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Martyn: "I'm not a [email protected] idiot, its coming from the phone"

Following on from yesterday’s Bernd exploits and reading some of the other helpdesk woes reminded me of a telephone system upgrade and a support call I will never forget.
Around 5 years ago we close a factory and several support services are relocated to brand new offices in a nearby town. My responsibility was ensuring infrastructure services were installed including a VOIP telephone system. Everything works flawlessly, users trained and I leave the site and the following week go back to my office in Germany.
Monday morning around 10am the telephone rings and its Martin. Martin is a great guy, very skilled in his job, but not the most computer literate person on the planet. I get along well with him and he is always a pleasure to help.
IT8055 - "Hey up Martyn, how can I help you?"
Martyn - "Got a problem with this new telephone system "thingy". Well I say telephone, the thing is when I make a skype call on my laptop the other people can hear me fine but I can hardly hear them; its really faint and the noise is coming out of the telephone."
IT8055 - "Out of the telephone Martyn. You mean the land line telephone?"
Martyn - "Yes mate."
IT8055 - "Martyn it can't do that. They are completely different systems. There is no way the sound is coming from the telephone"
Martyn - "I am not a [email protected] idiot mate, it's coming from the telephone. Hey "Colleague" come over here and listen to this. "Can you hear this, where’s the noise coming from?"
Colleague - (See earlier post about CD labels, was the same person) "Yeah Mart it sounds like the telephone"
IT8055 - "But your using the telephone now Martyn. How can it be coming out of the telephone?"
Martyn - "I don’t bloody know. i don’t know computers and wires. I am telling you mate its really quiet and coming out of the phone."
IT8055 - "OK I am going to connect to your machine and check the settings. To be honest Martyn its a miracle. I don’t know where to start."
Cue five hours of troubleshooting and research. Started by playing an MP3 file and he confirmed that was coming out of telephone. The telephone system was brand new and the first I had ever configured. Needed to check everything out; every config page, conference setting, etc. Checked the voip software on his machine, removed it, checked device manager, re-installed drivers, skype settings, everything.
After all the trouble shooting I could think of and 6 hours later the issue was the same. Called Martyn up and said I was completely lost. Then I had some inspiration.. Asked Martyn to remove laptop from docking station and try playing an mp3 file. It worked! Sound came from the laptop speaker..
IT8055 - "Martyn - You got anything connected into your docking station" - Went through describing the connections. There was one more... A little white cable...
Martyn - "I got me headphones connected bud, I always have them in."
IT8055 - "Where are the buds of the headphones Martyn?"
Martyn - "Erm hang on the cable disappears down the back of the desk"
About 30 seconds pass.....
Martyn - "Erm they were under my phone....."
submitted by IT8055 to talesfromtechsupport

Covid-19 Update for November 11 to 12 (2 day total): 1,532 new cases (860 today), 1,300 recoveries, 17 deaths (10 today) + Additional Measures

Data is taken from the Covid-19 portal and today's media availability by Dr Deena Hinshaw, remotely Minister of Health Tyler Shandro, and by phone by Premier Jason Kenney. Dr Hinshaw's next scheduled media availability is Monday.
There are enhanced measures in effect for multiple regions of Alberta. This link provides a quick summary of which ones are in effect for different regions of Alberta.
  • For values where "Current" and "Total" are the same, I have left results under Total
  • Due to the ongoing technical issue from last week, testing data is still not available
Top line numbers:
Value Current Change since Nov 10 Total
Total cases +1,532 36,405
Active cases 8,305 +215
Cases with "Unknown source" 4,320 (83.2%) in last 7 days +160 (-1.1%))
Tests Unknown (1,842,754 on Nov 4) Unknown
People tested Unknown (1,295,058 on Nov 4) Unknown
Hospitalizations 225 +18/+16 based on Tuesday's post/portal data 1,308 (+30)
ICU 51 +8/+5 based on Tuesday's post/portal data 225 (+5)
Deaths +17 (2x 60-69, 4x 70-79, 11x 80+) 393
Recoveries +1,300 27,707
Division of top line numbers by day (where available):
  • Because of the database issues, test numbers are not known
  • There appears to be a reduction in 5 cases from yesterday as Kenney and Dr Hinshaw announced 860 cases today
  • The date would refer to the date of reporting. The date of test would be the day before.
