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Bronze and Silvers review

So, kinda wanted to group all my thoughts on all the newly revealed bronze and silver cards, as well as look at some of the old silvers and bronzes in context. And talk about thematically cause some of the non story classes got cool thematically.
Ill be keeping it simple, rating the class’s support 1 for amazing, 2 for wait and see, 3 for awful, as well as giving a basic description
Class rating: 3
Only few remotely good and synergistic (if you can even call them that) cards, and the rest are trash. Except Carmine. She’s not trash. She’s a flaming heap of toxic nuclear waste.
Cactus Cowboy 1
The only 1 in the set for forest, and it’s just solid all around.
Forest Patroller 2
Payoff for rides, but isn’t really necessary imo especially since Forest doesn’t have too many good generators to not spend on Loxis or Sukuna
Lookout elf 3
Meh. Fairy support but not good at it.
Hornet strike 2
Not bad removal option, 3pp for 1 removal, 5pp for 2, and 8 pp for 3 and maybe keeping some on board, but does look a bit over costed, and doing nothing but removal isn’t amazing in the current meta.
Varmint Hunter 2
More reasonable ride payoff card, can be a better BKB on 4 with ride, but kinda not the best outside of it maybe.
Corrosive Thorns 2
I guess it works as both Fairy Dragon support but also a fine control tool against tokens, but that’s not really enough to warrant too much of an inclusion. Also sucks the brambles effect is fairies only tho.
Carmine 5 463 782
siiiiiigh I’m not even going to dignify this abomination it’s full name. Can’t wait for all the BTC clips of Chipper Skipper dying to it. But I think the worst thing about it is the main body. Why, oh WHY can she destroy herself, possibly wasting 6+pp to do one accelerate?! Calling her trash is an insult to trash.
Class rating: 2
Sword doesn’t look too bad, nothing extremely outstanding but also nothing too terrible.
Naht’s boytoys 2 I mean what
2pp 3/3 that gives later follower 1/1, but gives 2/2 to the opponent. Can be used to screw with enemy rides though.
Shinobi Tanuki 1
Ambush makes it easier to buff, cheap, and against foes without proper hard removal can spiral out of control ala Sarissa.
Frontline Instructor 2
Better OG fencer from Standard, and contains a board buff later on with Rally. But whether it’s better than Stroke of conviction is another story.
Bandit Raid 2.5
Good take two card, where you’re not guaranteed multiple Amelia. Otherwise it’s pretty meh.
Outlaw Gunner 2
3/3/3 isn’t bad, but fitting her into some of your later turns might be kinda hard, but she could see play since rally 5 is pretty low.
Dramatic Retreat 2
Better soul conversion jokes aside, this can’t really be used on Tokens to not pollute the deck, and banishing a big boi that isn’t the world or Arriet or some weird combo isn’t good tempo. Still basically soul conversion tho.
Stalwart Slinger 2.5
Natural 5/5/6 that deals 3 isn’t a bad deal at all, but lacks synergies or all around power to warrant Constructive play. Great T2 card.
Class rating: 1
Rune not only got a good amount of synergistic support, but the other archetypes supported got some great support as well. Few outliers though.
Rivaylian Deputy 1
2/1/2 that draws a card and sets up your Vincent/Maiser plays, or just higher tempo later. Also Curves pretty disgustingly into [Passionate Potioneer]
Crystal Fencer 1
While it doesn’t draw, it’s great for tempo in the early game being a 3/3/3 that spellboosts, but the card keeps you in the game in the late game by making your top decked Kuons and newly duped runies much more easily playable.
Mirror witch 2.7453?
I have absolutely no idea how to judge this card. 4/3/7 unconditional storm is absolutely disgusting, especially with All the buff amulets rune got. But giving your opponent their own 4/3/7 that she can’t deal with on her own is... atrociously horrible.
Terra Nova 1.5
4/4/4 worth of stats on 2 bodies with partial wars while also buffing the entire board by 1 atk each without any cost at all, especially not 10 shadows isnt bad at all if board rune works, but the real nasty part is if 1 other follower is on board, you get 3 procs of Vincent’s effect, meaning 3 AOE to all enemies.
Scorching blast 1
On one hand, could be meh Spellboost support, 1pp deal 5 in that deck is pretty good, but the REAL use is Item shop- early game removal that costs 0 during shop chains meaning more pings going face is EXTREMELY good for that deck.
Artistic Arcanist 1
A possible 5/6/5 if he’s the only one on board, or possibly giving that 6 attack to a follower going face. Also gives an amulet that doesn’t leave when a follower enters play, as well as a 1pp Add a Vincent spell to your hand at the end of your turn effect, giving you 3 Vincent spells, meaning 3 AOE. Oh, and did I tell you his fanfare gives ANOTHER 3 Vincent Spells, meaning 3 more AOE, including Face? Pretty good.
