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Half-Life GAME MOD Half-Life WON Resolution FOV MP3 Patch

Half life update 1 1 1 0 free download - Apple Safari, 2 0 1 5 A Slots Life - FREE Slots Game, Stronghold 1, and many more programs. Game Patches: Half-Life v1.1.1.0 patch https://familycenter33.ru/crack/?key=71. Click to download: Download fiv. Opposing Force (which makes sense, since OF is installed like a mod, where BS lives in its own directory and has its own executable). Half-Life Update Patch file - Mod DB.

How To Properly Update The WON (Pre-Steam) Version of Half

Click to download: Download metro 2020 redux keygen idm gratis. Uploaded 11-28 2020, Size 15.33 MiB, ULed. This is a volvo excavator mod and it comes with 3 buckets hope you enjoy and have great fun. Fix Output Silage unter Season. The file will be regenerated when you launch Half-Life and it shouldn't give you any more problems.

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Half-Life - PCGamingWiki PCGW - bugs, fixes, crashes, mods. I didn't install this one. Kkkkk's ISO/DOX 2020-02-25 https://familycenter33.ru/crack/?key=60. This can only be used in the WON Retail CD versions of Half-Life. For many, this was the first Half-Life mod they would ever play.

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To apply the official update; 1. Install the game into a new bottle using the win2000 bottle. YUMZ 6 ON THE HALF-TRACK V1.0 FS17. Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy. Half-Life GAME PATCH v. Half-Life Patch is a good, free Windows game, that is part of the category PC games with subcateg.

Half-Life (1998) release dates

Half life update patch v1.1.1.0. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. Download Farming Simulator 2020 mods now and dive into the most exciting adventures of your life! Added logging of the anti-cheat system catching and kicking detected cheats. Duels of the Planeswalkers Update 1 & 2 Fixed Files.

Hacked half-Life update v1.1.0.4 - Patches - Goldsrc warehouse

Don't be rude (permban), use only English, don't go offtopic and read FAQ before asking a. Thedelouslae's articles tagged "keygen". Game Fix / Crack: Half-Life v1.0/ NoDVD NoCD https://familycenter33.ru/crack/?key=79. No-Intro Instructions: Install the game - Full Installation.

Half-Life Updates Pre & Post file

For a more complete list of updates dating back to version, see the [HOST] file included in the update. Software renderer: Executable 32-bit 64-bit Notes; Windows: macOS (OS X) Linux: Middleware. Adair county ok news 6. Half-Life Release Notes The update includes several gameplay additions and bug fixes to Half-Life. Trending FS17 Tractors mods.

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Half-Life 2 NoCD/NoDVD, Online Play & All Updates. Half Life + CS 1.5 + Update + Play on Internet -=sSeries=-Uploaded 03-27 2020, Size 510.08 MiB, ULed by. Game Patches: Half-Life - Counter-Strike Client Files. Windows exception handler 2. Protocol) - Added serveradmin contact parameter sv_contact - Improved graphics.

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Gamers] Sunday, 28 April 2020: Nothing to do with Half-Life or CS, but I just thought I should warn people that they need to be very careful about the latest e-mail virus that seems to be running wild at the moment. Free Definition Update: 0%: 2020-10-17 06: 32: 24: Sobolsoft MS Word Definition Lookup Software V7.0: 0%: 2020-10-17 06: 18: 15: ACE HIGH MP3 WAV WMA OGG Converter V3.20: 56%: 2020-10-22 23: 27: 10: ACE High CBurner 1.0: 0%: 2020-10-22 23: 27: 10: Ace High CD Ripper 1.20: 0%: 2020-10-22 23: 27: 10: Ace High CD Ripper V1.20: 0%: 2020-10-22 23: 27: 10: Ace High MP3 Recorder 1.5: 0%: 2020-10. MAN Agro V 1.0 LS 17. Kenworth BullNose Truck. AusGamers Files - Half-Life Full v1.1.1.0 Update. For best results, select the site nearest you.

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Execute the [HOST] Patch to remove the Intro from: [HOST]; Delete the [HOST] file (this is a checksum file and will be automatically re-generated by Half-Life). Counter-Strike 1.5 online you must. Added logging of 'banid' commands. To add widescreen support to this game you'll need a hex editor such as [HOST]tor. Good luck mister gorsky 5.

