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Details from the official record of the investigation on 21 Apr 2011 (the day the bodies were discovered)

Details from the official record of the investigation on 21 Apr 2011 (the day the bodies were discovered)

55 Boulevard Robert-Schuman
Nantes. Boulevard Robert-Schuman, Thursday, April 21, 2011, 9:40 a.m.
The police arrive with a confident step and open number 55, a semi-detached 400 square foot bourgeois house, built on two floors. Hurry up. Determined, they cross the hallway and rush towards the back yard, overlooked by a terrace which is accessed by the swinging door in the kitchen or the bay window in the living room, two rooms on the ground floor.
Here they are behind the house, facing a 725 square foot yard protected by walls that are more than 6.5 feet high. To put it simply: a dry space, without any grassy plot, planted with some shrubs, lilacs, and laurels.
Against one of the walls is a bicycle. Further down, there is a heap of branches and dead leaves, a wooden portico decorated with a slide, a folded ping pong table. In a fraction of a second, we think we hear laughter from children having fun, we imagine scattered scenes of family happiness. But this April 21, 2011, the faces are grim. A heavy silence weighs down the atmosphere.
On the terrace - the only space behind the house that is invisible to the residents of the two neighboring houses - a table and two chairs seem have been set out to take advantage of the first rays of spring sunshine.
Below the terrace is where you access the cellar via an eight-step staircase lined with flowers, but you must bend down to sneak into this basement that was just under 4 feet high. Various objects are scattered on the ground beneath the terrace: a yellow garden hose, a rusty wood saw, a ladder, two parasol feet, a charcoal bucket, a child’s sand shovel, a shell basket, a car jack, an ATV helmet, a scooter, an old radio, roller skates, and two dog bowls.
The investigators are gathered in front of these odds and ends. Anne-Sophie R., lieutenant of the judicial police in Nantes, cannot take her eyes off the bowls. Something is wrong with this scene resembling a garage sale.

On the left side, just in front of the cellar entrance, Anne-Sophie is intrigued by large sheet of plywood lying on the ground. One of the corners has been cut off, and the two dog bowls are strangely positioned on the sheet of wood. They are next to two cushions, which are trapped themselves under an old bookshelf with rusty tools and pétanque balls on it.
After moving the bowls and the cushions, the policewoman lifts this board which rests on flat, slightly packed earth. Using a used shovel and a pickaxe with a broken handle - tools found on the spot - her colleagues began to dig. They quickly remove about 4 inches of rather loose soil, sometimes strewn with some fragments of briquette and pebbles.
Suddenly, the pickaxe’s iron hits something more solid. “We came to a cement area. Then, by sliding our finger on this cement, we found that it was hard, but it crumbled easily, which suggested that it was not completely dry and that it could have been recently poured ,” describe the investigators on the official report of findings.
The thickness of this cement, “hard but not completely dry,” is 1 to 2 centimeters (less than ¾ an inch). It covers a white canvas, which investigators cut immediately using a knife found on the spot. Under another layer of dirt appears a blue material that suggests a mixture of plaster and lime. The police extract this layer, and then experience a first, olfactory shock. There is indeed an overpowering smell of putrefaction.
It is stupefying.
The police are looking at each other. They dare not speculate, but they understand. Continuing their investigations, they see a large piece of white plastic, wrapped in a tensioner. All conversations in the garden stop immediately as a palpable tension fills the air. Suddenly, terror: “We saw human flesh with hair. A lower limb, a calf,” recalls an investigator emotionally.
It is 10:30 am. No one is authorized to make any further movement on this macabre site. The searches are temporarily suspended, and it was time to notify the police hierarchy.
In little time, the prosecutor of the Republic of Nantes, Xavier Ronsin, arrives at the scene. He is accompanied by the highest security officers from the Loire-Atlantique department. At 11:20 am, a decision was made to “freeze” the scene.
At 12 o’clock, the white coats of the forensic investigators from Rennes, 75 miles away, are also there. They are working to gather as much evidence as possible following the guidelines for an “open flagrance investigation for acts of assassination and forcible confinement.”
“We wanted to preserve the maximum amount of information without contaminating the scene,” reports Francis Wetta, then second in command of the departmental police, in the columns of the Nantes newspaper Presse Océan. “We avoided having too many police officers on site because we had to protect the crime scene. There was a total of ten investigators and magistrates.”
Measures are taken to insulate the house at 55 boulevard Schuman. In order to avoid untimely glances from passers-by and to protect the ground floor and front door from the onslaught of photographers, a large black tarpaulin was quickly hung by firefighters. Metal barriers were also set up to keep the public at a distance.

