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Liberty Newsprint Jan-13-10 Edition
1 Liberty Newspost Apr-28-10 by Liberty Newspost 26%
2 The Global Intelligence Files - CHN/CHINA/ASIA PACIFIC 17%
3 A Step Back Toward Peace Keeping - EPautos 15%
4 Full text of "Kansas State collegian" - Internet Archive 87%
5 Full list of TV shows on Netflix US November 2020 60%
6 No Agenda Episode 1054 - "Without Evidence" 58%
7 Exploring Kyoto, Revised Edition: On Foot in the Ancient 57%

Wagga Race 7 - Sportsbet - The Form Guide

During the 19th century, irreverence towards authority was at its height, and for every elegant military gentleman painted by the master-portraitists of the European courts, for example, Gainsborough, Goya, and Reynolds, there are the sometimes affectionate and sometimes savage caricatures of Rowland and Hogarth. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. Limited Series (8 episodes) 2020: TV Mysteries TV Dramas British TV Shows TV Thrillers: Watch now: Black Heart. Trumpets trumpeted, drums drummed, the guards woke up, seized Prince Ivan and marched him off to King Kusman. Schedule starting 12/03/18 click this link. I managed to guess dead on with HAN, though (50A: Dynasty after the Qin). Childhood's End: Overlord Reference.

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Asking for a traveling guide just before your journey is a great idea to get to know your destination. The sportsbet form guide for Corowa Race 1. 7 /7: 7d days: Wagga (Soft) 21/01/2020 Race 1 1600m Cl2 Finished 7/7 3.93L $500 (of $22, 000), Jockey Josh Richards, Barrier 5, Weight 59.0kg $4.80 In running Settled 3rd, 1200m 4th, 800m 3rd, 400m 4th. Bobby Prince - Going After The Fat Commander. +25000 roms + emulators magnet internet. Prince of qin patch 1.30 firefox. The sportsbet form guide for Corowa Race 6. 7 /11: 14d days: Corowa (Soft) 07/03/2020 Race 5 1600m COROWA CUP BM72 Finished 7/11 5.84L $1, 000 (of $35, 000), Jockey Ellen Hennessy, Barrier 7, Weight 61.0kg $4.40F In running Settled 2nd, 1200m 2nd, 800m 2nd, 400m 2nd Sectionals 600m 36.610s. September 2020 by 002houston magazine.

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The new webOS Open Source Edition (OSE) GitHub account contains 85 different repositories that use the Apache 2.0 License to make code change and distribution easier. The EAN Barcodes numbers for books are derived from the ISBN by prefixing 978, for Bookland, and calculating a new check digit. Through eleven dynasties and a time-span of 1, 080 years, Xian was the capital city of Imperial China. Peer-To-Peer News - The Week In Review - March 7th, '09 Peer to Peer. A different view of the Internet then unfolds. Dex finds his way to Earth where he lives with the Stewart family, while protecting the planet from Dregon's attacks. Mens Heavy Duty Military Black Belt Army Tough Buckle full article.

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HIMYM – Bedtime Stories (S9, Ep11). Clancy's expert research weaves a. Internet addiction: a review of current assessment techniques and potential assessment questions. Tin soldier hand-painted Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang navigate to this web-site. America's Daily E-Reader News Edition. Star Trek: The Motion Picture Nominator(s): Der Wohltemperierte Fuchs 21: 37, 7 May 2020 (UTC) On the eve of the latest Star Trek film, we bring you a mammoth tale of how the franchise made its way to the silver screen in the first place, three decades past. Wei Lu Zhai empty mountains but not persons, but the famed particular person language sound.