Value Nov 11 Nov 12
Cases 672 860
Tests Unknown ~15,000 (as per Kenney)
Test positive rate Unknown ~5.73%
People tested (approximate) Unknown Unknown
Hospital usage 219 225
ICU 47 51
Deaths 7 10
Spatial distribution of people tested, cases, and deaths:
  • For the number of new people tested is still not available
  • For all other values, an reported change values is compared with respect to Tuesday
Zone Active Cases (Change) New People Tested Total (as of Nov 4) New Cases Total New Deaths Total
Calgary 3,504 (+70) Unknown 520,268 +626 15,835 +7 163
Central 347 (+30) Unknown 110,089 +81 1,375 +0 9
Edmonton 3,387 (+132) Unknown 434,824 +635 13,590 +7 149
North 510 (-32) Unknown 125,218 +92 2,581 +2 40
South 518 (+30) Unknown 83,628 +110 2,922 +1 32
Unknown 39 (-15) Unknown 21,031 -12 102 +0 0
Spatial distribution of cases for select cities and regions (change since Tuesday) (cities proper for Calgary and Edmonton):
City/Municipality Total Active Recovered Deaths
Calgary 13,337 (+482) 2,882 (+14) 10,306 (+461) 149 (+7)
Edmonton 11,514 (+500) 2,713 (+91) 8,664 (+402) 137 (+7)
Brooks 1,223 (+5) 43 (-7) 1170 (+15) 10 (+0)
Lethbridge 708 (+30) 188 (-8) 514 (+37) 6 (+1)
High River county 572 (+1) 8 (+0) 557 (+1) 7 (+0)
Fort McMurray 477 (+20) 110 (-3) 366 (+23) 1 (+0)
Mackenzie county 420 (+2) 4 (-5) 403 (+7) 13 (+0)
Grande Prairie 368 (+16) 88 (-12) 278 (+28) 2 (+0)
Red Deer 291 (+20) 92 (+1) 199 (+19) 0
Medicine Hat 127 (+8) 28 (+1) 97 (+7) 2 (+0)
Cardston county 123 (+0) 11 (-5) 107 (+5) 5 (+0)
Wheatland county 116 (+7) 29 (+7) 87 (+0) 0
Warner county 82 (+2) 10 (+2) 71 (+0) 1 (+0)
Wood Buffalo municipality 71 (+0) 0 (-3) 71 (+3) 0
Rest of Alberta 6,976 (+439) 2,099 (+142) 4,817 (+295) 60 (+2)
Municipalities with 10+ active cases is given at this link
Schools with outbreaks are listed online.
Quick numbers (since Tuesday):
  • 62 schools are on Watch (+5)
  • 107 schools have 2-4 cases (+7)
Spatial distribution of hospital usage (change based on Tuesday's post):
  • Hospitalization zone are where the patient is receiving care, not zone of residence
Zone Hospitalized ICU
Calgary 72 (+4) 14 (+1)
Edmonton 124 (+9) 28 (+5)
Central 7 (+3) 0 (+0)
South 13 (-1) 7 (+3)
North 9 (+3) 2 (-1)
Statements by Premier Kenney
Opening remarks
  • Was informed of a close contact with Covid-19 on Monday
  • Tested and awaiting results. Will be self-isolating for 14 days (until Nov 23)
  • We have seen hospitalizations and ICU rises, with more outbreaks
  • It is likely we haven't seen the peak
  • This is impacting healthcare - Edmonton Zone has begun postponing surgeries
  • Additionally, there are more continuing care outbreaks than in spring - 50+ outbreaks in continuing care, 3 with 100+ cases. "The numbers are very troubling"...we've seen cases in continuing care more than quadruple over October (<100 to 400+)
  • Students, staff, and parents face a rising challenge to keep schooling safe
  • "We are at a dangerous juncture in our province [and the numbers] add up to one unavoidable fact: The growing number of hospitalizations and ICU admissions are challenging our ability to deliver non-urgent health services"
  • Facing the entire province, not just Calgary/Edmonton
  • We can't afford to wait and we have to "bend the curve back down" to protect vulnerable Albertans, keep schools open, and prevent more economic damage
  • Highlights examples in parts of Europe, some states, and Quebec as examples of fates to avoid
Additional Measures
  • Intended as temporary, time-limited measures that will limit number of close contacts
  • Effective tomorrow - Temporary stop to all indoor group fitness, team sports, and group performance (e.g. - singing, dancing, theatre) activities in Edmonton Zone, Calgary Zone, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Fort McMurray, and Red Deer for 2 weeks
  • Notes that there are many outbreaks related to sports and fitness outbreaks, including the socialization
  • Does not apply to junior, university, or professional sports or professional performances
  • Encourages Albertans to remain active - consider virtual activities or winter sports
  • Effective tomorrow - All restaurants, bars, lounges, and pubs in regions of "Enhanced" status (50+ active cases/100k) must end liquor sales by 10 PM and close by 11 PM
  • Extended drinking and socializing, particularly late at night, has risks of Covid-19
  • While most try hard, there have been growing violations where "pubs have virtually turned not nightclubs" where were suspended "for obvious reasons"
  • Most provinces have similar restrictions
  • Strongly recommending that Albertans in "Enhanced" status regions not have social gatherings in-home. This is an extension from the Calgary/Edmonton recommendation previously
  • "This must be taken seriously". Putting faith in Albertans' good judgment
  • If large private parties continue, may consider enforcement action
  • If your region is under Enhanced status, you shouldn't be travelling to regions to other regions for social events
  • Starting tomorrow, for regions under enhanced status, there is a 50 person limit to weddings and funeral ceremonies (Interjection: I think this means the "formal" side of the event as there are already restrictions for the "mixing and mingling" side)
  • There have been large outbreaks associated with these events