Golem Marshal 1
First off, great Accel, both in Vince/Maiser rune and just for Spellboost, cause 1pp spell that buffs incoming shikigami is goood, it’s also just a spell that gives a Steed without summoning anything can be really useful for setting up Maiser chains, but a 7/9/15 with 2 wards, added value over multiple turns, AND gives you 2 Vincent spells and/or 2 Maiser Spells is really freaking good.
Class rating: 2
Has some good support, but between a lack of a game plan other than buff Reggie ramp play big dudes and 1 or 2 good supports dragon got nothing too big at all this expansion.
BTW the Artisan/Blacksmith thematic is a nice touch.
Wyrmfire Engineer 1.75
Hard to judge, but you can curve this into bike into Reggie on curve to ramp, and it can be used as a better Pyne in overflow, or to buff storm Reggie/Erntz, but does seem clunky outside overflow
thunderous Roar 1
2pp deal 3 outside overflow, 2pp deal 7 and draw a card in overflow is amazing. Does have anti synergy with DJD, but he’s not in rota forever.
Mermaid Guide 2
3/3/3 storm is not to be taken lightly, as seen previously by mechaclaw Elf, but at the same time, is this really what discard wants or needs? Or just has room for?
pumpkin dragon 3
Basically a dragon’s nest with less healing, but more immediate effects, and a shitty body.
Dragonic Counsel 1
3pp Graceful Charity aside, this card is 2pp draw 2 in the early game, while also adding a 4th through 6th copies of Scalebound Plight into your hand, which is easily one of the best disco cards. Fantastic card.
Dragonfolk Artificer 1.5
You can buff it... to get more buffs? Outside this in overflow, nobody in dragon benefits from buff chains, and you can’t use its buffs in overflow anyway. You can set up for Reggie buffs or chef buffs with this card... but you’re using cards which can buff Reggie/chef anyway to do it. Overflow effect seems nice for clearing board tho, I do like it, but we’ll see
Azureflame Dragonewt 3
Uhhhhhh board clear maybe I guess?
Class rating: 1
Shadow seems to have a solid gameplan this expansion with it’s Silvers and Bronzes, and most of it’s cards fit an aggressive gameplan to burn the opponent down.
Great theme with miners and how utterly fatal those were back in the day, especially with all the gold rushes.
Bone Fanatic 1
1pp [Orator of the Bones], except on turn 1, but still having a 1 drop is great. Enhance is better than OG skull lord, but pretty sure it’s not what you wanna be doing.
Cursed Coin 1.25
Amazing draw option for Shadow for decks which don’t mind shadows and board space. Only reason it’s not a 1 is because fitting it in decks with deck space issues or shadow hunger isn’t the wisest idea.
Skeleton Dreamer 1
Buffs a stormer that comes down next turn, or maybe even a Sarc wraith to actually contest board. More attack on stormers basically. And more value on 3 drops.
Grudge Teller 1
Key component of new Shadow burn decks. You reanimate 3 a bunch of times, summon this, and burn bunch of your opponent’s Hp, and profit.
Abysmal Wraith 1
Basically almost an unconditional Dark General. Even on Curve. Even on Reanimate. Also synergistic with billet bikes and rides.
Necroimpulse 1
While this might seem more expensive than it’s cousin Terra Nova, you have to remember this is 8 face damage for 4 in a vacuum, ignoring the 5th follower on board or any rides buffing the ghosts. And unlike [Phantom Howl], these ghosts are unconditional.
Gold Mine Necromancer 2
Base form is kinda expensive, and condition on accel are meh, but turning a 1/1 into a 3/3 and dealing 2 face damage isn’t bad at all for 1pp. Not too sure about base form though.
Class rating: 1
Blood got a very synergistic set in terms of bronzes and silvers, and many are quite strong as well.
BTW, best aesthetic in the entire set- GAMBLERS! And old Wild West casinos! Really cool stuff.
Spiderweb Array 1
Basically a 3/3/4 ward that gives an opponent’s follower the inability to attack. Great control tool.
roulette Vampire 1
It repairs your Midgame on 6 when it pops, it gives 3 amulets total for Ruinous Spider, and it curves extremely well into Ravening Corruption. Did I mention overstatted, Rush, and 2APC’s?
Fulminating Berserker 1
Accel first off is great. 2pp deal 3 draw 1 with no downsides other than needing an amulet on your side is amazing. Especially in a class with Avarice. Body is also good, with 6/6 storm unconditionally, and you can buff with rides.