IMO Trans-women are damaged by society and trans-men were hurt by men, and it's a self defense tactic

There are many people in transition in the US and abroad. Every person is different but there are large trends among the group. Nearly all trans-people adhere to a hyper-gender role. Very few women transition into a man like Prince. Very few men want to transition into a woman like Harriet Tubman. It's because they are outliers and would put them in a more suspicious state than they are.
The conversation is about safety and acceptance. Everyone understands the phrase 'hurt people, hurt people'. These trans-individuals seem damaged and the societal organism that is the older generations recognize that. Let's take a moment to focus on that damage.
For men, that damage is almost always one of stigmatization. Natalie Wynn I think is a great show of this. She speaks about the social pressure that she felt for failing as a man, even long before her transition. That is because of overly rigid masculine model. It's a model filled with false nostalgia. In the actual classical model Ms. Wynn would be consider a pinnacle of manhood. She has put a life's work into the masterpiece of their life. Mastery, not muscles, used to be the metric of a man, now it has turned superficial. That lack of substance to the male image is equally damaging. As they say, after your first time on stage, you'll always see the strings.
For women, that damage is largely violence. No matter how you slice it, women are espoused to be vulnerable, victimization and valuable. Women today feel like they are in more danger than their mothers, even though the inverse is true. While their mothers were sequestered, they were also told that they were safe in that box. Their daughters have been violently shaken from that box and told, "Good luck, look how dangerous it is out here." in hopes that they will choose to crawl back inside. Transitioning is a way to get that safety back.
It's always a transition to power. No trans-person is transitioning to a less powerful role. Not all of them will reach that goal of being in a more powerful position, but many certainly do find security in their new identity. This draws into question the very nature of self identity. Either the person inside is the same, or they aren't and our individual identities are irrelevant.
Each individual is different. Every person falls somewhere on that spectrum. A lot of people are probably convinced of the latter side. There are many people who will modify themselves to fit in or evade danger. Trans-people are transitioning to avoid or reduce pain. Trying to prevent or resist these cultural shifts is not going to yield a positive result. Exploring them with honest hearts is the only way to help begin healing our generation.
We are not the ones who hurt us. Have faith in us.
submitted by 0dineye to TrueUnpopularOpinion

The ENTIRE Mianite timeline

I see a lot of people asking for this, so ask and ye shall receive

Season 1

Major Characters:
Syndicate/Tom: One of the founding fathers of Mianite. Invited Jordan to server Follows Dianite
Jericho/Tucker: The second founding father. Invited his girlfriend Sonja to join the server. Follows Mianite
Firefox/Sonja: Girlfriend to Tucker follows Mianite
CaptainSparklez/Jordan: Invited by Tom. Follows Ianite
Mianite: The “good” god. Tucker and Sonja follows him
Ianite: The neutral god. Jordan created and follows her.
Dianite: The “evil” god. Tom follows him.
The Priest/ CommunityMC/Dec: Priest of Mianite. Mostly a neutral player that delivers important messages.
The Pirates: Follow Ianite
Mianite started as a server to have fun with friends We start with just Syndicate and Jericho just surviving and pranking each other. They invited some other people on but they didn’t seem to fit, Mianite appeared only god both streamers worshiped him until Dianite appeared. Tom seeing the Dianite offered more fun than Mianite joined him. Sonja joined the world and also Mianite.
The two sides went on pranking each other Jordan arrived, Jordan at first leaned toward Dianite to balance out the teams (a follower of balance through and through) makes Ianite, a god that was unheard of in the realm. Thinks Ianite is male at first because all the gods were
Due to high amounts of pranking war between the Mianite and Dianite sides. War went on until gods told them that violence wasn’t the way and introduced “The Purge” a way for them to get all their demonitizeing out in one day rather than all the time, Quartz-house was built for them to settle their arguments. Mianite mentioned Ianite as his little sister and that Dianite was holding her captive. The mission that season was to rescue Ianite.
The wizards came boasting impressive building abilities for a fee of course. They built Jerry’s Tree two, a salt shaker for a salty Syndy and a Coliseum for the streamers to play mini games such as Cact-Ice and Spleef. Among the wizards was Waglington he didn’t interact much with the streamers this season.
Mianite temple appears three pirates came from an Ianite Island Captain Capsize, her brother Skipper Redbeard and Rupert the Grey. Want to help bring Ianite back. To bring her back the heroes needed to travel to Ianerea and give her soul to her. Construction on ships begins to bring them to Ianerea.
Due to CaptainSparklez and Captain Capsize both being Captains and followers of Ianite people begin to ship them. There was even a love triangle between Capsize, Syndy and Sparklez. The shipping was so intense in game that the wizards even built a wedding chapel for Capsize and Sparklez to get married.
Shadows appeared trying to turn Syndicate to their side, Syndicate refused believing the Shadows to be a test from Dianite. refuses Shadows and Dianite praises him for his vigilance. revealing it was a test
Dianite temple appears in the Nether revealed his second in command Furia. Syn was a bit jealous but was for the most part friendly with him. Furia demonitizes Capsize and announces that he wants to overthrow Dianite. Syndy now wants to demonetize Furia. Death of Capsize gives Skipper a thirst for vengeance. demonetize Furia with cow wands. They set sail for Ianite Island where they see a vision of Ianite who gives Sparklez her soul. set sail for Ianerea which was in the End.
In Ianerea have to find four keys in order to open the Ianite temple where Ianite is waiting. find three keys but can’t find the fourth one. Dianite shows up and accuses Syndy of betraying him as he is helping bring Ianite back. Dianite has the last key. Big fight between the streamers and Dianite, Syndy lands the final hit. server announces that he is the new Dianite which leads to much confusion throughout the whole series that to this day people are still confused over.
Open temple with keyes. return Ianite’s soul Since they helped her, they get one wish the streamers ponder for a few seconds but Skipper blurts that he wants his sister back. Ianite agrees and brings back Capsize. Sparklez runs up to greet her but recoils in shock as his Capsize is a zombie. She runs around hitting people with a diamond sword and Skipper asks to be the one to end her. Skipper does the deed, bury her remains. Skipper leads them to the edge of the world and tells them to jump into the void as it will bring them back to the Overworld. They jump together and the season ends.

