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UFT/QTP Patches: List of All Latest Patches and Service Packs

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QTP 11 is available for download as HP Functional Testing

What is the link to download qtp 10 crack version? . Qtp 10.0 was added to DownloadKeeper this week and last updated on 03-Oct-2020. Qtp Software Free Download 10.0 Full Version With Crack. Also there is no option for Continue button to by pass the license warning in QTP 11.0. Please advise when can we expect the patch for the same. We are upgrading from QTP 9.2 to QTP 10.0.

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Unable to export results in QTP 10.0

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[Review] Celine classic box bag in camel, rose pink, AND souris from TS Anna and TS Aaron (Marble Factory)

What a mouthful in that title.
tl;dr: Bought three classic box bags from two different sellers. No regrets. Quality 10/10; Accuracy 8.25-10/10; Satisfaction 10/10; Sellers 20/20. Combined into one review to avoid repeating info. Read on for more on how polkadotsprinkles has zero self control.

But why three?

I love Celine. I saw a blog post with the Celine liege box bag in souris in 2016, and I've wanted it ever since. I'm super grateful and lucky enough to have a well-paying career these last few years, and I decided it was time to buy her! Because it didn't seem like the souris color in the box bag was coming back anytime soon (originally fall 2015, I believe), I signed up for alerts on TheRealReal, fashionphile, ebay, rebag, etc. Nothing popped up. Somehow through all my searches, I came across Repladies, and have done a few hauls since! I've said it in comments, and I'll say it again - the newbie binge/high is REAL.
Anyway, for my first haul, I asked TS Anna if she had the souris in the medium size from the best quality factory. She said Marble has the best, but they didn't have that color in the medium. She offered up a few other colors they did have. I asked her for the smooth leather rose pink and Valentino rockstuds and paid. After mulling it over for a day, I then realized I should've gotten camel. Because I had already paid, it was my first purchase, and I'm so damn introverted, I asked for the smooth leather camel in addition. I figured the camel is Celine's classic color for the box, and if I didn't like the rose color in person, I would give to my mom. Looking back, I probably could've asked Anna if it wasn't too late to exchange.
As I waited for the shipment, I contacted TS Aaron for the Dior ultra matte saddle bag (review coming - also in love though). As I was about to pay, I asked if he also happened to have the Celine box bag in souris from a high tier. He didn't, but then told me that Marble factory had it in the small! Although I knew not my dream size, I figured, OH WHY NOT. And that's how I ended up with three Celine classic box bags.

Transaction deets for rose pink and camel, both in medium

Seller: TS Anna. Contact info here. I used WhatsApp
Cost: 1980 CNY - 10% (~$250 USD) each
Payment method: PayPal F&F
Shipping via Fedex(this included 2 purses + the pumps): 400 CNY ($56 USD)
Order timeline:
  • 19Apr: Inquired, I paid for rose pink
  • 20Apr: Inquired about camel, I paid
  • 22Apr: PSPs received for rose pink, I GL
  • 24Apr: PSPs received for camel, I GL
  • 29Apr: Received Waybill from Anna
  • 10May: Notification from FedEx that package is on its way from Dubai
  • 13May: Delivered! I'm in the USA

Transaction deets for souris, in small

Seller: TS Aaron. Contact info here. By this point, I was verified on WeChat, so I contacted him there.
Cost: 1590 CNY - 10% (~$201 USD)
Payment method: PayPal F&F
Shipping via UPS (this included the saddle bag): 450 CNY ($63 USD)
Order timeline:
  • 03May: Initial inquiry
  • 06May: Made up my damn mind on which to get, paid
  • 07May: Aaron checks in re souris color (see below in seller rating)
  • 09May: PSPs, I GL
  • 14May: Received waybill (I should add that between the 9th and the 12th, I kept asking Aaron about different sales he posted on his moments before I finally said, "Okay to ship!" In case you're wondering)
  • 26May: Delivered!


My photos: rose pink | camel | souris
PSPs: rose pink | camel | souris
Factory pix: All. I want to point out that Marble’s indoor photos are darker than real life, and their outdoor photo is lighter.
How I feel
Auth: Closest I could find to rose pink | camel with old logo | souris in medium


Quality - 10/10

Holy ffffffffffffff do these have a heavenly leather scent. When I open my closet, I can smell them and pick one to caress. The first box did have a slight fufu smell, but after extensive research (unhealthy inhaling), I realized it was the shoes and not the purses.
  • Leather on all is great quality. The liege leather is definitely sturdy and can probably take a beating
  • Stitching is great
  • Hardware is weighty
  • The dust bags are good quality in that they’re thicker material.
  • Time will tell on how well they'll do with rough handling. I'm a clumsy gal. I've already taken out the camel for a spin to my grocery store, got caught twice on the doorknob on my way out (seriously, wtf is wrong with me), and she held up well!