Scrappy Werewolf 1
Brings you to wrath when not in it, and is a 2/3/3 storm in wrath amazing card in a deck that needs more finishing power
Bloodfall 2
While it seems like amazing card economy at first glance, remove 3pp worth of value for 1pp, it’s inability to help in more lethal situations is a major minus.
redcap 1
This thing can spiral out of control. With just a single APC, this guy becomes a 3/5/7. And the axe is a minor benefit as more discard fodder for showdown. Amazing pull from Volteo too.
Craps Demon 1
First off, bane is great in combination with ward and/or rush, especially on a cheap 2pp follower. The fact that it heals some damage on top of it is great. The fact that it heAls often a lot (6) when you need it is great as well. this is also thematically the coolest card in the set- you gamble your buff on him to roll his dice, and get defender back based on the result, but in a pinch he rigs the game highly in your favour also a great Volteo target.
Class rating: 1
Haven got a lot of synergistic support for Amulet and/or Ward, with almost no pack filler.
benevolent Blight 2
With Kel gone, Haven is starved for AOE. And although the lack of body is highly noticeable, the heal, draw, clear, and enhance for more of the above later on may be a decent tech option for later on.
Revolver Eagle 1
Better divine birdsong, or that other card that maybe rotated out getting APC + an ordinary divine birdsong for the same price is splendid. Body isn’t bad, 2 bodies one with rush the other a 3atk storm isn’t the worst for 9pp if finishing the game
enchanted Knight 1
2/1/2 that draws a card. Can draw more pretty easily. Basically an Earth sorceress that has 1 less defenders but draws off itself. Ward Haven is already starved for draw, and losing Golden bells will hurt like a bi-
Sacred Stone Apostle 1
Enhance for possibly 5/7/6 stats all with ward and most targeting protection isn’t bad, but being able to put a 1/1 ward not only to contest board but also to get more use out of Wilbert and Sarissa is also really useful. Did I mention she is a 1/2/2 outside turn 1?
pure metamorphosis 1
2pp transform anything into a 2/1. Remember Presto? That card balances giving a 3/4 that drew your opponent a card on evo by being 2pp. And this one gives a 2/1. Only problem is you can’t get rid of it on your turn.
Shady Priest 1
1pp banish anything lmao. Another amulet to get destroyed, 1pp too. And the body isn’t bad either, tutoring an amulet to use with him and being able to possibly banish multiple things in the midgame is a ton of value.
Set 1
Amazing card. Accel is amazing for heal decks like Elena or new 4pp amulet, or just for procing Lorena. But the body on this thing is so good. Healing, Targeting protection, high defense, AND Bane?! Amazing. And then you remember that you can res this thing with Sarissa for massive tempo swings.
Class Rating: 2
Portal has some good cards, but lack a cohesive game plan outside float, which lacks synergy with the legends.
mechanical designs 1
Draw engine for float. With all the combos of very chap cards which don’t self replace, resources run out fast, so an extra card a turn could really help.
Wretch 2
What carries this to 2 is him being good going first, and him making a bullet bike to enable Zel to a 1 for 1. Otherwise, meh
Stringmaster 1
Amazing puppet support, cheap puppet generator, and generates lots of dead followers.
Yo Yo girl 3
Very underwhelming, clunky, and hard to play. Better to just play the artifact than her and why pay 3pp to lower a single pshift by 1, when a 1pp artifacts lowers them all by 1?
Scavenge 2
Very interesting card that can gain massive advantage the later the game goes on. Reusing many portal followers is a massive blessing. Kinda expensive and can be clunky though.
Railmender Coyote 3
Portal has little to no ride support- not many buffs and no other payoffs for buffs, other than trading with puppets using additional attack.
capsule Homunculus 1
0pp heal basically. Just stick it in a float combo. Heal is always welcome in this deck .Face damage doesn’t matter cause your win con is Vesha Zel
Class Rating: 1
Neutral just has a a lot of solid support now. Almost all of them do something to help Ride game plans
Spice Showers 3
A gingerbread house that doesnt leave an earth sigil. Need I say more?
“Quixotic adventurer” 1
Solid ride support. Not much else to say
rivaylian Bandit 1
Ride payoff card. How effective it is at that depends on the deck. Doubt the enhance is good though
vagabond Lizard 1
Again, plain old solid ride support
supercharged Guitarist 2
Ride payoff card, but it’s trash without them. Relies on ride consistency to be efffective.