The entry way of 55 Boulevard Robert-Schuman
On the other side of the Loire, in a small room at the courthouse, quay François-Mitterrand, the press conference which Xavier Ronsin was to hold this same day at 10:30 a.m. was extremely late. The journalists are patient. They comment on the front page of the local newspaper: “The strange disappearance of a Nantes family. Xavier de Ligonnès, his wife and four children, aged 13 to 20, have not given any sign of life since April 10. An investigation for disturbing disappearance is open.”
The atmosphere is more relaxed. This news item does not arouse any particular excitement. And for good reason: “Two years ago, we had the case of a family which had been the subject of a similar report. We found out that she had gone on a world tour by sailboat,” recalls the author of this front page, Nantes journalist Jérôme Jolivet.
Lines drawn, Xavier Ronsin finally makes his appearance. The magistrate’s voice is grave and solemn. “I was about to launch a simple call for witnesses, which of course is maintained, but this very morning, a few minutes ago, human remains were discovered under the terrace in this family’s yard […] and the investigation therefore switches, clearly and unfortunately, to criminal.”
Effervescence fills the room. Very quickly, the media flocked to 55, where a security perimeter had been established. However, cameramen and photographers go up atop neighboring buildings to take pictures of the house, and especially the yard. On the other side of the boulevard, in front of the post office, satellite trucks are now parked. On TVs and radio waves, the streams go live.
At 1 p.m., the forensic investigators define five work areas. They are now filming all their operations. Zone 1: under the terrace on the left; zone 2: under the terrace to the right of the cellar door; zone 3: the garden; zone 4: the interior of the house; zone 5: the cellar.
In Zone 1, about 8 feet long and 3 feet wide, the excavations revealed a human leg earlier today.
This time, under the layer of brittle cement, a green Bic lighter is extracted, then strips of woven white canvas material and sandpaper, a layer of lime, and finally another sheet plastic material resembling a deflated plastic pool. Below, a black garbage bag containing a red sheet, then a blue and red sleeping bag. Between these different layers, a circular candle and a terracotta paving stone are also unearthed.
Not without difficulty, the forensic team managed to extract a discrete bundle, for the purposes of the investigation called “Package A,” measuring approximately 5.25 feet long and 2.5 feet wide, wrapped with pieces of gray tape and black and red rope. Inside the package, the body of a young man, aged 15 to 30, body measuring 5 foot 10.5 inches. On one of his wrists, a bracelet bearing the inscription “Vieilles Charrues 2010.” A pillow is placed under his head, from which blood and brain fluid flow. On his pillowcase, three holes are visible. Placed against his body, a rosary with eleven beads, as well as a small crucifix. Like a religious ritual.
At 1:55 p.m., the forensic team decided to call on a funeral director to remove this first body to the morgue of the Nantes university hospital center.
The investigation is now focused on zone 2, located further to the right, opposite the entrance to the cellar. A space of ten feet by 5 feet is marked. Here again, the ground is covered with dirt, but also with a collection of wooden planks that hide a thin layer of cement. Under different layers of cloth, dirt, gravel, and pieces of glass, a new “package,” marked “B,” is extracted. It measures 8.2 feet long and 2 feet wide, is covered with eight gray strips of tape covering a pink sheet, and a multicolored duvet cover.
The body is that of a woman aged 40 to 50, wearing a black T-shirt on which we can discern the drawing of an animal, with this inscription: “It is not always […] to be a mole model.” No one wants to smile. On one wrist, three bracelets. On two of them, these inscriptions: “I am a golden mom” and “No stress.”
The body of this woman, relatively degraded due to lime and putrefaction, rests belly against the ground, while the position of the body “A” was back to the ground. It reveals traces of friction on the lower back. The nails of the right hand appear cyanotic. On her face, an ecchymosis (like a blood-filled bruise) on the left temple and another on the right mandible are noted. Under the head, on a beige pillow, there is also a spot of blood, as well as three holes of 5 millimeters in diameter. And, as on body “A,” a religious motif: a plaque representing a dove and a gold cross on a blue background.
The forensic scientist proceeds with legal findings. At 5:45 pm, body “B” was evacuated to the morgue.