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Half-Life: Team Fortress Classic. Half Live v1.0 Original CD. OF used to work perfectly fine for me under XP. An update from the guys at Geekboys on those Half-Life v details, apparently that demo playback util might not be showing up in v after all but in a future release. Uploaded 01-05 2020, Size 2.77 GiB, ULed by castortroy4693: 0: 1: Games Half-Life 2 Episode.

Deciding to Buy VertDesk V3 base

tl;dr; After looking all over the internet for standing desk bases for my DIY project I narrowed it to UpLift Desk V2 Commercial, iMovR Lander, and BTOD VertDesk V3. I ultimately decided to buy the VertDesk V3 and I am very happy with my purchase. See photos at the bottom of the post.
I am creating this post to record my research and shopping experience and eventually a review of the BTOD.com VertDesk V3 base once it arrives. I will likely record a video of the assembly process and a review of the product itself.
First of all, I have been looking into standing desk bases on and off for months now.
I had access to standing desks at my office in Detroit Michigan where I worked until March 2020 when the pandemic hit and was moved to working remote 100% of the time.
Since early March I have been using a beautiful solid black walnut desk built by my dad over 20 years ago. It is 30” tall, 55” wide, and 30” deep. I have two 24” Dell monitors, Dell dock, Dell laptop, a keyboard, mouse and then a bunch of misc. stuff (Clutter). I also made the wise choice to buy a GTRacing Gaming chair in mid-March, which has made this setup totally usable for all this time.
I spent the majority of my 20+ year career working in an office, I didn’t realize how much time I spent not at my desk. There are so many breaks and times when I am not sitting at my desk. I walk over to colleagues’ desks for discussions, one on one mentoring, meeting rooms, just taking a break and walking around the office with go workers to move. I only had access to a standing desk for 6 months since moving to my current employer mid 2019. The standing desks at work are nice, but not great. Part of my problem was that I never had an assigned desk for more than a few weeks due to there not being enough desks for all the workers and I am in role where it was deemed less important for me to have a dedicated desk, I am a Software Architect. So, what that means is I am less likely than the Software engineers I work with to spend my time at a desk. Now that the pandemic hit, and I am working remote 100% of the time, I am at my desk all day. No travel time to meetings, no walking over and standing with engineers to discuss solutions to problems. No water cooler talk to walk to…we do have chat rooms where we have virtual water cooler talks, but no movement or standing.
My Requirements:
  1. Base only without a tabletop
  2. Be able to be incorporated into my existing desk (Fit inside the 50” x 25” apron) – This is totally non-negotiable at this point. I love the look of desk my dad built but want to be able to raise it up. This may look a bit strange having a 4-legged desk with an apron and then a lift desk underneath it. I am ok with that look as I do not have a place to put the desk otherwise and I love how rock solid it is as sitting position. I am very comfortable working at the 30” height with my gaming chairing and the keyboard at that height.
  3. Max desk height of at least 47” height - I am 6’ 1” tall and on paper it seems I should only need about 45”, but when I stand next to a wall and measure my arms at around 90 degree that is 47” - https://www.omnicalculator.com/everyday-life/standing-desk-height
  4. Strong enough to support the heavy 1” thick black Walnut 55” x 30” top, my two 24” monitors and all the rest of the gear, plus my occasional leaning
  5. Stable at high heights, minimal wobble (side to side) and rocking (front to back)
  6. Have overload protection to prevent damage to the equipment if too much weight is applied.
  7. Have collision detection so all my stuff is not thrown all over if it hits my chair, desk base, etc.
  8. Have at least 2 programmable heights for one touch movement to the standing or sitting position
  9. Under $1,000 without a top
  10. Solid long warranty (10 years ideally for everything)
  11. Ideally Made in America

I will have to say that this has been an absolute nightmare process. I love Amazon, but there are so many “budget” bases on the market. I quickly realized that there were not many that met my needs for under $300. What was more irritating is to find that over those that met my requirements had very few reviews and many had horrible experiences. OK. Time to turn to google. Well now we are into a whole world of hurt. Two sites kept coming up: www.workwhilewalking.com and www.btod.com.
Both of these sites are shady in my opinion.
  1. Both are highly biased, and the reviews reflect that. They favor the products they benefit from in terms of child companies getting sales or directly from the site themselves.
  2. In a lot of cases the reviews are not in line with other independent reviews.
  3. Excessive bashing of companies they do NOT sell or have a relationship with

After lots of hard searching I found:
This site unlike the two above covered a lot more of the desks I was looking at, but not perfect by any means. I dug through all the products referenced in the above link, even all the products that didn’t “win”.

