some strange reason, however, installing from a legitimate game disc will not always work, while these ISO copies run beautifully. It's a strange situation and serves as my justification for posting these links.
Mechwarrior 2: Probably the easiest one to get running, you will need the free MechVM program here, choose the option at the top of the page for the win32 executable. MechVM is a self contained dosbox program with a simple gui that lets you pick between DOS and Windows versions of the older Mechwarrior 2 games. I recommend DOS in all cases except Mercenaries, that game is a buggy mess in DOS.
  • Next you will need an image file of the Mechwarrior 2 game you want to play, you can find those here, choose the preinstalled ISO file.
  • Apparently Windows has an ISO feature built in but I've always used PowerISO to unpack these file types, you can snag it for free here, I recommend older version because they aren't bloated with stupid ads.
  • Mount the .bin file to a virtual CD drive with your ISO software, this will be used for installation. Here's a demonstration in case this is new to you.
  • Open MechVM and at the top right choose Install+Import. The option to install the game should reflect your current ISO image directory. Hit install, and when it asks for a CD image file, navigate to where the .bin is located and instead select the .CUE file. The .CUE file contains all of the amazing music for the game, it is a must.
If done correctly it should import all of the game's mech models. Click the top left tab labeled "Play Game" and you should now see different versions of the game. I recommend clicking the top DOS version and hitting "Start Campaign". There may be a short delay as DOSbox initializes but the game will run perfectly.
This is the same process for both Ghost Bear's Legacy and Mercenaries, so if you can successfully install Mechwarrior 2 you are good to go with the others. One thing I want to mention now is that if you plan on moving the MechVM folder to a different part of your PC you should install the games AFTER. Moving anything after setting it up will break it and you will lose your save files.
Round two for compatibility PSAs, this time focusing on Mechwarrior 3 and Pirate's Moon. These are without a doubt the hardest to get running properly. The biggest culprit is the strange usage of z-buffer in the games that doesn't play nicely with our modern hardware. To tackle that obstacle I recommend you use the free dgVoodoo2 plugin. This program will emulate an older GPU and even let you play these games in your native resolution (3440x1440p widescreen in my case).
  • To begin you will need to install Mechwarrior 3 and/or Pirate's Moon, and ideally both install to the same default directory. I recommend this because the folder structure is important to keep intact, I've inadvertently broken it 4 or 5 times myself.
  • If you don't have a functioning disk anymore/hate slow install speeds you can get an ISO for Mechwarrior 3 here, and Pirate's Moon here. Make sure to download any applicable patch files. If you need imaging software for the ISOs you can grab PowerISO here, for those new to ISOs here is a demonstration about mounting.
  • Once everything is installed (you may need to use administrator rights to do so) patch the games with any applicable fixes. 1.2 is the current official build of the game, the patch is available in the download link above, as well as here (credit to u/Plokite_Wolf)
  • Next you'll want to grab dgVoodoo2 from here. Grab the 2.53 release about halfway down on the lefthand side. Once it is downloaded copy everything from the MS folder (3 files) to the folder where your Mechwarrior 3 executable is, AS WELL AS where your Pirate's Moon executable is. Critical step, also copy the dgVoodoo2 configuration executable to both of those places.
  • Next you need to apply a framerate limiter to the game, or else it will run super fast and APCs will literally bounce into orbit. Rivatuner is my goto, you can get it here. Rivatuner is bundled with MSI Afterburner, install both then specifically launch Rivatuner (start menu > search bar > rivatuner).
  • Once it opens you should see a list of programs on the left, find the executable for Mechwarrior 3 and select it. In the right hand side at framerate limit set it to 60 (maximum I recommend). Here is a demonstration of this process.
  • Now before you play the game go back to your install directories and launch the dgVoodoo2 config executable. Click the directx tab on the top right, from this menu set your resolution and force AA. Also uncheck the watermark if it bothers you.
  • If you have a missing MSVCP50.dll file you can get a replacement here (credit to u/kittenhaus)
You should be ready to play at this point if all steps were followed correctly. If the game runs wildly fast ensure that rivatuner is open, it has to be running in the background everytime you play. If you get weird graphical anomalies ensure you patched the game and that dgVoodoo2 and the 3 MS files were correctly copied to your installation directories where the Mechwarrior 3 executable lives. If that is correct make sure that in the in game options menu in the display device section that it says dgVoodoo2. Lastly music doesn't seem to work for me, I recommend you use a youtube looper to play the soundtrack. It's a very simple OST, but the music does add good ambiance.
Lastly Mechwarrior 4 Vengeance/Black Knight and Mercenaries.
  • You can get the first two here. Just download and install the games and then patch them to the current 3.0 version, there's a mirror for the patch over at fileplanet.
  • All you have to do now is repeat the dgVoodoo2 fix by copying the 3 MS files and the config tool to your installation directories, easy day. Run the config, adjust your resolution, and play. Might require admin rights.
  • Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries is available through this thread from our own sub.
  • Simply install and do the same dgVoodoo2 fix and you're solid.
If you need any more help this seems to be the goto sub, so post in the comments. Myself or someone else can try to provide some more help. I'd love for everyone to be able to replay these gems over Christmas or whatever holiday you freebirths celebrate. Cheers
submitted by HattedSandwich to mechwarrior

