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Call of Duty: Mobile - June 11th Community Update

Call of Duty: Mobile - June 11th Community Update

Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile Community! It may not be the beginning of the month like usual for a release but we would like to thank everyone for the patience and understanding in regard to our delay. However, we are back today with the launch of a brand-new season of Call of Duty: Mobile – Season 7: Radioactive Agent! Get a first glimpse of it with our season launch trailer.
While we wish to mainly use this post to highlight the release of the brand-new season and everything it entails, we need to first take a moment to address something that has been brought up many times over the past week: content filters, offensive usernames, and toxicity.
We released an in-game message earlier this week briefly touching on this but we wanted to reiterate that we hear your feedback, we agree, and we know there’s more we can do on this front. While we remain committed to improving the safety and wellness of the Call of Duty: Mobile community for all of our players, we have significantly stepped up our efforts to remove usernames that violate our Security & Enforcement Policy.
This type of behavior has no place in our games and in our community, ever, and we are committed to continuing to do better going forward. We’ll share updates and information about that when we can in the future, but for now let’s jump into everything related to the launch of the new season!
Here is the full look at most events currently running or coming soon in COD Mobile:
  • 6/11 - 6/18 ~ Tunisia Tussle (MP event)
  • 6/11 - 6/20 ~ New Stomping Grounds (BR event)
  • 6/11 - 6/18 ~ Gun Game Mode
  • 6/11 - 6/18 ~ One Shot One Kill Mode
  • 6/12 ~ New Seasonal Challenges
  • 6/12 ~ Season 7 Battle Pass
  • 6/12 ~ Credit Store Update
  • 6/13 - 6/14 ~ BR Warfare Mode
  • All Month Long ~ FFA Mode
*All Dates UTC
If you are looking for the patch notes for the update that released last night then please head onto the end of this update and you’ll find all of those listed.
Season 7 - Roadmap We’ve decided to do yet another roadmap thanks to all of the positive feedback and support we received last month for the Once Upon a Time In a Rust version. If there is anything, based on our releases last month, that we didn’t highlight in the last roadmap and you would love to see covered in the future please call it out so we can consider it.
While this roadmap image may not show everything coming out this season, we made it to give you a glimpse of many major pieces of content releasing at the start of the season and to also give you a look at what is coming throughout the rest of season 7. Let us know what you think!
Season 7 - Battle Pass While there are a large number of items available to acquire in the free and premium versions of this season’s Battle Pass, many of which are themed exclusively around this season’s radioactive theme, we do have a few standouts in each side of the pass. Here is a quick summary.
Free Battle Pass
  • Scorestreak – Cluster Strike (tier 14)
  • New Weapon - QQ9 - Common (tier 21)
  • M4LMG – Danger Zone (tier 41)
  • ASM10 – Danger Zone (tier 50)
Paid Battle Pass
  • Ghost - Hazmat (tier 1)
  • Kreuger - Alchemist (tier 12)
  • M4 - Back Scratcher (tier 40)
  • QQ9 - Flood (tier 50)
  • Legendary Calling Card - Pursuit (tier 50)
Outside of that, for free players we have plenty of other options for free content launching today, like more seasonal challenges that will be highlighted later on and more functional weapons to earn. However, for now take a look at our Radioactive Agent Battle Pass Trailer!
Like we last mentioned last month, there is now an extra benefit to the Premium or Premium+ Battle Pass: a season long BP XP bonus. Purchase either of those versions and receive a 25% bonus to XP earned from matches played.
For more information on that and the whole seasonal release, including the Battle Pass, take a look at our newest Activision Games Blog post: ATVI - S7 Blog
New Ranked Series We are excited to announce that we have a brand-new ranked mode series starting today alongside the new Battle Pass and everything else. We mentioned this last month, but the beloved and long-sought after HBRa3 is making an appearance in the rewards for this ranked series.
However, there is so much more gear to grab, including a new version of the character Battery, and you can get a glimpse of it in this quick ranked series trailer.
  • Rank Veteran II: ICR – Skulls & Blood
  • Rank Pro I: HBRa3 – Skulls & Blood
  • Rank Pro V: Epic Calling Card – Sacrifices Made
  • Rank Master III: Epic MSMC – Wasteland
  • Rank Legendary: Epic Frame – Bonepile
Battle Royale
  • Multiple Ranks: Skulls & Blood series of BR class skins
  • Rank Master II: Epic Character – Battery - Skulls & Blood
  • Rank Legendary: Epic Avatar – Charged Battery
World Championship Stage 2 Alongside the rest of the announcements today, we also have plenty to share about Call of Duty: World Championship. In particular, Stage 2 will be going live on June 18th (UTC)!