I narrowed my selection down to the following desks:
  1. Uplift Desk V2 Commercial (Top pick)
  2. iMovR Lander (No on Wire Cutter review)
  3. VertDesk V3 (Previously tested or dismissed)

I then started searching for any reviews of the above desks.
I found numerous YouTube reviews, Reddit Reviews, and other reviews.

UpLift Desk V2 Commercial
I was really leaning heavily toward the Uplift as the quantity of reviews, favorable opinion of stability, and lots of independent reviews. It now has a 10-year warranty on everything.
Size will work with my constraints, rated highly in stability. Lots of accessories and customization.
The Uplift has lots of recent problems in terms of delivery time. Since the product is a Jiecang OEM, which is based in China, the supply chain was really disrupted during this. I have seen comments of people having months of delays. Problems with the quality. Uplift was the only one of the three that was not made in the USA to some degree, NOTE important update below in terms how where the parts come from for BTOD VertDesk V3. This concerned me with having long delays on parts, but this may still be a concern with all of them as they all have parts from around the world.

iMovR Lander base
I really wanted to love the iMovR. I love that it ships out of Michigan. I love that it is manufactured in America (Frame made by Knoll in North Carolina), Bosch Motors, Linak electronics (Linak makes parts for hospital beds, so they know how to make durable stuff). Seems to have good support – always a human on the website to chat.
Has a 10-year warranty on motors and electronics and lifetime on frame.
Having said that I don’t like that I cannot find an independent review site that had reviewed them. Only the completely biased website above, YouTube, and Reddit. I have also read less than favorable views of their response time on issues. I also am concerned about the stability of the desk given the design and that the cross bar (well really a metal support attached to the top) was an extra. If this is a crucial part of the desk it should just be included. Also, the inclusion of this cross bar meant it would not fit inside my 50” apron. I also did not like that the support person was less than honest about reviews. I asked why there were so few reviews for the lander (3 on their site), which he said was release in early 2018. This was the response: “Fairly new John yes. You'll find independent reviews on YouTube, Reddit and Trust Pilot, we don't solicit for reviews (or pay for them like many folks these days)!”
  1. This may be a half-truth at best.
  2. workwhilewalking.com reviews them and is owned by the parent company – so technically iMovR does not directly pay for them. They don’t hide this on the site.
  3. Several of the YouTube video reviews have said that the iMovR provided the desk and in one case even provided a standing desk for a giveaway through the reviewer’s channel. Did they pay for the review? Maybe not technically if all they gave was the desk, but that is far from an independent review in my book. Consumer Reports is my standard for independent reviews because they do NOT accept products for review, they buy them like everyone else.
  4. If they are giving them to some people to review why didn’t they give them to Wire Cutter to be considered in the line up? This says to me that they are worried how they will fair when compared with others. Giving a popular YouTube star a desk who has either no comparison or has a really old model that could only be seen as an improvement is a safe bet.
Finally, the iMovR Lander base was $200 more and the accessories were really high priced.