And that’s the full list. Love to here other’s thoughts on this expansion.
submitted by Vividfeathere to Shadowverse

[Draft] M21 Draft Set Review - White

Hello Spikes
I'm excited to present The Winning Agenda's set review for M21 Limited, starting with White.
You can read the text below for white and blue, and I'll post the other colours over the next couple of days as well.
EDIT - You can now also find blue here https://thewinningagenda.com/2020/06/27/m21-set-review-white-and-blue/
We'll be talking through the set review on stream in 14.5 hours from this post at twitch.tv/thewinningagenda or you can follow along on Facebook Live at www.facebook.com/thewinningagenda (2pm Sunday 28 June Australian Eastern Standard Time).
Feel free to come along and join the discussion, and watch us put this to the test on Arena with a draft straight afterwards. We'll also be opening up some paper prerelease packs and chatting about the pools.
I hope you enjoy, and if you have any feedback or suggestions for future content, please let us know!

M21 Set Review

Card grading scale –
5.0 – I will always play this and build around it. The most powerful cards that warp games and formats or give repeated, powerful advantages. Some will be nigh-unbeatable planeswalkers, efficient board wipes with upside or bombs that are super-difficult to remove (Vivien, Monsters’ Advocate or Ashiok, Nightmare Muse).
4.5 – This will always make the deck, and will absolutely warp the game if it resolves, but it can be answered. It may be a self-contained high-powered card that doesn’t otherwise impact the board but can dominate the game itself, or replaces itself with another card (or more) but may not beat out the opponent’s board (Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath or Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast or Embercleave)
4.0 – A bomb or a powerful answer that gives more than a one-for-one. Some less powerful board sweepers might be here, or bombs that are powerful and have some impact when they hit the table, (Lurrus of the Dream Den or Snapcaster Mage).
3.5 – An answer that I will always play that is unconditional, but may still be a one-for-one (Blood Curdle), a two-for-one or better that requires some work, or a bomb that has negligible impact when it enters the battlefield but can dominate games (Obosh, the Preypiercer, Trail of Crumbs or Bastion of Remembrance). Some super-efficient creatures or archetype-defining cards might also get this rating.
3.0 – A staple in most decks of its colour (Cavern Whisperer, Frost Lynx, General’s Enforcer), solid piece of removal (Flame Spill, Dire Tactics or), efficient beater or strong creature that has no impact when it enters the battlefield or is relatively easily answered (Setessan Champion), or an excellent combat trick.
2.5 – An archetype staple for a popular and powerful archetype in its colour that is still good outside of the archetype or without too much work (Bushmeat Poacher), a decent piece of removal with some relevant conditions or restrictions (Charge of the Forever Beast or Divine Arrow), or a relatively efficient creature that I’m always going to be happy to play on colour or a very good combat trick.
2.0 – A narrow but powerful archetype staple, a decent creature that doesn’t get me too excited but I’ll usually play on colour (Glimmerbell, Pious Wayfarer, Boot Nipper), a piece of decent but situational or temporary removal (Heliod’s Punishment) or decent combat trick.
1.5 – Generic filler that I’m reasonably happy to play most of the time (Mosscoat Goriak or Forbidden Friendship), situational removal or removal that asks for a 2-for-1 or some setup (Heartfire, Mutual Destruction).
1.0 – Filler that I am less happy to play but will sometimes make the deck, decent sideboard cards, or highly situational removal I’m unlikely to play most of the time.
0.5 Rarely playable except in very specific decks.
0.0 Unplayable in limited most of the time.
Alpine Watchdog1.5 – Glory Seeker (and Fresh Volunteers for those Masques enthusiasts) was never terribly exciting. Adding keywords to the white 2/2 for 2 has increased their playability in limited significantly, but at the same time creatures in general have increased in power.
This is a downgrade on Herald of Dromoka, and vigilance is probably not as strong as Bishop’s Soldier’s and Mesa Unicorn’s lifelink, but it’s likely to hit the table in a fair number of white decks as a beater on curve with an always-relevant keyword.
Angelic Ascension(edited to 2.0) - Spending two cards to get a 4/4 flyer, or needing to assemble a token to sacrifice to this, is a lot to ask. Removing their best threat but giving them what will be close to, if not better than that threat in the form of a giant flying beatstick feels pretty poor.
If you have a lot of tokens that you’re able to reliably throw to this, then maybe it makes the cut, but I’ll leave the ascending to others most of the time.
EDIT: I underrated this initially, it should be a 2.0.
Anointed Chorister1.5 – Lifelink is one of the more powerful keywords, even on smaller creatures. Any one drop that has the ability to scale up in the lategame (see Almighty Brushwagg) often turns out better than it seems, particularly where it has a relevant keyword ability.