This second stage of the tournament will feature the first CODM World Championship team stage. You read that right, this one is all about forming up teams and playing ranked multiplayer matches together to try to progress on through to the Stage 3. Here are the main details:
  • Stage 2 will be live from June 18th - June 28th (UTC)
  • Teams play in 30 ranked Multiplayer matches
  • All players on each team must be in the same region
  • Each team will earn points based on their team’s average rank
  • The top 512 teams will be selected to advance to Stage 3
Rewards All players on teams that complete all 30 matches will earn the soldier Phantom – Championship 2020. Players on that teams that rank in the top 512 will advance and also earn 1000 CP.
Start assembling your teams now! Here is a primary community area, made by the admins here, that you can use to start finding like-minded teammates in the same region.
LFG Community Area
For more information about Stage 2 and the rules head to the main website: https://bit.ly/3herEX1
Battle Royale Map Expansion You’ve been asking for more Battle Royale and with Season 7 we’ve got you covered! This new map expansion increases the overall size of the map by about a third and adds seven distinct new areas: Black Market, Harbor, Downtown, Sanitarium, Ski Town, Heat, and Frigid Wetlands.
In addition to that, we have a new BR class coming this month, a new vehicle (the tank), and a new boss type enemy replacing Cerberus – the Butcher. Get a glimpse of it all in our new BR video:
![video](2tx7hpwf8d451 " ")
There is plenty hidden throughout the new areas and a lot to fight over, discover, and explore. To help with that we have an in-game event called New Stomping Grounds running right now to provide extra rewards for anyone jumping into the Battle Royale between June 11th and June 20th (UTC).
This event tasks you with doing a variety of different challenges or tasks in specific new areas of the map on top of some accessible & general tasks like “survive for 20 minutes”. Through this event you can snag some new gear, like the Calling Card – Starlight or the LK24 – Tangled Web. Jump into that all now.
New Multiplayer Maps We have two new Multiplayer maps this releasing this season: Tunisia and Gulag.
Tunisia This new and large Multiplayer map will be available on a variety of different modes throughout the month and is our featured MP map for Radioactive Agent.
Some dedicated players who were in our pre-launch beta tests back in 2019 may recognize this map and now it has returned to challenge you once again to conquer this Mediterranean village with its narrow alleys, open courtyards, and various close quarters opportunities.
In addition, we have the Tunisia Tussle event running right now to provide some extra rewards and challenges for anyone who ends up battling it out on this new map. That straight forward event just tasks you with playing matches, winning matches, and taking out enemies while playing the map, and for doing that you can earn two new gear variants, the Chicom – Hellion or Frag Grenade – Hellion.
If you need any tips, tricks, and suggestions on how to dominate this map then head on over to our Tunisia Map Snapshot article: https://bit.ly/37iKN5t
Gulag We are planning to show off more of this map and revealing more about it, but for now we can confirm that it is tied to the upcoming Gunfight mode that will be releasing in late June. Previously 2v2 Showdown in COD: Mobile, Gunfight is a beloved mode from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
Keep an eye out for more details about that in other community updates and get ready to try Gunfight mode, and Gulag, later this month.
Seasonal Challenges We are back again with another new season and another new set of seasonal challenges! This time around we have plenty of new gear to grab - not just weapon - and we’ll give some brief information on all three of those seasonal challenges below along with a highlight of some of the rewards available.
Highlight Reel This five-part seasonal challenge tasks you with completing a variety of tasks that are aimed to make you sweat a little and make you play outside of your normal loadouts. Ready to use only an Artic. 50 with no attachments equipped to take out your enemies? Well, you better get ready because you’ll want these rewards.
  • (Uncommon) LK24 - Flesh Wound
  • (Rare) Calling Card - Skull Ray
  • (Rare) Lev Kravchenko - Tin Stitched
Lock, Stock, Barrel This eight-part seasonal challenge is the one to push you to your limit in our first set of Season 7 challenges. This challenge is all about using specifics weapons with specific attachments and showing that you can compete with any loadout. The ultimate goal of this one is acquiring the Man-O-War assault rifle.