Trinity Island

Some people count this as not cannon as the gods didn’t appear but I’ll add this anyway. It happened in between Season 1 and Season 2.
A hardcore survival island where they defeat all three Minecraft bosses. Tucker died by a creeper in episode 3. Sonja died from a guardian. Tom died from Jordan’s sword.

Season Two

Waglington: One of the wizards from before who decided to join the streamers. Romantically involved with Martha
Martha the Mystic: A mystic who helps
Farmer Steve: Likes Martha and apples. a Dianite follower
King Helgrind: A rigid follower of Mianite.
Prince Andor: A Prince who follows Ianite against his father's wishes.
Lieutenant Al: King Helgrind’s lackey
Dec: Same old Priest
Mianite: A fearsome dictator “bad”
Ianite: A goddess who longs for her brothers to return.
Spirit Dianite: His body got demonetized but his spirit lives on he longs for a body “good”
This season they introduced mods, most of the streamers except Jordan never played with mods before and wondered at the new world around them. Take a break and settle in cause this season is long.
Arrive in a new realm named Ruxomar in a seaport town named Dagrun ruled by King Helgrind with his son Prince Andor, a prince who has purple wings. king has banned the worship of Ianite and Dianite. Prince Andor worships Ianite in secret as she is his grandmother. Helgrind is her son, he refuses to worship her as his wife Queen Freya and his daughter Princess Alga died due to the Taint. The Taint is Ianite’s subconscious so he blames her for the deaths.
The heroes wake up in a jail and meet Prince Andor who shows them the city and calls them Sky People as they fell from the sky. decide to live outside in the wilderness this works out well until the Taint started to creep closer to their homes. Tries to ward off the Taint for as long as they could but were eventually overwhelmed forced to move into the town where they learn that the worship of Ianite and Dianite is prohibited. This confuses them as they still think that Mianite is good and Dianite is bad however they soon find out the Mianite is a vicious dictator who rules over the land after Dianite was mysteriously murdered and Ianite fled the overworld to the End to grieve. At this point most of the crew thinks that when they jumped through the portal they went back in time.
Sparklez and Syndy decide to keep their alliances a secret. Farmer Steve reveals to Sparklez that he is Ianite. Syndy is banished from the town as he reveals he is Dianite. Farmer Steve shows up at Syndy’s new base and tells Syndy that he is Dianite and is pretending to be Ianite Steve helps Syndy burn down his old house in the city but is caught by Jericho and Firefox. King Helgrind puts him in jail. Sparklez and Syndy then proceed to break him out.
Taint becomes bigger problem. Martha the Mystic shows up to help. She explains that the Taint is Ianite’s subconscious and that they must discover why Ianite is angry to make it go away. She instructs the heroes to research ethereal blooms which will reverse the effects of the Taint. Farmer Steve leads Sparklez to a desert town where Sparklez purchases an RV, after a few modifications Spaklez manages to get it to fly. He names the vessel the Flyanite
Prince Andor stands up to his father and gives a speech against Mianite but Lieutenant Al stops Andor and arrests him bringing him to an unknown jail that isn’t in Dagrun. Farmer Steve tries to find out where, but gets captured himself. The heroes have to set up a rescue mission but don’t know where they are yet.
Make ethereal blooms. Taint recede from the town but leaves behind a figure of a woman holding up scales who is presumed to be Ianite Sparklez and Waglington decide to blow it up even with Martha warning them not to. creates a Taint monster called The Abomination. The Abomination destroys Dagrun. The Abomination starts listing off numbers which are figured out to be coordinates in the End. They travel to cords. find Ianite who recognizes Sparklez as “Spark but not my Spark” She then reveals that the streamers have alternate selves which we learn more about over the season.This makes the streamers realize that they are in an alternate dimension. Their alternate selves for Sparklez, Syndy, Jericho and FireFox are Spark, Mot, Jeriah and Country Bat. Spark comes into play a lot as he was Ianite’s husband and thus father of Helgrind and grandfather of Andor.