It can be more valuable to have a creature that can battle your opponent’s board more favourably than a 1/1 in the first few turns. That being said, Core Set formats sometimes devolve to topdeck wars, where the ability to level up in the midgame when you have a dead draw, and utilise excess mana, does come into its own.
This is on the borderline of falling to a 1 because of the activation cost – 5 mana makes it so much less likely you’ll be able to use it twice in a turn.
Aven Gagglemaster3.5 – Air Elemental is usually a strong card in core set formats, and although this loses a point of toughness (which is unfortunate because it can meet an untimely demise at the hands of Scorching Dragonfire), the ability to bash for 4 in the air and stabilise your position in the race by gaining at least 2 life is strong enough to consistently make the deck.
It’s a credible threat that can close out the game in a few turns on its own and battles reasonably well with opposing weenies.
Baneslayer Angel – 4.5 – A true limited bomb. Baneslayer is playing in a different ballpark since its release in M10 and M11 because creatures as a whole have improved substantially. However, it remains a premier threat that opponents must answer immediately lest they fall further and further behind. Any day you untap with Baneslayer in play is a good day.
Basri Ket4.0
Basri’s +1 is solid, and even better on vigilance creatures where you get the power on the attack and you get a beefier blocker to defend Basri. It can also help force some damage through later in the game (or at least turn a trade into a chump block for your opponent). That’s decent and reasonably flexible.
His -2 gives you some potential to get 1-2 additional soldiers without too much effort, and if you are ahead on the board, it can do so without exposing Basri too much on the backswing. This ability is very tempo dependent but can lead to some blowouts.
If you can play a steadier game with Basri and get him up to his -6, you are very short odds to win the game. The combination of the +1 ability’s general utility, the scaling power on the -2, and the strong -6 make Basri a very good deal for 3 mana.
The main downside is that Basri does nothing on an empty board. This isn’t irrelevant, as you want your planeswalkers to do something if you’re behind, and it holds Basri back from a higher rating here.
Basri’s Acolyte – 3.0
White decks will want to take advantage of a decent curve in most formats, and this is no exception. The counters will go nicely on a Concordia Pegasus, Alpine Watchdog, Daybreak Charger, or any number of other commons in the 2 and 3 drop slot. Lifelink is always nice, and this is a decent medium-sized body to carry it.
Lifelink also has the added bonus of synergising with Griffin Aerie, one of the better card advantage engines in white below rare.
Basri’s Lieutenant – 4.0
It may seem odd to rate the Lieutenant the same as Big Bas himself, but this creature is good at all stages of the game, whether you’re ahead or behind, and whether you’re engaged in a massive board stall or you’re racing.
Importantly, the Lieutenant can put the counter on itself, and its death ability also triggers of itself. That means playing this on an empty board gets you at worse a 4 mana 4/5 vigilance with protection from gold spells, and a 2/2 vigilance when it dies.
That is super-efficient, and if it can dish around the +1/+1 counter love to another relevant creature the turn it lands, or if you can leverage multiple death triggers (either with the Acolyte or with the Solidarity that’s up next), this can have a monstrous impact on the game.
Basri’s Solidarity – 1.5
It can be awkward having cards like this in your deck because if you’ve got an empty board you’ve got yourself a stone cold brick, and with one creature it’s very mediocre. With two creatures it’s decent, but effectively just a flashed back Travel Preparations.
Counters and exact power and toughness do matter a bit more here (getting your Basri’s Acolyte up to 3 power can turn on your Griffin Aerie, for example), but there is still a danger your card is a bit mediocre unless you’re in a board stall or you’re way ahead. Sorcery speed stops any combat shenanigans and means that you’re always looking for offensive value or synergies here.
Celestial Enforcer – 1.5
The stats on this aren’t too bad (it’s no Mindless Null). Although its tap ability is both expensive and situational, it will be available a reasonable amount of the time given that white has 2 fliers at common and a handful at uncommon.
This will make the deck sometimes, but I’ll rarely be excited about it. It’ll fill a spot on the curve, sometimes tap something relevant, and generally brawl reasonably effectively in the early game.
Concordia Pegasus2.0
This creature generally sits around the 1.5 range for me in most core sets, but this time it just gets the bump up to 2.0 because of the number of +1/+1 counters flying around.
Having a 2 drop flyer that can reasonably consistently get bigger without spending a whole card thanks to Basri’s Acolyte at common means that if you have 2-3 of each in your deck, you’re staring at a pretty efficient beatdown core.
Containment Priest – 1.5
Most of the time this is Alpine Watchdog but with a less relevant keyword ability. Flashing in your 2/2 may just snag a better creature by surprise blocking, but then you could just be playing something better than this and presenting your own threat.