  • (Rare) Calling Card - Sunken Eyes
  • (Uncommon) M21 EBR – Desert Hex
  • (Common) Man-O-War
  • (Rare) Man-O-War Isometric
Heavy Hitter In this three-part seasonal challenge use LMGs, play Frontline mode, and master the War Machine operator skill to acquire Battle Pass XP, weapon XP, credits, and a new calling card.
We’ll have more seasonal challenges starting later on in the season, just like in Season 6, so keep an eye out for those and to see what other gear we’ll be offering up through those events.
Thanks again to the tens of thousands of players who let us know which seasonal challenge was their favorite and why in our Taking The Best Into Sunset social media event that spread across official channels, content creators’ channels, and community run channels. It was an enjoyable, lively and positive event, and we hope to run more like it in the future!
Credit Store Update Alongside everything else releasing today we have another credit store update for you. This time around it is 100% focusing on bringing you a variety of weapons to acquire. As per usual, this is just our first credit store update for this season and we’ll have more coming later on, but here are the new items:
(Epic) Type 25 – Cyberspace
  • Chicom – Mechanized Rain
  • HS0405 – Cubic Illusion
  • FHJ – 18 - Reticulated
  • M4LMG - Reticulated
Training Mode We’ve seen community feedback for a while now asking for a way to test out weapons or practice outside of solo matches against bots. Today we are happy to announce that we have a brand-new training mode coming to the game as a part of this update. Jump in now and head into this new Practice Range map to test out weapons and equipment to your hearts content!
Radiated Sector Event Similar to Gold Rush last month, we have one uniquely themed event coming later on that will challenge you in new ways and provide you with plenty of ways to grab some gear.
While we’ll be explaining this in more detail closer to the event release, the short description of Radiated Sector is that your primary goal is to increase your Resistance Level. As your Resistance Level rises, you will gain access to increasingly rare weapons and other rewards.
This event will be starting Mid-June, so check back in the next community update for more information about the specifics of how this event works and what kind of rewards you can acquire by participating.
Final Notes We didn’t have a community post dedicated to sharing the patch notes last night, when the in-game update released, so please find those below after our sign-off.
While there is so much more we could talk about in relation to this season, let’s leave that for future updates, for our ATVI blogs, or for everyone to learn by exploring and trying out the new content. Whether you are jumping into Multiplayer or Battle Royale, there is a great deal to try right now, and also releasing throughout Season 7: Radioactive Agent. Enjoy and let us know what you think!
See you all next week and enjoy the brand-new season!
What’s New!
Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7: RADIOACTIVE AGENT. Get ready to go nuclear as radioactive agents descend. Season 7 brings brand new updates with the much-anticipated Battle Royale map expansion - 7 new zones, new BR class, and new Tank. New characters Ghost – Hazmat and Krueger – Alchemist both equipped with new gear to battle radioactive danger.
Unlock new weapons to play in Tunisia and fan-favorite Gulag maps, plus Attack of the Undead mode. Accelerate your game with the Season 7 Battle Pass.
Series 5 starts today
New ranked mode seasonal rewards
  • New rare weapon: Skulls & Blood HBRa3
  • New epic weapon: Wasteland MSMC
  • New epic soldier: Skulls & Blood Battery
Improved experience of Ranked Mode
  • Improved score earning rules for MP mode: Defeating higher ranker now provides extra rank scores
  • Improved matchmaking rules for MP based on player performance
  • Optimized MP Rank UI
  • Improved score earning rules for Battle Royale rank
New Battle Pass available today
New Premium Battle Pass Rewards
  • New epic soldiers: Ghost – Hazmat & Krueger – Alchemist
  • New epic weapon: QQ9 – Flood
  • New epic Barricade themed weapons
New Free Battle Pass Rewards
  • New base SMG: QQ9. Fully automatic with good accuracy. Effective at close to medium range
  • New Scorestreak: Cluster Strike. Causes continuous missile bombardment to a designated location
New Event rewards
New challenges and missions with new rewards
  • New Battle Royale class: Smoke Bomber.
    • Active skill throws a smoke grenade which releases multiple smoke bombs on a target area. Smoke Perspective passive skill the reveals enemies in smoke and increases movement speed if attacked while running.
  • New base LMG: Chopper. Fully automatic with a high rate of fire. Effective at medium to long range
  • New epic weapon and epic character
UI optimized
New layout for Battle Pass: Improved user experience and ease of reward information
New cosmetic: Calling Card
  • The classic cosmetic of the Call of Duty franchise is now available in Call of Duty: Mobile. Players now can collect calling cards through multiple ways, including missions and challenges. Unlock and equip your favorites in your player profile
New Featured Game Modes!
