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Step-by-step Tutorial: How to UnTether Jailbreak and

Iblacklist keygen 5.1-5 skype. 7 Ways to Block a Phone Number for Free! . Cell phone - Complaint Board. We accept articles covering broad interests – politics to business, travel to entertainment, sports and lifestyle.

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Blacklist unknown number for samsung monte. Downloads (9) This app is simple & lightweight launcher for Safari, Maps, Mail, FaceTime. This will let you keygen iBlacklist (and maybe newer releases). Do u mean call and sms blocker?

4 Ways to Block Websites

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Phone Number Details - (806) 851-1###. This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. Welcome to the Citrix Community page where you can connect with experts. Once you unblock him his e-mails will appear in your Hotmail inbox.

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The only #039; bad#039; news is you cannot use this hack tool more than hacks Skype Password Hacker is a working account hack for the Skype service. Therefore, It is suitable to transfer data from iPod touch, iPhone, and iPod Feel to PC or Apple system. IBlacklist is the best call blocker and sms selector available for the iPhone. Ps. Jailbreak is legal and dont cau.

3 Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Calls on Your Cell Phone

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How to Block Unwanted Calls or Text Messages on Your

"Skype Blocker 5.92.rar" by Eddie Cox. How Can I Unblock a Contact in Hotmail https://familycenter33.ru/crack/?key=721. Track Your Friend's Cell Phone for Free. Its top rated vide editing software package for non-linear editing (NLE) originally published by Sonic Foundry, then by Sony Creative Software, and now by Magix Software GmbH.

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Registration key [2.0 - Release] iBlacklist - Call/SMS filtering

I would recommend this app to anyone with a need to track device usage and location. When writing a keygen, the author will identify the algorithm used in creating a valid cd key. At this point it's useless to forecast anything, so we'll start to announce it. McMaster researchers, working with partners at other universities, have created a motion-powered, fireproof sensor that can track the movements of firefighters, steelworkers, miners and others who work in high-risk environments.

Now that there is a Jailbreak available for everyone, what Jailbroken apps would you recommend?

Tell us some of your favorite Jailbreak apps. I'll update and put them all in this as people suggest more for an easy reference.


