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Nerdly Pleasures: Digital Sales of DOS Games

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Glidos - Tomb Raider 1 no cd? \ VOGONS
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Key generator tomb Raider (1996) Game Info and Walkthrough

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Registration key tomb Raider I: XBOX/Playstation Controller Fix: : Tomb

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Glidos: : Tomb Raider I Allgemeine Diskussionen

A serial can also be referred to as a "CD Key". There is now an FMV pack, containing the videos from the Play Station version of TR1. Xiuang! WWX.Net SWS: //www.greensborohighpoint.racing. Glidos - Tomb Raider 1 no cd? It's preconfigured for most game titles and controllers.

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Please Help. Tomb Raider 1 enhanced FMV stutter.

I don't suppose anyone here can help, but I've already tried numerous other places to no avail. :(
I'm trying to get the ehanced FMV (PSX/LeonDeka's Remasters) to work using the 'Automated Fix' found here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=... but whenever they play they exhibit an unusual stutter see here for example:
The original FMV don't exhibit this issue only the enhanced ones. I have also tried TombATI found here http://www.glidos.net/tombati.html?lang=en but I have the exact same problem. I've also tried both the Steam and GOG version of Tomb Raider 1, again the exact same problem.
Also I can go into the game files and play FMV with whatever media player and they'll play fine.
If anyone could offer any help I would be extremely grateful because I just feel like I'm smacking my head against a brick wall at the moment.
submitted by D3MOT1VE to TombRaider

[Progress]February goal completed, sorta

This is a long post that I made, wow. Since I'm not a native english speaker, there might be some poor english down ther, and I'm sorry in advance
Since my PS2 is in kinda unfortunate state right now, I couldn't continue with finishing off MGS 2 and eventually also MGS 3 as I decided after I gave first one a try and I really liked it. So instead I gave another series that I already own , but never fully finished: Tomb Raider. So I obviously started with very first one, from 1996.
Now, for me, Tomb Raider was one of few games that I remember very vividly from my early childhood, where my brothers would play it with my cousins on weekends(because they had PC, and a PC version of it), and after hours of them playing, I could get some time with it as well. Years later, I and my contemporary cousin would still launch up this game occasionaly and have some fun and recollect some happy memories. But we never made it past some point in Egypt I believe, and I finally decide that this need to change.
So, I finally find some time this week to finish this game off, and wow, I was so lucky that I never made it so far when I was a kid, that would give me so much nightmares. Especially Atlantis, wow, fuck Atlantis, it frightened me even today...
Some things about gameplay: If not for memories, and my determination, I wouldn't pick it up. It's very dated, and it shows. Very low-res and low-poly graphic, that sometimes is scary for reasons completly unrelated to story (and when it finally tries to be scary, it gets double points for being extra scary and disgusting) or completly hilarious. Controls are quite primitive and... "wooden", if you can call controls "wooden". There is a lot of things that you have to do while being at exact right angle, otherwise you'll just bounce off wals, at many occasions, many variants and many situations. Combat is very straightforward as well (but honestly I don't think that combat was ever a strong point in any TR game), and while I liked most of the puzzles in the game, some of them were too farfetched (I had to use walktroughs twice during my playthrough because I was stuck for good hour without realising some obscure, but crucial step).
As for running it on modern systems, GOG (and I heard that Steam as well) have working editions that does a good job, but since PC version was depireved of original soundtrack, and GOG reedition is basically locked into one resolution if you don't want to mess around in numerous config files, I've decided to act. And I found an application named "Glidos" that fixes both issues for this game, and allows some tweaks for this and few other games that are supported, so it's quite nice.
Overall, it was nice trip down the memory lane, kinda scary, but certainly positive experience.
Also, I heard that TR2 is much better in about every way, and I'll certainly want to check that out :)
So, what's next? I'm craving some racing games right now, out of the blue, since I don't really play racing games. I have NFS: Most Wanted but... it's for PS2. I hope that, if it's on single-layered DVD it might still be playable, since I figured out that my PS2 might have issues only with dual-layered DVDs so far, but I'm uncertain about it. Otherwise... I have no idea, I'll find something to fill the gap before my PS2 is in working state again(that's a shame that it died just as I started to be interested in more games for that platform...), maybe even Tomb Raider 2?
submitted by krysztal to 12in12

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