  • They are inherently emotional events and distancing is sometimes difficult because of it
  • Asking all faith-based organizations in regions in "Enhanced" regions limit attendance to 1/3 of capacity
  • Asking employers in regions under "Watch" to reduce number of staff in the office when possible. Consider rotating schedules or remote work
  • There has been spread from office and wants to curtail it
  • Knows all restrictions will be hard for many and is sorry for that
  • But "Covid is starting to win and we can't let that happen"
  • This two week period is the "last chance" to avoid more restrictive measures
  • Some measures have been tried elsewhere but cases still grew. Is this enough?: We're obviously moving forward because of the rising cases and this is necessary. Need to have limitations that won't impact lives and livelihoods. Dr Hinshaw presented a series of measures which they think are balanced based on observations elsewhere
  • (Dr Hinshaw added that the effectiveness of the measures is in Albertans' hands. Many are tired of restrictions and seeing a lack of hope. Want all Albertans to go above and beyond them for at least 2 weeks. If it can be done, then they can make a difference. If it's not done, then other measures are required)
  • Are you symptomatic?: Currently asymptomatic
  • Lower mainland BC measures is much harsher. Do we need that?: Notes closeness of trends in cases and measures in Alberta/BC. BC is seeing a spike similar to Calgary/BC. Watching the results closely. It's well known that Kenney doesn't want more restrictive measures that may affect freedoms or impact livelihood. However, they may be necessary if Albertans don't respond to these measures
  • (When asked, Dr Hinshaw did not have anything to add)
  • What is needed to avoid more lock down?: Thinks they've never happened in Alberta (thinks of them more as a "shelter in place" orders). Never come close, never have come close to using them. Would only consider such situations if it threatens the health care's fundamental capacity to deal
  • Asked is "fundamental capacity" given reports of diverting ambulances in Edmonton?: In spring, 2,400 acute beds and 650 ICU beds were possible
  • Are school closures on the table right now?: No
  • (Dr Hinshaw adds that they aren't a driver of spread in school for school age children when it was last looked at. Notes school's societal good for social development and education)
  • Why is this the first time we've heard about concerns of spread in places of worship/restaurants/sports?: While there is acknowledgement of spread at these events, very little is occurring there. But there are groups flagrantly breaking restrictions
  • Some doctors feel 1-2 week is too much time to wait for a response. Comment?: (Interjection: I don't think this one was answered)
  • Measures that are being considered for limiting social gatherings?: BC has implemented fines and penalties. From the start, feels that buy-in from Albertans is the best option. However, those options are still possible
Statements by Minister Shando
  • Covid is impacting health system
  • Surgery delays have had a significant impact on families and neighbours
  • If curve can't be bent, Covid may have greater impact yet
  • 425 new positions available for contact tracing team
  • "We need all Albertans to do their part"
  • Limit of impact of Covid depends on Albertans
  • Encourages download of ABTraceTogether
  • There are reports of some ICUs putting adults in pediatric beds. Are they true?: Defers to AHS. Notes that Edmonton Zone is at 130% capacity
  • Supply line for delivery vaccines in Canada are apparently not strong (in particular for Pfizer). Thoughts?: Federal responsibility and working closely with them on it. Happy to work with them to ensure that the distribution capacity will be there
Statements by Dr Hinshaw:
Opening Statements
  • Knows many people are going above and beyond to help prevent spread and manage care. Specifically notes long term care, Siksika Nation, and Saddle Lake Cree Nation
  • No group should be targeted or stigmatized
  • Also wants to thank contact tracing team and those who worked with them to help identify close contacts
  • AHS is launching an online portal to help notify close contacts. Please see it here
  • In the rural regions, we have crossed 5%+ hospitalization growth over 2 weeks (7%)
  • We have also passed the ICU threshold (73%, threshold at 50%)
  • Schools have alerts/outbreaks (1+ active cases) in 307 schools (~13%) with 1,031 cases
  • 62 schools are on watch list (5+)
  • 141 schools have likely seen transmission, half with only 1 new case
  • This still tracks with community transmission rise
  • "We must reduce the growth of Covid-19 and we must do it soon"
Thoughts on Measures
  • Knows this will be a challenge and hard on many
  • Wants to encourage physical activity for those who are impacted
  • If you are in an enhanced action, "we need you to take action immediately"
  • Limit houses visits to essential. Consider Skype/Zoom
  • How are hospitals dealing with staff shortages?: One factor when looking at capacity. This has led to the surgery delay so staff can be reallocated
Additional information will be logged below:
submitted by kirant to alberta

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