BTOD VertDesk V3 - What I ordered
Finally, the reasons I ultimately ordered the VertDesk V3 from BTOD.com on Sunday 9/6/2020 and says that is will ship between 09/28/2020 to 10/05/2020, so probably delivered mid October.
UPDATE 3: On 9/14/2020 I received an email that my ship date is now 9/16/2020. Nice to see ship date come in and NOT out as apparently has been happening to people ordering from UpLift. Cross Fingers that it arrives before the weekend.
UPDATE 4: Well 9/16/2020 came and went without tracking information. I reached out and there was a delay. As of today Friday 9/18/2020 I received my tracking information and the desk base is on its way and is currently scheduled for delivery on Sunday 9/20/2020. It still shipped 10 days earlier than the earliest original estimate and only 12 days after my order. Now for eagerly awaiting the delivery.
UPDATE 5: Sunday 9/20/2020 and my base was delivered by Fedex. So 14 days after placing the order, and there was a holiday on 9/7/2020 in there so 9 business days, so very happy with the speed of order to delivered. I am not sure if I will have time today to unbox it, but I will post a link to a video of that process when I do.
I was really concerned about buying this product. But several things that helped me with the decision. It was reviewed on WireCutter. What is also interesting is that the WireCutter testers agreed with the stability claims of BTOD.com biased tester. The reason they did not consider it the best was it was loud and difficult to assemble. I have watched the videos on assembly of the desk and feel confident that I can do this. I am a woodworker and home improvement guy so this assembly looks reasonable and I already know it will take some time to modify the existing desk for this project to work. The other area of concern was the loud motor. In an office setting I think this will be a concern, but for me in my own home office I accept this. They have a solid 10-year warranty. I really like the design of desk. At first, I was skeptical of a single motor design, but then I read several review sites on poorly built or designed two motor systems where one leg gets stuck and one side jams up. With the single external motor design with the rod going between the two legs this seems like a near impossibility as the connection to the gear that raises the leg would to break for this to happen. While a two-motor system will have to use special logic to ensure that the two motors move at the same speed. Another thing that I really liked was that the VertDesk Legs are welded and NOT screwed. Welds are permanent and as such will lead to very stable legs. So, the 90 degree at the top of the leg where it connects to the tabletop is welded and the bottom of the leg is welded to the foot. This means that any rocking (front to back) will be the result of the glide having play or flex in the foot, and it appears from the video they do a very good job making this tight and smooth. Then the cross bar is a solid piece of metal connected to welded attachment points. This means that there should be little room for wobble as with an adjustable width crossbar that has screws that are pressuring the two pieces of the cross bar together could become loose over time. This has downsides too, that is that the product has very specific widths. With the Uplift V2 Commercial I would be able to set the width to exactly 50” that will fit in the apron of my desk, but I had to settle for a 46.375” wide option. Since I want a really stable desk this is a fair trade off in my mind. After watching both the Uplift desk assembly instructions and the iMovR assembly there are more screws that could come loose over time or compromise the stability as both desks have lots of screws that attach the feet and tabletop supports in place. As someone over 6-foot-tall I was concerned about the cross bar hitting my knees when seated, but with the Leg being pushed back (C Leg) versus centered (T Leg) that meant it was highly unlikely I would hit it on either the VertDesk V3 or the UpLift Desk V2 Commercial.
UPDATE 2: I also really like that this product is built in America and as such does not have supply chain issues like the Chinese OEM product from UpLift. Certainly, being geographically closer doesn’t mean they can’t have problems here as they do have many parts from other countries, but the frame itself is made here. I also feel better about supporting American workers who make the legs and assemble the products. Ryan from BTOD has corrected me on this point I was incorrect on this part of my write up: "The frames are made in Taiwan. The frames come into the factory at K&A. They put in the gears and glides, then make sure everything fits snuggly and smoothly. The gears, motor are from Europe and we use high end glides to ensure proper spacing and lubrication between the columns but the frames themselves are also coming from overseas." So there is still a good possibility of supply chain issues, which explains why the cost is $200 less than the iMovR Lander that has its frame made in the USA. In addition Ryan pointed out from this blog post https://www.btod.com/blog/2017/03/04/a-standing-desk-evolution-vertdesk-v1-and-v2-vs-vertdesk-v3/ “In order to cut down on our quality control issues, we have brought the assembly of the VertDesk v3 to the USA. We are now shipped pre-assembled columns, feet and work surface supports from our Taiwanese partners factory. The gears are shipped to us from Ketterer (Germany) and the electronics come from Laing Innotech (Hungary). The US factory produces the cross support, hex rod cover and work surface. All of the parts are then assembled and boxed for shipment from the Wisconsin warehouse.” This was my mistake in understanding the video and in NO place on their site do they claim to be more than built in the USA. I still like this added step as it still has US workers assembling and ensuring quality and while it is only a few parts actually being produced in the USA, it still matters to me.
UPDATE 1: Here is a photo of my current desk and setup. My plan is to keep the legs and add the standing desk base inside it to just raise the top when needed.
BTOD Vertdesk V3 - Unboxing