The “C” package is located just below the one previously extracted from this pit, which is 7.5 feet long, 2.75 feet wide and 3 feet deep. The body rests on its back and measures 7.2 feet long and 1.6 feet wide. Covered in lime, swaddled in a light-colored sheet, gray tape, a navy blue sleeping bag, and various layers of black trash bags, is a young man aged 15 to 30, measuring 6 foot. Wearing only boxer shorts, he has a tribal tattoo on the right side of his abdomen. His eyelids are swollen. The forensics officers detected yellowish traces on the arch of the foot and on the top of the feet. A 2.5 inch statuette with of the Virgin Mary is also found and placed under seal.
In a garbage bag surrounding the body, the investigators discover for the first time a 22-type long rifle cartridge case bearing the initial “R” on the base, as well as a crushed warhead of the same caliber. These parts are also placed under seal.
At 6:40 p.m., this new body was evacuated. Then two dead dogs wrapped in a black trash bag were dug up. The bodies of these two Labradors are transferred to the Nantes Veterinary School for examination. On the boulevard, journalists see these two these two bags being carried out—quite bulky, but not as big as the previous ones. They will deduce that bodies have been dismembered, and report on this false fact almost instantly. Some family members of the deceased will not learn for a long four months that this report is inaccurate!
In the yard, which has been transformed into an open mass grave, the police are exhausted. The smell of death takes the throat and knots the stomachs. There are, above all, these unbearable images of an entire decimated family, lying there, under a terrace.
Police officer Francis Wetta testified: “In thirty-two years of my career, I may have seen hundreds of corpses. Even if we are used to it, we cannot remain insensitive when we have in front of us the corpses of adolescents who are still almost children. When we see a criminal’s corpse, it affects us less. There we were dealing with a family who appeared normal... A family full of life.” It is at this point that a police psychologist is mobilized to interact with officers who wish to do so.
The excavations are extremely delicate. To seize package “D,” the police are forced to step on another “package” located right next to it. But, in this day of tears and blood, there is no time for emotion. Investigators have anticipated the unbearable: at least five human bodies will be removed this evening.
Package “D” (6.9 feet long, 1.3 feet wide) is located 1.6 feet below normal ground level. This time, black garbage bags cover a navy blue down and a duvet cover surrounded by seven gray strips of tape. Inside, a feminine body of fine build, younger than body “B.” Covered with a white sheet with blue stripes, she rests on her back and measures 5.5 feet. The long, light brown hair is knotted with a hair band. The young woman is wearing pink and red pajama pants, as well as dark brown socks. On one of the wrists, a bracelet marked “Longchamp.” And, again, the same ceremonial: a rosary, a red wooden cross and a medallion of the Virgin Mary. For the second time, a long rifle cartridge case 22 is also recovered.
It is 7:30 pm. Body “D” is evacuated to the morgue. A priori, only the package “E” remains to emerge from the ground, at a maximum depth of 3 feet. Surrounded by soiled sheets, held by a red and black mountaineering rope, in a white and pink sheet surrounded by gray tape, the body of a young man aged 15 to 20, is discovered, wrapped in a red and blue sleeping bag and various layers of trash bags. He is on his back. His medium short hair is black. The young man is wearing briefs and black socks. Traces of point-blank shots are detected. We once again discover a 22 long rifle cartridge case. The white pillowcase with blue stripes on the pillow where the child’s head rests is pierced with several holes.
It is 8:15 p.m. In order to gather the maximum number of articles, the detectives decide to continue their investigations in zone 4, inside the house.
Their goal this time is to collect and seize all the boxes of medicine scattered around the house. In a kitchen unit, as well as in the bathroom, the family pharmacy holds surprises: the presence of a large stock of anxiolytics, neuroleptics, sleeping pills, antidepressants, as well as anti-inflammatory drugs for back pain. “There is a whole range of tranquilizers, from the lightest to the strongest, and the quantity of boxes is impressive,” comments a doctor, discovering the list of drugs seized. “This massive presence indicates that members of this family used it regularly.”
At 8.50 p.m., on the door of the family home, the investigators wrote in black letters: “Judicial seal. Do not open. “On a smaller note, on a salmon pink cardboard card, even more words: “Assassination, kidnapping. Against X.” After these eleven hours of search, the results of this day are frightening: five human bodies - a woman and four youths, as well as the corpses of two dogs, were unearthed beneath the terrace of 55 boulevard Schuman. Even though the bodies have not yet been formally identified, the body of the father seems to be missing. This evening of April 21, the police no longer have any doubts: if he is still alive, they have a duty to find him as quickly as possible.