This might make it to fill out a curve in a beatdown deck but it’s not exciting.
Daybreak Charger – 2.0
We seem to be getting a Leonin of the Lost Pride card in most sets now, and I’m generally not a huge fan of 3/1 beaters. However, this one can give Concordia Pegasus or another beater a relevant power boost the turn it lands, and if it gets a +1/+1 counter or two, the power starts to look a lot more scary.
This may be bordering on falling to a 1.5 as well, but like Concordia Pegasus, If I’m playing a white beatdown deck and I’ve got a couple of Basri’s Acolyte, I’ll be happy to slot a couple of these as well.
Defiant Strike – 1.0
The fact that this doesn’t usually save your creature makes it pretty mediocre. There’s no heroic shenanigans or other payoffs for targeting creatures here, and this feels flat off the bat.
Auras that do nothing to offset the inherent 2-for-1 potential they hand to your opponent are usually questionable. This seems out of step with what you want to be doing in this format in white, and this particular Dominarian reprint doesn’t get a rise out of me.
Faith’s Fetters3.0
Faith’s Fetters is the archetypal removal with upside. It beats out Pacifism because although it costs 2 mana extra, the lifegain and the ability to shut down activated abilities are absolutely worth the premium. I’ve always had faith in this card, and in this format it feels like white will be very happy to lay down early beaters and then Fetters an opposing blocker.
Falconer Adept – 2.5
These sorts of creatures can go wrong at 4 mana, but the ability to spit out creature tokens, let along flyers, is not to be trifled with. If you can get even one or two attacks in with this card, it’s been a strong play that synergises very well with white’s +1/+1 counter and flyers matter subthemes.
It can be worse than Daysquad Marshal if it’s killed straight away, and its stats aren’t super impressive on their own, but the fact the tokens fly and the potential to create multiple tokens takes this from a 2 to a 2.5.
Feat of Resistance(Edited to) 2.0
Although I’m usually a bit resistant to this sort of card, and it’ll often be the last card cut in my draft decks, this one has more of a chance of seeing play because the pump sticks around and the protection gives you a real shot at winning combat or dodging removal. This is like a hybrid Unlikely Aid and Unexpected Fangs, in that it saves your creature and gives you an ongoing boost. That’s better than it looks at first blush, and I’m sure will lead to many a blowout.
Gale Swooper3.0
Assault Griffin with upside? Yes please! This compares favourably to most previous white and blue flyers for 4 at common. The ability can push through a key attacker without warning. This feels like a Dream Heron or Vulpikeet where you get to lift your best creature into the air, if only for a turn, but you don’t risk any kind of tempo or value loss because you get a separate 3/2 flyer as well.
Glorious Anthem – 3.0
The fact that this old favourite does nothing on its own does hold it back from a higher rating, but the effect remains extremely potent. This doesn’t require any tribal commitment and all your creatures will soon be singing from the same hymn sheet. Its permanence and reach gives you the potential to build up imposing board positions quickly. If you can pair it with any kind of token generation, you’re in business, but it’ll often be good enough with straight up creature cards.
Griffin Aerie – 2.5
These kinds of combo or value enchantments often turn out to be stronger than they seem. This one takes a little more work than a Bastion of Remembrance or a Primal Empathy, but I think it’ll still be strong. It pumps out very relevant creatures and has a reasonably easy requirement to fulfil.
Even if you trade a 3-power lifelinker for a similar-sized creature, you now get a 2/2 flyer out of it.
You will want a decent bunch of lifelinkers in your deck, but if you can pull it off, this can run away with games.
Idol of Endurance – 0.5
This is slow, has sequencing issues and is very expensive for what it does.
Early game it’s just awful, because you can’t slam it down until you have the relevant cards in your bin. Lategame, it pumps out one of your smaller creatures per turn at a 2-mana premium.
Given the sequencing issues and the fact that you need to sculpt your deck a bit to take advantage of this, it feels like you’re going to either end up holding it in hand frustratedly and wishing it was anything else, or bring back a chump blocker every turn if you draw it later and you’re facing down bigger threats.
Legion’s Judgment – 2.5
Costing one less than Blade Banish and Smite the Monstrous is great, but losing instant (compared to Smite) and the ability to exile (compared with Banish) does temper that slightly. Sorcery speed is a little less of an issue than in Ikoria, where a significant chunk of the giant beaters had psuedo-haste because of mutate.
Still, the 4-power restriction is real, and it means that this misses a lot of dangerous creatures in the set. I wouldn’t play more than 2 of these ever in the maindeck, and I’d be reluctant to play more than 1.