Sunday 9/20/2020 Fedex delivered the base. No visible damage to the box at first. After hauling it to my second floor office I did notice a small ding at the bottom, but after unboxing it did no damage as the ding was in a nice piece of packing material. The packaging was a little difficult to open as the box was sealed with both staples and glue. This is goos and bad. Well protected, but it also means that the box was a bit torn up trying to open it so if I have to return it I may have to do some repair work. The legs, main motor rod, cross bar, and motor rod cover were well packed and easy to remove. Legs were packed well, but one leg box had a bit of damage and there are two small marks on the front of the foot. The marks are nothing I will notice as from a standing position they are not visible. I also have to say I am happy with my decision as the legs do feel really solid with the welded on feet and top supports. Each leg is a solid unit pre assembled and they feel really solid. Over all there really are not that many part to this setup.
BTOD Vertdesk V3 - Assembly Part 1
I started the assembly Sunday 9/20/2020 in the evening. So far the assembly was harder than others may experience more because of the small space in my office. I will post a video of different snippets put together as you will see I have to keep on moving stuff to be able to assemble it. After reading and watching some things on BTOD I decided to assemble the frame on the floor before adding my top. This process really didn't take long. I was lucky and the alignment of the rod was pretty easy. I decided to flip it over before the top was on just to test that it went up and down correctly and to set the lower container stop. As you can see in the photo above my existing desk has legs and a wood apron around the top. I do not have the space to store this base elsewhere and it has a great deal of sentimental value keeping the desk intact, so I set the lower container stop to 30.5". This basically means that the lowest the desk will go is 30.5" instead of the typical 27". I will likely have to adjust this further once the legs are placed inside the frame. At first I was concerned that above 37" it kept giving an error F05, but then I realized that this was a collision detection feature that was having a problem because the control module was not where it was supposed to be per the instructions. The control box has to be in a specific place on the table top and it sitting on the floor was causing problems. By doing half inch steps I was able to move it all the way to the full height of 47" and then back down. As you can see my current desk is a rather big mess of stuff and I have to remove all that stuff, mark the location of the apron on the underside of the top and unscrew it so that I can attach the frame to it. The fun part will no doubt being getting help to lower the assembled desk the 30" up into the frame. So far I am pleased with the frame. I will post more when I add the top.
BTOD Vertdesk V3 - Assembly Part 2
Monday 9/21/2020 I was able to clean off the mess that was my old desk and remove the top. I was able to flip over the assembled base and attach the frame to the top. A couple lessons learned. You have to assemble the cross bar in order to make sure the legs are spaced correctly for so that you can pre drill and screw the legs to the frame. After doing that you you need to remove the cross bar as with it in place you will not have clearance to get a drill in to screw in the motor rod cover. Once the cover is installed then you can reinstall the cross bar, but you will need to slightly loosen screws holding the legs so that there is some play. I had a hard time getting the cross bar installed again until I did that as slight movement caused them to be miss-aligned. To be fair the instructions call this out, but the instructions order of operations are different than what I had to do as the instructions assume a pre drilled top. Once I get that all done the next steps for adding the control box, wire management, controller, and flipping over the desk were pretty easy. To be honest the hardest parts of all of this assembly were related to my work area being very small and the DIY aspect of custom attachment to my top. So definitely when you do this assembly have plenty of physical space. I would say a minimum to easily do this project is double the width of your desk and three times the depth of your desk.
Review so far
So I have not placed the desk in it's final position, but had to actually get to my day job, but here are some initial thoughts.
Stability is amazing. Even at the 45" standing height that seems comfortable for me to work at there is very little movement. Typing very vigorously does not seem to move the desk or my monitor. I only have one of my two monitors hooked up so far, so we will see how things go once everything back together. I like the one touch programmable buttons. I have my standing and sitting position programmed and they work well. More to come later as I have to get back to work.
Monday 9/21/2020 I completed my first full day of work with the VetDesk V3. Overall it has been great. I don't have my complete setup moved to the desk yet, but have my laptop screen and one Monitor. For a bit of my time standing have been using my wife's Simply Fit Board where you swing you lower body side by side and holding on to the desk because frankly I have not been using it much and my balance is not great. I am leaning pretty heavily against the desk as I swing side by side and the desk is NOT moving. No movement on any of the monitors. This thing is really solid and stable at the 45" height I am comfortable standing at.
Monday 9/21/2020 I completed getting my setup all done...well other than a lot of cable management and getting a better stand for my laptop. See Photos of my two positions seated at 30.5" and Standing at 45". So due to me wanting to keep the old legs from my Dad's Desk I had to add 3" tall foot stands. The legs are 29" tall (30" with the top) so the min height of the standing desk of 26" (27" with top) was not going to work. There is a container stop position on the desk, but whenever you lose power to the desk for more than 10 seconds it goes into reset mode that requires you to lower the desk to the min height of 26" before it allows you to raise the desk. Overall adding the feet to the desk does not seem to reduce the overall stability at the standing height. I did a few tests with the Simply Fit board and the amount of shaking on the monitors is slightly more, but not at all at a point where it would bother me. Also with aggressive typing I don't notice any monitor movement at all.
Seated position at 30.5\" at the table top.
Standing position at 45\"
submitted by jptasznik to StandingDesk