Accuracy - 9/10 (rose pink), 10/10 (camel), 8.25/10 (souris)

Imma preface this by saying that I place a lot of trust in high-tier factories. I think Marble is considered on the higher end of the mid-tier, but their box bags are pretty well-reviewed on this sub. I don't have a lot of friends that are into Celine, and the ones that are can't QC the way my homegirls at RL do. If there isn’t a glaring defect, I GL pretty quickly. That’s if I'm awake when I receive the PSPs, sometimes when I'm only half awake. Please take that into consideration when reviewing my accuracy ratings. I spent a lot of time lusting over the auth in the store, and I feel that these are very passable.
I'm also not rating the dust bags or the authenticity cards for authenticity purposes. However, I included the dust bags in my pix above if interested!
  • Measurements match that of online
    • 9 X 7 X 3 IN (24 X 18 X 7 CM) medium
    • 6 X 5 X 3 IN (16 X 13 X 7 CM) small
  • "MADE IN ITALY" in the medium with the new logo; "Made in Italy" in the small with the old logo
  • Old logo on heat stamp matches old logo on hardware; same with new logo
  • Spent a lot of time, going cross-eyed, comparing the heat stamp to Yoogis Closet
  • The zippers have the 3/Y symbol on the nose, which are consistent with TRR site
Rose pink
  • - 1 because I'm not sure if this color exists? I can't find any on tpf, fashionphile, etc. Please let me know if I'm wrong!
  • If i'm gonna be nitpicky, then maybe the glazing is off in some parts? I noticed it on the auth too, so I didn't deduct points.
  • Color is accurate to that in the store.
  • -1 because I can't find a version of the small in souris. She is an elusive bish. Because this was a version from 5 years ago, I don't think anyone will notice/care. Deducting a point jic I ride an elevator with Phoebe Philo. More likely to win the lotto.
  • -0.5 because the stitching is in a bit of a contrasting color, vs. the auth which has a closer color to the leather
  • -0.25 because the kerning of the heat stamp is a bit more spaced out than the auth. This is hardly noticeable on the liege leather, and the heat stamp is under the flap, so who's really going to be looking that closely?
  • Note: souris is a really tough color to capture in a photo. She is most like the auth link above. In darker lighting, she looks more like my photos. The PSP color is least like the actual color in person
  • Even though she scored the lowest on accuracy, she is my unicorn, and I'm in love

Satisfaction - 10/10

Seriously, this was my end goal to buy a Celine box bag. I was about to buy one, maybe pre-loved, and now I have 3 very-good reps. I am more than happy that I found RL! Maybe in a few years, I'll treat myself to an auth. That is a big fat maybe. After the world gets healthier, both emotionally and physically, I will be confident enough to take the camel into the boutique. And even though the size small in souris isn't what I initially wanted, it is spacious enough to fit a small wallet and my keys.
Finally, the rose pink is definitely pinker than what I normally wear (I’m a nude/black/white gal, in my entire wardrobe). I’ll try her out but most likely will give her to my mom, who loves the look of it and doesn’t care if it’s rep or not.

Seller Communication and Service - 20/20

I've done three hauls so far: 1) Anna 2) Aaron 3) Anna. I'm thinking what to include in my fourth, and it'll probably be Aaron because I'm bouncing back between those two. Both are super patient with my indecisive ass. I love how Anna says deahoney. I know I'm not the ONLY one she calls that, but it still feels nice like when a relative does it. Aaron uses emojis sometimes, but not overbearingly so. And I love that!
Aaron did contact me when he saw the souris in person and informed me that it didn't look like the factory photo. He wanted to know if I still was interested. I wasn't worried because from previous reviews on souris, online reviews of the auth, etc., I knew that she was a chameleon, so I told him go ahead. I appreciated that he contacted me to make sure it was what I wanted.
Thank you for making it all the way down here!
submitted by polkadotsprinkles to RepLadies

(H) Massive Marvel Legends lot,(New Additions (Blob, 2099)), Power Rangers (W) Paypal

CHECK OUT NEW ADDITIONS and the Power Rangers Lot
Prices are NEGOTIABLE, especially when purchasing multiple figures!!! Lowered prices, and blanked out previously sold.
No purchases under 20, NO HOLDS, and priority to larger purchases. Prices DO NOT include shipping, but there are circumstances where I will cover it.
Power Rangers Lot: http://imgur.com/a/dUxBbmO
Accessories http://imgur.com/a/G2XFItw
$150 for the lot

New Additions: http://imgur.com/a/XjQtpFZ
Blob - 220
Agent Venom - 30
Grey Hulk - 45
Morbius - 15
Spider-Woman (thanos) - 30
Spider- Girl (space venom) - 15
Beetle - 10
Spider-Man 2099 - 60

BAFs: http://imgur.com/a/a3cOPGI
SOLD Hulkbuster - 65
Dormammu - 60
Manthing - 45
Groot - 40
Absorbing Man - 40
Giantman - 25
Thanos - 40
Ult Green Goblin - 25

40+ Each: http://imgur.com/a/KyMowSD
Figures more than $40
Vision/Wanda 2 pack - 80
Spidey Carnage complete - 65
Yondu - 45
Miles (space venom) - 70
Spidey Carnage (missing base spiderman head) - 55

30-40 Each: http://imgur.com/a/BvqOHJp
Figures more than $30 are:
Civil War 3 pack - 35
Deadpool taco/bazooka - 35
Bullseye - 35

$20 EACH!!! http://imgur.com/a/xXIMpRH
Sold List: Angela, Female Thor, Nuke, Scorpion, Invisible Woman, Elektra

$10 EACH http://imgur.com/a/6b0LcAx
Sold List: Ego, King Cobra, Cottonmouth, Blizzard, X-23

Thanks for looking and please pm with any questions.
submitted by GinandJuked to toyexchange

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