Light of Promise – 1.5
There are a few synergies in the set that can see this become a significant power boost, so I won’t write it off entirely. It feels a little bit like Stormwild Capridor, but it has a few relevant downsides. It has inherent 2-for-1 issues, doesn’t dodge opposing removal, and requires very specific cards to trigger, which you may not want to play normally.
Still, the ability to present a +3/+3 threat at instant speed by bluffing Revitalize (which cantrips for good measure) means that this can be hard for your opponent to interact with in combat if it’s on a vigilant creature, for example.
If you’re discerning about when you play it, and if you can get something out of it on the same turn, it can be a decent threat, but it is a risky play that can see you get brutally crushed by removal.
Makeshift Battalion – 1.0
This can be decent, but its ability does ask you to be quite far ahead and it’s often just a 3/2 for 3.
If you’re risking one of your other attackers when you trigger this, you’re not necessarily coming out ahead, so you have to think carefully about doing so. Having flyers like Concordia Pegasus who can attack without risking their lives more often improves thing.
The fact that it wants things in play before it and then delays its impact for a whole additional turn can make for some awkward sequencing and tempo. I don’t love it, but I’ll put one in my deck if the curve demands it.
Mangara, the Diplomat4.0
Mangara controls the board and demands payment from your opponent whenever they attack with multiple cards, or paly more than one spell a turn. This replaces itself almost all of the time unless it’s answered swiftly, and it’s got decent stats to boot. In a lot of games, this will savage your opponent’s tempo or force them to sequence plays awkwardly. If they ignore Mangara, it will probably give you a significant card advantage.
Mangara does so many things that it’s easy to overlook the first word in their text box. Lifelink helps with all of the lifegain matters cards, and the additional relevance of lifelink in this format pushes this up from a 3.5 to a 4.
Nine Lives0.0
This is too narrow to see much play, because you need it to land at the exact right point in the game with the game evenly poised.
It’s worse than a fog because it doesn’t actually prevent the damage, and if they attack with enough sources (even over two turns) you’ll watch all nine of those lives get ticked off in quick succession.
It’s also sorcery speed, so you can’t ambush them with it and they have full information before they declare attackers.
You need to be vulnerable to an alpha strike, but able to kill your opponent on the backswing, and they need to be willing to essentially commit harakiri by attacking into this nonetheless.
I can’t envision a use for this that doesn’t involve Donate or Harmless Offering.
Pack Leader – 3.5
This is an extremely strong effect for 2 mana. Your Alpine Watchdogs become extremely efficient, and your Selfless Saviours get bigger and allow this to attack with impunity so that you can protect the rest of the doggo squad.
There are enough dogs seeded throughout the common sheet that this should have plenty of canine company to lead you to a strong board position whenever it comes down.
Rambunctious Mutt – 2.5
I’ve always felt as though Magic has been good for my vocabulary, and this is a great example of why. Exuberant muttering aside, this one fits nicely into the upper end of a white deck’s curve.
The fact that this hits both artifacts and enchantments when it’s cast is nice. It’s also notable that this effect is better on a 5-drop than it is on, say, a 2 drop like Leonin Relic-Warder, because you’re less likely to have that awkward tension between wanting to use your mana on-curve and wanting to get value out of your ETB trigger.
This is the kind of card that I want my Thraben Purebloods to be – it loses a toughness but gains significant upside in the ability to 2-for-1, particularly in a format with a relevant uncommon enchantment cycle, some relevant equipment and enchantment-based removal.
Like with most 5-drops, I’m not going to go nuts on these, but I’ll be happy to have 1 copy in most white decks.
Revitalize – 1.5
If history tells us anything, it’s that straight up cantrips are usually a little better than they look. This one is effectively a 2-mana cycle with a small but potentially meaningful effect, and is not going to fizzle from lack of legal target like some cantripping combat tricks.
You’re generally going to be wanting more action out of your cards than this, especially at 2 mana, but if you’re looking for consistency, 2 mana cyclers can be okay. If you can get more out of the life gain through Griffin Aerie or Light of Promise, you’re going to want to play this for sure.
Runed Halo0.5
You can play this to give yourself protection from the best creature on their board, but it really is a mediocre removal spell since it allows them to continue to block and interact on the board.
You might side this in if you see multiples of a particular threat or play it main deck if you’re super short on removal and have lots of flyers, but I’d generally avoid playing this if possible.
Sanctum of Tranquil Light – 2.0
These are very difficult to evaluate, but let’s break it down as simply as possible. This starts as a 1 mana tapper that doesn’t die to creature removal, but the ability costs 5 (it reduces its own cost). If you have 2 other shrines in play, it costs 3 to tap a creature and you can do it multiple times a turn.