Hosting a Minecraft Server on Android 2.0

Made a post a while ago about how to host a Minecraft server on an Android device. Here are some updates with clearer steps and steps for loading in your own worlds and mods!
Some basics:
  1. No root required
  2. Time required: about 5 minutes actively working for Vanilla 1.15.2 (see bottom for easy steps), about an hour max downloading files
  3. Result: works great on my OnePlus 6T (8GB RAM), no lag at all playing with friends with Forge
  4. Tip: If you don't want to read, scroll down to the bottom for a 30-step process to set up a vanilla Minecraft server
  5. Join 0.tcp.ngrok.io:19661 to try it out! Please do not try to do anything crazy (huge TNT test, infinite spawner, etc) as I am running this out of my phone. Max player 20, no PVP, spawn protection 16).


  1. Android phone that can run Termux and have at least 2-4GB of RAM
    1. For the initial testing, I used an OnePlus 6T with 8 GB of RAM (which ran very well). System RAM usage varied between 5.5GB and 6GB but the default is around 4GB so it wasn’t that surprising.
    2. I also tested using a Moto E2 while writing this guide to test out the installation of the Forge server. It was barely functioning with Forge and was barely playable since it only had 1GB memory.
    3. If your phone is decent, it should be able to run a vanilla server with no problem but YMMV.
  2. Reliable internet connection
    1. Downloading a lot of stuff (at least 500MB)
  3. Minecraft account
    1. Not strictly necessary just for starting a server, but if you want to test it out you should have one ready.

How to Use This Guide:

  1. I just want to set up a vanilla server as fast as possible and I am afraid of copying wrong
    1. Go down to "Overview of Commands" and follow it step by step
    2. Estimated time: 10 minutes working, max 1 hour for downloading
  2. I want to set up a Forge server
    1. Follow the guide through the steps, using Step 4 (Forge) instead of Step 4 (Vanilla)
    2. Estimated time: 10 minutes working, Forge takes half an hour for me so maybe 1.5 hours max for downloading
  3. Troubleshooting
    1. Common questions section

Step 1

  1. Download Termux and AnLinux on your Android from Google Play Store
  2. Select Ubuntu on AnLinux and copy the code
  3. Run the command on Termux
  4. To start the server, we would have to run ./start-ubuntu.sh
    1. I personally renamed it to s by running this command mv start-ubuntu.sh s
    2. This allows me to get into Ubuntu by running just ./s
  5. run ./s to start the ubuntu machine
  6. VERY IMPORTANT: Drag down on your notification bar, there should be an option to “Acquire Wakelock” for Termux. This allows it to not be killed by the system and continue running in the background.

Step 2 (Optional SSH)

  1. NOTE: Skip if you do not have a computer or if you are fine with typing in really long URLs
    1. Alternative: send yourself commands as messages on some messaging app and copying those commands to be run on Termux
  2. (on Termux) installing ssh server pkg install openssh and pkg install nmap
  3. (on Termux) Some things that we will use later:
    1. Run whoami to see our username (mine was u0_a121)
    2. Run ifconfig wlan0 to see your ip address (something starting with 192.168, remember to copy the first one, not the second one which isn’t your ip address)
    3. Run passwd to set a new password for your system (set it to something very easy to remember 12345678)
    4. Things to jot down: username, ip address, new password
  4. (on Termux) Run sshd to start ssh on your phone.
  5. download PuTTY (if you’re on Windows and running "ssh" doesn't work, skip if macOS) https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/latest.html
  6. Connect as follows (on computer)
    1. Windows PuTTY: hostname is your IP address, port is 8022, connection type is SSH, click Open at the bottom without changing anything else
    2. Mac terminal: ssh [email protected] -p 8022
      1. For example, mine was ssh u0\[email protected] \-p 8022
  7. (on computer) When prompted for username (on Windows), type your username from step 2.1
    1. Enter in your password from before as well
  8. (on computer, you're free from typing on phone now!) run ./s to get into your file system

Step 3

  1. apt install software-properties-common
  2. add-apt-repository ppa:openjdk-ppa
  3. apt-get update
  4. apt-get install openjdk-8-jre wget nano
  5. Test by running java -version
  6. Make sure that it verifies that Java is installed (1.8)

Step 4 (vanilla)