Witcher 2 mods

This is a very belated follow-up to my Witcher 1 recommended mod compilation, which can be found in the FAQ; I apologize to everyone who asked me to put the list together last year--better late than never I hope!
Most of these mods I can easily recommend for first-time playthroughs, especially the cosmetic and lore ones, but modding is always dependent on user preferences, so you be the judge.
If this is your first time modding Witcher games, as a general rule of thumb just copy and paste the mod's files into your a folder called "CookedPC" in your Witcher 2 installation directory. If you bought the game via Steam, that'll be in "Steam\SteamApps\common\the witcher 2\CookedPC". All of the mods listed below are installed via this method.
save file for importing:
Witcher 1 Save File
-all quests completed and major decisions listed on the Nexus page (Neutral path)
HUD and interfaces:
HUD Tweaks Mod
-a few changes to make the HUD more informative and unobtrusive (ex. smaller elements that hide when not in combat)
Panel Tweaks Mod
-improves interface usability (ex. faster scrolling in tooltips and menus)
cosmetic and lore:
Return of the White Wolf - hair texture replacement
-recolors Geralt's hair white (instead of the default pale gray) as it is described in the books and depicted in TW1
Vivid Eyes
-retextures Geralt's eyes to match lore on Witcher appearance
Dark weapons without dark effects
-removes the visuals and sounds that annoy some players when drawing the cursed Dark swords
Kayran Carapace Armor Model Changer
-Kayran Carapace Armor is among the better sets early in the game, but it has a silly pony-tail hood; this mod changes its appearance to that of another set
Retextured Raven's Armor
-retextures Raven's Armor (imported from save) to look like its TW1 equivalent
Hoodless Kinslayer Dark Mode Armor
-removes the hood from the Kinslayer armor and adds color options
Classic Dice Set
-retextures the Dice Poker minigame to look like the one in TW1
Market Price Mod
-restores the 5:1 buy:sell ratio from TW1 (TW2 has a 24:1 ratio by default)
Black Market - Mysterious Merchant Mod
-adds random leveled items to the Mysterious Merchant
Better Imported Items
-adds buffed and upgradeable versions of the imported items to the Mysterious Merchant, since they were powerful end-game items in TW1
Potion Oil Duration and Crafting Fee Tweaks
-increases duration of potions and oils to 30 minutes, and reduces the price of crafting
Training skills since level 1
-unlocks the Magic, Alchemy, and Swordsmanship trees from the beginning; only recommended if using a difficulty mod, since otherwise this makes the game very easy
Weightless Recipes and Schematics Plus
-makes recipes, schematics, and letters weightless, but adds weight to books
Weight Watchers
-makes most crafting items, schematics, recipes, quest items, etc. weightless
Change Max Weight Capacity
-changes the maximum carryweight to 500; caution: may be incompatible with other mods that edit Geralt's stats
Radovid Persuasion Fix
-fixes a conversation option where Radovid could not be persuaded (in Enhanced Edition)
Dark Items for All Difficulty Levels
-enables Dark items at all difficulties; note: uninstall this mod after beginning the game, otherwise you'll receive a new set of Dark equipment every time you launch the game
Balanced Powerful Runes
-makes runes a little more interesting (similar to TW1 FCR versions) without making them overpowered
overhaul (check for potential conflicts and overwrites if using any of these alongside other mods):
Witcher 2 Full combat Rebalance
-a return of the Flash's famous mod for TW1; very professional and comprehensive (he's a CDPR employee so he knows his stuff); increases difficulty and overhauls many systems; some players love it, others find it less fluid than vanilla
Better Combat
-intuitive changes to many aspects of combat and leveling to make the game more challenging and tactical
CEO - Complete Equipment Overhaul
-makes equipment choices matter more by diversifying item stats and effects
If you have any questions, just ask and I'll try my best to help!
submitted by AONomad to witcher

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