Attack of the Undead: All players start as survivors, but one will become the Undead. The Undead can revive unlimited times, and survivors become the Undead if they are killed. Stay as a survivor and fight to the end, or become an undead and hunt down all survivors?
  • Available on Tunisia, Standoff, Summit, Raid, Crash
New Training Mode!
Test out all weapons provided and improve your skills without any interruption in the practice range!
New Maps
Tunisia, the Beach town
  • Available for Search & Destroy, Domination, Attack of the Undead
Gulag, popular map from CoD: Modern Warfare
  • Available for 1v1 Duel, Gunfight
New tutorial videos for Search & Destroy, Domination, Hardpoint.
New map-tour animation in preparation stage.
Battle Royale
New zones
  • New zones Black Market, Downtown, Sanitarium, Ski Town, Frigid Wetlands, Harbor, Heat, coming with tundra vegetation.
Check out vending machines in Black Market, the secret room in Sanitarium, and the Ball room in downtown. Surprises await!
New vehicle: Tank
A real tracked destroyer, with 120mm smoothbore gun and powerful heavy machinegun. Tank will join the battlefield via special airdrop which arrived in mid or late game. Notice that explosive weapons deal destructive damage to the back of the tank. Take advantage of it!
New weapons: Man O War assault rifle and DLQ33 sniper rifle
New legendary weapon Tempest. Generates an explosion of lightning that paralyzes the enemy.
New attachments:
  • Tactical Flashlight. Blinds enemy in front of you at close range while ADS'ing.
  • Dead Silence Suppressor. When firing, your location is not indicated on enemy mini map
  • Iron Hand stock. Increases movement speed while aiming and keeps stability even when attacked.
Added new background music for Warfare.
Butcher has replaced Cerberus in the Farm
Improvements and Optimizations
  • Reduced War Machine duration, rate of fire, and range
  • Reduced Gravity Spikes energy regeneration % after killing enemies, longer charging time needed, increased jumping height
  • Slightly reduced Purifier damage over time
  • Reduced Death Machine close-range damage, and slightly reduced the movement speed and rate of fire
  • Increased Annihilator bullet tracking range, rate of fire and ADS speed, reduced damage to Scorestreaks
  • Reduced Shock RC HP, electric shock duration, higher score is required, and players can escape from paralyze more easily. Number of Shock RCs on the same team is limited. The broadcast will not be triggered as frequently
  • Slightly increased HP of Sentry Gun
  • Slightly increased HP of SAM Turret
  • Reduced Pharo stability, and damage when hitting limbs
  • Increased ICR rate of fire, reduced stability and accuracy
  • Increased M4 rate of fire, reduced range and accuracy
  • Slightly increased Man O War stability
  • Slightly increased MSMC mobility
  • Increased Outlaw close-range damage
  • Increased Combat Axe flight distance, and optimized quick throw animation
  • When the Flak Jacket perk is equipped, the explosion time is reset when throwing back enemy grenades
  • When the Persistence perk is equipped, every Scoresreak can only be used once in a single game
  • Optimized quick throw animation for Lethal equipment and Tactical equipment
  • Optimized all melee weapon hitboxes
  • Capture location progress is more visible on mini map and icons on Domination
  • Optimized the capture location boundary indicator on Hardpoint
  • Optimized weapon set activation indicator
  • Perks will be deactivated in Duel mode. Secondary weapon will be unavailable when choosing sniper rifle.
  • Fixed issue with presenting wrong death area in Crossfire/Summit
  • Fixed issue in ranked where full premade groups would match against multiple solo players. Premade teams of five will only match against other premade teams or four or five.