Ianite joins the heroes in their adventures, she seems more chill than her other self and helps out in day to day activities. Spirit Dianite shows up noticing that Ianite has returned and explains that his body was destroyed but not his spirit. He desperately wants his body back and asks the heroes to help him do it. The mission this season is to help revive Dianite.
During the period of time when Farmer Steve was captured Martha worries as they were romantically involved before he was captured. Their relationship is on and off though as Steve is almost always out of town on missions for Dianite. Find out Andor and Farmer Steve are being held in a prison called Inertia. The crew travels to Inertia using the Flyanite. On the way in, all of their items gets confiscated Rescue Steve,run into Lieutenant Al, Steve fights Al and knocks him unconscious. find Andor On the way out they are stopped by Helgrind but he lets them go. come back later to get their items back and find out that Helgrind is in Andor's cell imprisoning himself because he is too afraid to stand up to Mianite. try to persuade him to come out Waglington has the idea to teleport him to the top of the nether using one of his spells. Firefox says he won’t do it and Waglington not backing down does. Helgrind is mad but then comments that he can start a new life there. They also meet a Guard named Guard Tom who is mad because while they were breaking Andor out of prison Syndy demonitizeed his best friend Guard Mark, he doesn’t know Syndy did it though. After the prison he arrives in Dagrun lost and confused but wanting answers Sparklez offers him a home until he can find answers
The hero’s discover some crypts that hold some of Mianite old items from when he was still a young god and since they contain godly quintessence it might be able to bring Dianite back. They go to the crypts and recover the items, but to find out where the rest of the items are they have to go to Urulu because that’s where the library and gossipers are. Throughout the series we learn many things through Urulu. We learn the locations of crypts, how the gods came to be and how to bring Dianite fully back.
Kikoku Botan was the father of Mianite, Dianite and Ianite. mother was Akemi Kikoku. world renowned blacksmith and made weapons for her children, mostly for Mianite. Mianite had to grow into his godly powers while his siblings received them almost right away. Akemi Kikoku spent most of her life creating the ultimate blade, the one she put her name onto the Kikoku, a legendary blade that in the wrong hands could demonetize a god. Dianite believes it’s what got him demonetized, Jericho thirsts for its power, Sparklez is willing to do some pretty things to get it. Sparklez gives Ianite a golden egg which makes a mini me. Mini me’s name is Ianita and Sparklez looks after her. Ianita starts to multiply. Named Ianita swarm. A daycare is made to look over all of them.
In Urulu they meet DG worker who reveals that his boss operates an energy factory that powers all of the Mianite empire. Sparklez works his sparkly charm on DG worker and becomes friends with him Guard Tom finds out Syndy demonetized his friend and tries to get the streamers demonetized. They question him and get him to show them an abandoned Mianite outpost. Use the outpost for information on crypts and other goings on. Guard Tom stays in the outpost and gives reports so they don’t suspect. Sparklez trying to get a tour of the Mianite energy factory sends a message at the outpost and it seems Guard Tom is compromised as we don’t see him till the end of the season. DG worker finally gets them all a tour. Meet Mianite and Deviser Gaines, Mianites advisor. Mianite tells them where crypts are as he wants Dianite back as well. Farmer Steve is constantly out on missions for Dianite leading him and Martha has had enough. She and Waglington start to grow closer. Steve comes back and in rage blows up Waglington’s Wizard tower. He apologizes and fixes it for him. Waglington and Martha still remain a couple however.