submitted by Eki75 to DupontDeLigonnes

Carrie, The Intelligent Creator

“You couldn’t build anything better”

Main Attributes

Role: Tank
HP: 500 (300 health, 200 armour)
Movement Speed: 5.5 m/s


Carrie is a black female in her mid 40’s. She has long, black hair put into dreadlocks. She wears high tech safety glasses as well as a bandanna around her mouth and nose. She wears grey overalls above her black Tee and jeans. Carrie has heavy duty work boots with small modifications.
Mr. Biggo is a giant mech, put together with scrap and nails. The right arm is just a giant gun. there is an opening to the cockpit in the front

Passive - Intelligence

Using Carries intellectual creations, She can move faster while she shoots depending on how long she has been continuously shooting. Reloading does not count as stopping shooting. Activating abilities cancels the passive. (Does not count for Mr. Biggo)
4 seconds: 6.0
6 seconds: 6.5
8+seconds: 7.0

Primary - Last Resort

Carrie fires nails out of her Run-down assault rifle, at a surprising pace.
Type: Hitscan
Spread Angle: 1.6 degrees
Damage: 14-5
Rate of Fire: 7 rounds per second
Falloff: Starts at 8 metres, ends at 20 metres
Clip Size: 35
Reload Time: 1.25 seconds

Secondary - Junk Support

Carrie throws junk at an ally, Which transforms into a gauntlet on the targets hand and boots. This increases their movement speed and their fire rate.
Type: Diamond Target
Movement Speed increase: 30%
Attack Rate increase: 30%
Length: 4 seconds
Range: 15 metres
Projectile speed: 70 m/ s
Cooldown: 12 seconds

1st Ability - Bull Rush

Carrie sprints forwards, dealing damage, stunning and knocking back enemies hit.
Movement Speed: 11.5 m/s
Damage: 60
Length: 2.5 seconds
Stun length: 1.5 seconds
Knockback: 1 metre
Cooldown: 8 seconds

2nd Ability - Nail Sprayer

Carrie deploys her newest device, the Nail Sprayer. Activating this ability places her creation where she is standing. The Nail Sprayer targets the highest health enemy in its sights, damaging and slowing them. (slow does not stack)
Type: Deployable
Damage: 10 per nail
Fire Rate: 3 nails per second
Slow: 30%
Set-up time: 1.75 seconds
Health Pool: 250hp
Range: 20 metres
Lasts: Until death or destroyed
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Ultimate - Mr. Biggo

Carrie calls in trusty her mech, Mr. Biggo. Upon interacting with it she jumps into the cockpit.
Type: Mech
Mech health: 1200 Lasts before forced exit: 20 seconds
Charge Required: 2060
Movement Speed: 4.5 m/s
Note: getting hit by a headshot deals x3 the Damage
Primary: First Choice
Damage: 12
Spread angle: 2.1 degrees
RoF: 9 shots per second
Range: 20 metres
Projectile speed: 60 m/s
Falloff: 15 metres
Clip size: 100
Reload: 2.5 seconds
Secondary: Stomp
Damage: 75
Wind-Up: 0.75 seconds
Radius: 2 metre circle
Cooldown: 4 seconds
Ability 1: Technical Grapple
Type: Grapple
Range: 20 metres
Projectile Speed: 30 m/s
Wind-Up: 1 second
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Ability 2: Surge
Damage: 4 per nail
Nails: 50
Spread: 3 degrees
Projectile speed: 30 m/s
Range: 15 metres
Cooldown: 14 seconds
Ultimate: Exit
You are kicked off of the mech, and it flys up
(Self and Enemies) ”Time to pay it back!”
(Allies) ”Meet my best friend!”


Name: Carolyne Datream
Nationality: Australian
Occupation: Inventor
Base of Operations: Junkertown, Australia
Affiliation: Junkers
Age: 44


As a child growing up in the wreckage of the Outback, Carrie learnt from a young age that life was cruel, and that the world was under no obligation to assist her. This lead to a strong sense of independence at a young age, preferring the company of her patchwork designs to those of her fellow survivors. Like all, she hated Omnics, but she also held a sort of morbid curiosity towards them. Eventually, she tried recreating their robotics, and soon ventured into the world of artificial intelligence.
Despite her brilliance - or perhaps because of it - Carrie was often isolated from her fellows, and felt lonely - despite her chagrin towards them. She filled this hole with her creations, crude artificial intelligences devised from scrap metal and abandoned vehicles, but being a young woman in a world of cut-throat adversaries, she didn’t often dare go out to scavenge materials. That is where the trouble began, because while working on a commission for the Queen, her scavengers took off with the junk and the money, leaving her penniless and at the mercy of the ruler of Junkertown.
Forced to pay off the debt she wasn’t even at fault for, Carrie resented the Queen, and eventually Junkers as a whole. Her intelligence saved her from openly loathing her debtor, instead throwing herself further into her creations, torn between the harsh reality of capitalistic slavery and the blissful, logical world of her inventions. One day, very soon after Wrecking Ball left, Carrie was told she had a job; the final job, that would secure her freedom and her debt paid - hunt Junkrat and Roadhog, dead or alive. Equipped with her creations, Carrie ventures into the wider world, although she wonders why she would ever want to return...
submitted by UselessTacooo to OverwatchHeroConcepts

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