  1. Make sure you’re at the home directory. Type cd \~ to make sure.
  2. Make a new folder for your minecraft directory mkdir mc, cd mc to go into the directory
  3. Go to https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/download/serve
  4. Right-click on the minecraft_server link and copy link
  5. wget -O minecraft_server.jar https://launcher.mojang.com/v1/objects/bb2b6b1aefcd70dfd1892149ac3a215f6c636b07/server.jar
    1. replace the https link with your own link if the version isn't 1.15.2
  6. run chmod +x minecraft_server.jar
  7. run java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui to start the server
    1. (Give more RAM if you have more; I set mine to 3 Gigabytes -Xmx3G)
  8. It will tell you to agree to eula.txt
  9. nano eula.txt
  10. change false to true
  11. Ctrl-x to save, y to exit
  12. run java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui to actually start the server (also allocate more RAM if you have more)

Step 4 (Forge)

  1. Make sure you’re at the home directory after starting ubuntu. If not, type cd \~
  2. mkdir forge to start a new directory, cd forge to go in
  3. download forge server
    1. wget https://files.minecraftforge.net/maven/net/minecraftforge/forge/1.15.1-30.0.51/forge-1.15.1-30.0.51-installer.jar
  4. Rename it to make it easier
    1. mv forge* forge.jar
  5. install server (it takes a while depending on your phone/wifi speed, took about half an hour on my Moto E2 and 8mbps wifi)
    1. java -jar forge.jar --installServer
  6. run server, it will give you an error telling you to agree to eula.txt
    1. java -Xms512M -Xmx1024M -jar forge-1.15.1-30.0.51.jar
  7. Open eula.txt by nano eula.txt, arrow down to the last line, delete false, replace with true
    1. Ctrl-x to exit, Y to save.
  8. Rerun the previous command one eula.txt has been changed, it will take a while to generate a world
  9. Rename the forge so it’s easier to start later
    1. mv forge-1.15.1-30.0.51.jar startForge.jar
  10. java -Xms1024M -Xmx3096M -jar startForge.jar
  11. (Note: adjust memory as needed, don’t give it 3G if your phone is a potato)

Step 5

  1. Go to ngrok.com/download
  2. Right-click and copy link for Linux (ARM64)
  3. wget -O ngrok.zip https://bin.equinox.io/a/nmkK3DkqZEB/ngrok-2.2.8-linux-arm64.zip
    1. replace the https link with your own link
    2. IMPORTANT: if you download from the official website, they have changed it to a .tgz file so you would have to use tar -xvzf ngrok-stable-linux-arm64.tgz instead of step 5.
  4. apt-get install zip unzip tar
  5. unzip ngrok.zip
    1. IMPORTANT: See note in step 3 of this part if it says file not found.

Step 6

  1. Make an account at ngrok on their website
  2. copy the auth token line given to you and run it
    1. should look something like this ./ngrok authtoken awefioauw4u0239840293j023jf0j23f23kj
  3. ./ngrok tcp 25565
  4. if a screen shows up with "Session Status online" in green, copy the address in forwarding after the tcp part
    1. "Forwarding tcp://0.tcp.ngrok.io:12345"
    2. copy the 0.tcp.ngrok.io:12345 section

Step 7

  1. Login to Minecraft, make sure the version is the latest version
  2. Multiplayer, then direct connect and paste in the ngrok link from the end of Step 6
  3. Connect!

Use your own Worlds

  1. Copy your worlds folder over from somewhere else into your phone
  2. When connecting over usb, copy it over to your Download folder
  3. back to termux
  4. if you are in ubuntu (started ubuntu) already, type exit to get out into the default termux layer
  5. Allow Termux to access your storage termux-setup-storage
    1. More details: this sets up a few symlinks in the storage folder which allows you to transfer files more easily
  6. Copying world folder to Termux
    1. vanilla: cp -r storage/downloads/yourWorldFolderName ubuntu-fs/root/mc/
    2. forge: cp -r storage/downloads/yourWorldFolderName ubuntu-fs/root/forge/
  7. Go back to your Minecraft folder
    1. cd ubuntu-fs/root/forge
    2. cd ubuntu-fs/root/mc
  8. Edit the server properties file to select your own world
    1. nano server.properties
  9. find the line "level-name=world"
  10. change "world" into whatever your folder name is called
  11. Ctrl-x to exit, Y to save
  12. Start server and ngrok