  • A
Activator - Activate apps via gestures, buttons, ect.
afc2add - Adds tge afc2 USB service (so you can browse your iPhone like a removable disk).
AndroidLock XT - An android like lockscreen where you have to draw the right pattern to unlock
AptBackup - backups up your apt database for when you upgrade jailbreak/firmware
Appsync - syncs apps with itunes
AttachmentSaver - Enables the ability to download attachments.
AutoLock SBSettings - So that I can quickly turn off autolock (useful for SSHing).
Auto Silent - Makes your iPhone go on silent during certain times of day to help avoid that embarrassing call at work/school.
Auto3G - Turns off 3G on lock. Extends Battery life.
  • B
Backgrounder - better backgrounding of apps
Bitesms - hasn't been updated yet so its rather buggy. When they do update it and give me my $5 worth it will be the best text message replacement there is once again. (Suggested biteSMS beta works better)
Bluetooth Mono SBSetting - Music through a Bluetooth ear-piece
  • C
Covert - Private Browsing mode for MobileSafari (Note: This seems to conflict with EnhancedTabs, and I'd love for them to work nicely together)
CyDelete - Delete Cydia apps from the home screen the same way you would delete appstore apps.
  • D
Displayout - use av cables to mirror iphone on tv
Drivesafe.ly (exactly like i spelled it) reads texts out loud. add http://drivesafe.ly/repo/ to find it
  • E
EnhancedTabs - Makes MobileSafari's tabs MUCH better. (Note: This seems to conflict with Covert right now, but hopefully a fix is coming soon...)
  • F
Face Time Mod - Disables the 15 fps restriction as well as lowers the minimum fps, enabling higher quality while on WiFi and fewer drops when on a poor connection or 3G
FakeLocation - Fakes the GPS location to apps of your choosing.
Five Icon Dock - I think this one is obvious :P
Five-Column SpringBoard - 5 icon columns on the SpringBoard
Five Icon Switcher - 5 icons in the task switcher
FolderCloser - closes folder after launching an application so it isn't open when you exit the app
FolderEnhancer (Paid) - Makes folders much more functional. Really useful if you use folders a lot.
Frash & Frash Toggle - Flash for iPhone (Note: Super buggy, but fun to have around)
  • G
GAMEBOY A.D.X. - GB emulator
gpSPhone - GBA emulator
Gridlock(Paid) - Place icons anywhere you want on the screen (as long as it aligns with the grid)
Grooveshark - you have to buy a vip pass but it finds and plays any song and most songs can be played offline. You can use the website to set up playlist and songs. Between it and zumocast i have saved 5 gigs by not having to sync my music library to my phone. Find it under the http://h7v.org/ repo
  • I
iAnnounce - Announces who is calling you, using the voiceover voice.
iBlacklist - fully customizable call and text blocker
iBlueNova - File transfer over bluetooth.
iFile - File manager / server for iPhone
iLocalis - Like MobileMe for locating your phone, but cheaper and more features
Infiniboard - Vertically scroll your home screen pages.
Infinidock - What I use in place of pages of apps, instead I have a couple of "pages" of docks with folders
Infinifolders - Allows you to put as many apps as you want into a single folder
Installious - Free apps! Yay! (Disclaimer: Use this just for a "try before you buy" method. Help the devs!)
iPhoneDelivery - SMS Delivery Notifications with several options. Integrates really nicely into biteSMS. (Note: This currently breaks FaceTime and there is a work around, just look at the end of this post)
  • L
Landscape Lock Rotation (Paid) - Complements Apple's portrait rotation lock and adds landscape functionality to it.
LockInfo - Use your lock screen for data - calendar events, emails, tweets, etc
  • M
Maps Enhancer - Adds zoom limiting and caching to maps
Mitube - saves youtube videos to phone to view on or offline
My3G - Makes any program think it is using Wifi when it is on 3G (Like iTunes, Skype, etc)
MyWi - Turns your iPhone into a hotspot
  • N
NES A.D.X. - NES emulator
No Bookmarks - Disables the auto-loading of your bookmarks list upon opening Safari
NoSpot - Removes Spotlight function.
  • O
OpenSSH (Make sure to change the password). - SSH into your phone. Useful for way too many reasons. Something everyone should install.
  • P
PrivaCy - Blocks apps from giving your information away.
  • Q
qTweeter (Paid) - Update Facebook/Twitter status from anywhere.
QuickReply for SMS - reply and view SMS without switching or closing the current app.
  • R
Retinasizer (iPhone 4 / iPod Touch 4G) - Forces retina display resolution rendering for games that have not been updated for Retina Display support.
Rotation Inhibitor - SBSetting toggle for rotation (this is just to avoid double-clicking home and swiping and all that).
  • S
Safari Download Manager (Paid) - Download files right from MobileSafari.
SBSettings - Moves important toggles to be available even with just a swipe of the top of the screen.
ScummVM - Plays SCUMM engine games
ShakeToUndoKiller - I hate this feature and this kills it :)
Signal - Nothing useful here, just cool to see what cell tower you are connecting to and where they are in your area.
Simple Background - Enables panoramic wallpapers.
SNES A.D.X. - SNES emulator.
Siphon - SIP client
SpringFlash (iPhone 4 only) - SBSettings toggle for turning on LED flash and using it as a flashlight.
  • U
Unlimtones - search and adds ringtoness directly to phone.
User Agent Faker - Allows MobileSafari to pretend that it is another type of browser. Useful to avoid all of those specially designed-for-iphone website layouts.
  • V
Veency - A VNC server for your iPhone. (Use your computer to play with your iPhone.
  • W
WiFiFoFum - List available wifi networks, can WarDrive with it
Wifi Passwords - Lists all the Wifi passwords saved on your phone
Wi-Fi Sync - Sync your iphone w/ iTunes without a cord. (This one is kind of flaky though, and if you have it enabled on your Mac, you have to uninstall it from your computer before you can update/restore.)
WinterBoard - Theming almost every aspect of the phone.
  • X
Xpandr(Paid) - Text shorcuts. Hard to explain what it is, but it is useful.
  • Y
YourTube 2 (Paid) - Download videos directly, using the native youtube app
  • #
3G Unrestrictor(Paid) - Fake apps into thinking your are on WiFi and Facetime over 3G (watch your data when doing this).
  • Helpful Repos
http://iphonedelivery.advinux.com/cydia/ - Place to download iPhoneDelivery from.
http://sinfuliphonerepo.com - Place to download cracked JB apps.
http://cydia.hackulo.us - Place to get Appsync 3.1
http://cydia.xsellize.com - More cracked JB apps repo.
http://repo.benm.at - Frash repo.
  • Other Stuff
iPhoneDelivery FaceTime fix
1) Install iPhoneDelivery as usual.
2) Replace your existing iPhoneDeliveryMS.plist in /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/ with this.
  • Apps needed to get cracked apps
Appsync for 4.1 - Patch required for installing patched applications.
Installous - Download/Install pirated Apps. Also can share over bluetooth and wifi.
MetadataRemovr - Removes pirated apps' metadata so that they don't show up in Appstre updates. (Update feature will still work in Installous)
Special thanks to Vagitarian_, DallasK, MashiAnkrekku, ipab, o_g, esotericsean, Ch_Risf, Minimalist, basalt. Upvote them. NOW. :P
submitted by JonL13 to iphone

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