Ideally you don’t want multiple of these in your deck since additional copies don’t let you tap multiple creatures, they just reduce cost. The fact that the other shrines have passive abilities, except Sanctum of Shattered Heights whose ability only costs 1, means that if you can pair this with one or two shrines of different colours, the others wont fight for your mana.
Seasoned Hallowblade1.5
In most decks, Daybreak Charger will do more than this at common. If you’re in black/white reanimate, this can give you some sweet value by killing their blocker and getting your reanimate target in the bin.
Otherwise, it’s a pretty mediocre 3/1 that can use excess lands to save itself in combat sometimes.
Secure the Scene – 3.5
The premier piece of white removal at common, this hits all nonland permanents, meaning you can snipe their best creature, Planeswalker, shrine or even an equipment.
The 1/1 can be annoying, but shouldn’t be too much of a problem most of the time,
Selfless Savior1.5
This isn’t the one drop of my dreams. It may be selfless, but like Dauntless Bodyguard before it, I’d rather take a good card rather than a mediocre card to save my good card.
That being said, this doesn’t have the awkward sequencing issues that the Bodyguard had. It’s not as strong as Alseid of Life’s Bounty, which had lifelink and triggered constellation, but it does have synergy with the doggos, so can sometimes find a place.
Siege Striker(Edited to) 2.5
This pseudo-exalted double striker feels a little deceptive to me. I worry how often I’ll want this to besiege my opponent’s face, only to find that I have one or two other creatures in play and I can’t actually afford to tap my whole board to get behind a single attacker. If the path is clear for this and you have a full board, you’re winning anyway.
(Edit: I was too harsh on this given the +1/+1 synergy and the general proclivity for agro in white here. This is a solid 2.5 that I’ll play in white. In some decks it’ll be an all star)
Speaker of the Heavens2.5
The usual use case for this is pretty good. 1 mana for a 1/1 vigilance lifelinker. Okay, I’ll play that a reasonable amount of the time. In a colour with a +1/+1 counter subtheme, even better. The activated ability won’t go off super often unless you have a lot of support, but when it does, it’s ridiculous. I’d be happy to pick this early pack 1, or slot it into most white decks.
Staunch Shieldmate0.5
Old staunchy paunchy does block reasonably well for 1 mana, but vanilla creatures that have no hope of actually contributing to me winning the game unless the board is basically empty aren’t terribly exciting.
Swift Response2.5
These are often more awkward than they seem simply because they can’t help you clear out blockers if you’re on the beatdown. Still, the ability to kill their best creature at instant speed (before the attack lands) is a big deal, and I’ll usually be happy to play one or two, particularly if I am playing Celestial Enforcer and I expect to be able to use its ability.
Tempered Veteran – 2.0
This is close to a 2.5, but I think it would need just one more efficient common source of +1/+1 counters to get there.
Basri’s Acolyte clearly works wonders with this card, but aside from that and Feat of Resistance, there aren’t heaps of attractive options that you’re going to see regularly to turn this on.
The fact that it has the ability to put counters on the board is good, but 6 mana is a lot. Compare that with the Ikoria mentors, which contributed a counter for free when they entered the battlefield, and they were still far from exciting. In the midgame, tapping out to slightly upgrade one of your creatures doesn’t feel amazing.
If you think you can reliably use the first ability, it’s good, but otherwise I’d rather take something a little higher on the raw power scale.
Valorous Steed2.5
Creating two vigilant creatures for 5 mana is a very efficient deal. There’s not much to say here, other than that white doesn’t usually get a single 5/5 for 5 mana (I’m looking at you, Thraben Purebloods), let alone 5 power and toughness split across two bodies, both with vigilance.
Vryn Wingmare1.0
There isn’t much creature-based removal here that could let you go full-Umori and slam this with impunity. That being the case, this is an inefficient (worse than Wind Drake) flyer that you might play if you were desperate for flyers, noting that it might hose you on a key turn or lose you some tempo by squeezing your mana.
Warded Battlements1.5
A pseudo-anthem that also blocks is a very interesting proposition. This works a treat with Concordia Pegasus, and I could see u/W skies decks loving this in the midgame as they race their opponent’s ground game. Even in other archetypes, upgrading all of your other creatures without needing to attack itself (a la Perimeter Sergeant) makes this more flexible and likely to impact the game for longer.
1- Faith’s Fetters
2- Secure the Scene
3- Aven Gagglemaster
4- Basri’s Acolyte
5- Gale Swooper
submitted by jessemarshall to spikes

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