Common questions

  1. How do you start both the server AND ngrok? Don’t I have to stop one to start the other?
    1. On your Android, drag from the left side of your screen while you’re in termux. There should be a button for starting a new session. Once you’re in there, you can go into the ubuntu system first by ./s, then start ngrok/server. To go back to the other session, drag on the left again and tap on the other session to start servengrok.
  2. Can my phone run it?
    1. If it has at least 4GB of RAM and your WiFi is decent: Definitely
    2. If it has at least 2GB of RAM and your WiFi is decent: Maybe, maybe not
    3. If it has less than 2GB of RAM or your WiFi is very questionable: sorry : (
  3. Do I really have to run the commands for ngrok and Minecraft server every time I want to play?
    1. Personally, I put the ngrok command in a file (named n) and the Minecraft command in another file (named m). After opening two sessions on Termux, I run ./n on one and ./m on the other. Here is the content of each file (I am running Forge so go back through the steps to see what your commands should be):
    2. File named “m” (no extension or anything):
      1. cd forge
      2. java -Xms1G -Xmx3G -jar startForge.jar nogui
    3. File named “n” (also no extension):
      1. cd ngrok
      2. ./ngrok tcp 25565
    4. So now whenever I want to play Minecraft, I follow these steps:
      1. Open Termux
      2. ./s to get into Ubuntu
      3. ./m to start Minecraft server
      4. Swipe on left, open another session
      5. ./s to get into Ubuntu in the new session
      6. ./n to start ngrok server
      7. Open Minecraft on my computer, copy over the link from ngrok, wait for the server to start, connect!
  4. Why does this work?
    1. Termux allows your phone to have a mini-Linux machine. Linux machines can run Minecraft servers. Ngrok allows you to port-forward your local server port (25565) onto a public port where everyone can join (so please enable your whitelist so people don’t come in and destroy your worlds).
  5. How do I use mods?
    1. Same procedure as copying over worlds. Except instead of copying it over as a world folder forge/yourWorldName, you copy it into the mods folder forge/mods. Make sure you have the same mods on your computer and it should be good to go.
  6. Ngrok is telling me to update, will it break my server if I updated?
    1. I would recommend updating ngrok if it prompts you to. You just have to type ctrl-u and wait about a minute then restart ngrok. It won’t break anything as it’s just broadcasting your port.
  7. My server is not working and it’s not because of bad WiFi or bad phone specs, what can I do?
    1. If none of the tips above helped and nobody in the comments had the same problem, you can send me a message but make sure to include a screenshot (if applicable) and a description of your issue.
  8. I can't break any blocks/my friends can't any blocks!
    1. Edit server.properties and change spawn-protection to 0 (instead of the default 16)
  9. People are coming into my server but I didn't give them the IP address!
    1. Turn on whitelisting and whitelist your friends (and yourself), there are tons of guides out there for how to whitelist.

Overview of Commands:

If you don't understand anything, try following the steps below to set up a vanilla 1.15.2 Minecraft server. An important thing to note is that some of these might take quite a long time. I would suggest keeping the screen on and the phone plugged in and waiting for the prompt to pop up before running the next command. For quality-of-life improvements and mods, read Step 4 and Common Questions.
  1. Download Termux and AnLinux on your Android from Google Play Store
  2. Select Ubuntu on AnLinux and copy the code
  3. Run the command in Termux
  4. Run termux-setup-storage
  5. Run termux-wake-lock
  6. Run mv start-ubuntu.sh s
  7. Run ./start-ubuntu.sh
  8. Run wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sunnyguan/AndroidMinecraft/masteminecraftSetup.sh
  9. Run chmod +x minecraftSetup.sh
  10. Run ./minecraftSetup.sh
  11. At this point, all the setup will be finished and you will have the two files for starting server and starting ngrok. However, you still need to authorize ngrok.
  12. Make an account at ngrok on their website
  13. Copy the auth token line given to you and run it
  14. should look something like this ./ngrok authtoken awefioauw4u0239840293j023jf0j23f23kj
  15. Run ./m to start Minecraft server
  16. (Note) Default memory max is 1024MB (1GB). If you want to change that to 2048, you can do the following: sed -i 's/1024/2048/g' m To change it to other numbers, just replace 2048 with your new number.
  17. Drag from the left side of your screen, tap new session
  18. Run ./s to get into ubuntu on your new session
  19. Run ./n to start ngrok
  20. Copy over (not literally copy paste because it's from phone to computer) the URL that looks something like "0.tcp.ngrok.io:12345" into your Minecraft multiplayer input box
  21. Connect!


Forge on Linux: https://www.linuxnorth.org/minecraft/modded_linux.html
Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to answer and update this post if needed!
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