Battle Royale
  • Reduced HP and the movement speed slowing effect of Mechanic’s EMP drone. Increased charging time
  • Increased XPR50 and M21EBR stability when firing
  • Optimized weapons’ firing and reloading animation
  • Adjusted the difficulty of obtaining powerful weapons
  • Increased Annihilator rate of fire. .45 ammo is now available for Annihilator
  • Aerial platform zipline would appear earlier in game
  • Locations with better loot is now chosen at random and shown on the mini map
  • Players can toggle Vest (LV3) display in settings
  • Updated Battle Royale lobby
  • Updated Vest (LV3) visuals
  • Optimized compass UI, sounds of firing will be shown on the compass
  • Optimized visual effect for throwing Lethal and Tactical equipment
  • Optimized Warfare broadcast
  • Optimized medicine recommendation logic
  • Improved models of items on ground
  • Fixed issue with safe zone border being invisible on snow
  • Fixed issue with unnatural camera trembling for vehicle passengers
System and Client
  • Optimized invite list. Recent players will be shown on invite list. Recent players, friends and clan will be shown in one tab
  • Added Quick join feature in quick team. Now players can conveniently join teams that meet their requirements
  • Brand new chat window, quick team feature optimized. Quick team message and chat message will be displayed in two separated windows, and players can find qualified quick teams through the filter
  • Improved Double XP indicators during 2XP events, in both match start and after match reports
-The Call of Duty: Mobile Team
submitted by COD_Mobile_Official to CallOfDutyMobile

I have bedbugs for a second time in 3 years

As if 2020 couldn’t get any worse... I have them again. I am literally crying from the PTSD of having them in 2017. I know how I got them back then, and my youngest son is the only person getting bites. (This is exactly how it played out last time too) Nobody was able to find any bedbugs last time out of 3 or 4 companies, so I hired a K9 handler to confirm. I had to have a total of 3 heat treatments to get rid of them. The heat treatments basically ruined a bunch of the house, warped the windows, etc. It was awful, and I tossed out most of the furniture and we moved. Fast forward to now, about 10 days ago my same son began getting these welt-like bite marks. I noticed one, then two then I lifted his shirt and just began crying. He had a lot, maybe 10-15 bites. I knew in my heart what it was, but it took a while to really hit me. There is no way we brought them from our last house because it has been about 3 years since we moved with no biting or bedbug evidence. I decided to hire the same K9 handler here and he found 3 bedbugs in my sons room hiding in the dresser. The dog did not alert on any other place in our house. After he left that night (he did the inspection around 9 PM) I decided that the next morning I would bag up all of the clothes inside the dresser and I did. I also decided to search the dresser again really good and I found another bedbug. It was small, and ai killed it. It was the only one I saw.
My house has been in shambles for the last 10 days, everyone sleeping mostly downstairs. I got a couple of quotes from two companies, one quoted 1250 to spray Crossfire, and the other company quoted 1700 to spray Aprehend. I watched a bunch of videos on YouTube from Green Akers Pest Control talking about how good and effective Crossfire is, and since one of the companies told me that is what they would spray, I decided to go ahead and buy it off of Amazon for 350 dollars and spray it myself. I did it today, and I sprayed it very liberally everywhere in his room and even did the rest of the rooms and the living room and sofas just to be vigilant. I am terrified now though. I don’t know how this product will work, but I can’t sleep; I can’t eat. I feel so awful for my children. I don’t know how I got them; I haven’t bought anything used or any of that. I have 4 kids, I am a single father, a disabled veteran and I have absolutely no help. I am in full blown panic. I can’t believe this is happening to me again. After what has been objectively speaking, the worst few years of my life and now on top of covid, I am just having a complete breakdown. I sprayed the crossfire today, so obviously I have to let time pass before determining if it worked, but I am freaking out about it not working and having to heat up this house now. Everything I have for my 4 kids is all new here because I threw out all of their furniture last time and bought new once we moved. I can’t afford to do this all over again. It is absolutely traumatic... how should I proceed? I keep reading differentiating opinions on heat treatments versus chemical treatments with each one pointing fingers at each other saying they don’t work. I don’t want to have an endless war with these bugs! I can’t handle it. I have mountains of black plastic trash bags full of laundry, the house is chaos, I am exhausted and I can’t sleep. I already suffer horribly from PTSD from war, and now I suffer from bedbug PTSD. I have 4 kids with literally (and I mean literally) no help. I am tired. It is almost Christmas and now I have to do this fight again. (Ironically, it was Christmas time too last time I had bedbugs) I can’t afford both Christmas for my kids and endless bedbug treatments with no guarantees. I am of the mind now that I literally can’t go anywhere or let anyone come over because it is too risky. How can I get through this? It is a living hell, I am mentally drained and emotional and depressed. Someone please tell me how I should proceed after if this crossfire doesn’t work.
Signed, A tired, depressed and anxious single father of 4 beautiful children 😔😔😔
submitted by No1GetsOutOfHerAlive to Bedbugs

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