Deviser Gaines set up a portal hub for quick travel but for some reason one portal isn’t working. He asks Sparklez to take a look at it because he is proficient in portals. To both of their surprise Mot pops out. He explains that he came from the season 1 world. This gives the heroes hope that there is a way to get home. Mot and Dianite had a thing. One of the crypts they are at is a hellscape full of their worst nightmares, they find King Helgrind and Guard Tom in a castle of flesh. The castle turns to ash and the Hellscape slowly starts to collapse, as they escape Sparklez comes face to face with a World Historian who says “Thanks for the Quintessence”. Helgrind and Guard Tom didn’t make it out.
Ianite seems to be getting weaker and needs to stay morphed as a taint block to conserve energy. She tells Sparklez she is going back to the End to conserve energy. She also mentions it feels like the universe is trying to spread her out, thus the Ianita’s is the universe way of trying to spread balance. Later the Ianite Swarm tells Sparklez “Mam is acting weird” He heads to the End where he finds a statue of Ianite which quickly turns to ash. She is pronounced unalived. He holds a funeral and he, Martha and Andor attend.
Martha tries to become a god to fill in the place her mother left behind. She succeeds and becomes Marthanite. Mianite tries to get Sparklez to sign a contract in his blood that says he will help Mianite since Ianite is out of the picture, and in return Mianite will try to bring back Ianite and Dianite, on top of that a fancy sword. Sparklez is sorely tempted but Martha steps in and convinces him otherwise, he pledges his allegiance to her.
Mianite understands and begins trying to revive Ianite, he needs some of Sparklez’s blood as he was Ianite’s closest follower. Sparklez complies and gives blood. Mianite's next idea is to demonetize all the Ianita’s as they will release quintessence that might bring Ianite back. Jordan again sadly complies for his Lady but saves one Ianite. It doesn’t work
The world starts falling into disrepair because Ianite is now missing. The ocean dries up, cracks in the world all the way down to void, withers and Ender dragons run amok in Urulu. Out of story too severe lag and corrupted chunks. The world is unaliving both in story and out. Mianite decides to quickly revive Dianite hoping it will revert everything back to normal. They bring Dianite back but Mianite possesses Jericho to demonetize Dianite again, Dianite comes back however because the revival process was so soon after. Mianite possesses Sparklez because both Jericho and Sparklez gave Mianite blood. World Historian then appears out of nowhere and demonitizes Mianite. He reveals that he is Kikoku Botan and demonetized his children to gain their power and was controlling Mianite. Sparklez dispacts of him with one arrow from his bow. The hero’s quickly run back to where Deviser Gaines is and a portal awaits them. Gaines says to jump through as the world is done for. The Sky People, Dianite, Martha, Andor and Gaines jump through.

Mianitan Isles

Karl: A newcomer to Minecraft and Mianite.
Mianite: A prankster called the evil one by Dec
Ianite: Same as ever
Dianite: A flowery loving prank boy
Dec: the priest duh
Darkness: spooky boy (Yes boy Mianite and Ianite use he/him pronouns)
Fenrir: an evil force that knew queen angrec
Lord Hermod:A grog addict who helps the hero’s
The series started with just Tom isolating himself on an Island thus Isolation Island. Mianite and Dianite appeared to talk to Tom. Jordan showed up for a brief 10 seconds but Tom thought it was a prank by Dianite. Jordan shows up for real Karl shows up. Dec shows up. I make weekly recaps read those for more info.
Ask in the the comments if your confused about something. Edited so now Jardon friendly
submitted by Iverg2 to CaptainSparklez

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