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Strategy Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare 2 for Android

Bring your friends to KoGaMa and build awesome worlds together, completely free. Top Answers Browse the most popular answers provided by the community and EA for solutions to common issues. Plants vs. zombies 2 hack 3.0. Play the sequel to the hit action-strategy adventure with over 30 Game of the Year awards.

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The game received a positive response from critics, and was nominated for multiple Interactive Achievement Awards, alongside receiving praise for its musical score. The different worlds and final battles together with funny things in it. There are just so many opportunities and challenges, once you start you will never get bored. The apps gets better and better all the time with some improvement and adds new features. Plants vs zombies - Ebook written by Paul Tobin.

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Amass an army of powerful plants, supercharge them with Plant Food and discover amazing ways to protect. Players can plant 49 types of plants each with a different defensive or attacking skill to ward off an invasion that includes 26 different zombies. ReadPam for Plants vs. Zombies 2. PAM is the format of animation files found in some PopCap's games such as Plants vs. Zombies 2. This program can convert PAM files to JSON files, based on this wiki page. Here is the Plants vs Zombies Mod Apk Download Plants vs Zombies Mod Apk Plants vs Zombies mod apk unlimited coins and stars hack.

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First of all, i want to say that the main gameplay has remained the same. Plants vs Zombies 2 Game Play Online Without Downloading https://familycenter33.ru/crack/?key=100. The Graveyard, also known as 13-10, is the tenth and final level of Dark Ages Part 2 in ECLISE. If you loved plant vs zombies 1, definitely get this.

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Plants vs. Zombies 2 - Free Mobile Game - EA Official Site. Packed with over 250 great gags about both plants and zombies, it's enough to make even the undead giggle! GitHub - 2001zhaozhao/pvz2-level-maker: Fast and easy to https://familycenter33.ru/crack/?key=89. There is an endless struggle between plants and a variety of zombies.

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The app is developed by Big Fish Games. This is the first night level that the player experiences. Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare Crack https://familycenter33.ru/crack/?key=82. Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time; Developer(s) PopCap Games: Publisher(s) Electronic Arts: Composer(s).

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Plants FAQ v1.00

How to Beat Plants vs. Zombies 2: 10 Steps (with Pictures). 3 Ways to Get Sprouts in Plants vs Zombies 2 go to this web-site. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Plants vs zombies. Hints for plants and zombies 2 strategy and guide.

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MOD APK Unlimited Coins Diamonds Keys Plants Unlock: TOP Games. Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Guide l Plants Vs zombies 2 Tips 2020. The type of android used is also not arbitrary because this apk can only support a minimum of Android version 3.0 (Gingerbread), ARMv7 1.0 Ghz or higher and phones with 1 GB of RAM. Plants Vs Zombies 2 Full Version Download 43.

PvZ: Heroes

A place to discuss Plants Vs Zombies: Heroes. Ask for deck help, share fan art, or stick around to find someone else to battle.

Creating New Weapons

Hey guys,
I posted a thread recently, suggesting reworks and/or buffs and nerfs and I figured you guys'd think:
"Why don't this dude suggest new weapons instead and not touch my weapons?"
Well good news! I got ideas for them too. If you liked the train of thought I was on but you were afraid of having your favourite weapons broken, have no fear. That's what this thread is for. Here are some of my ideas.
NOTE: A lot of these weapons are inspired. I do not claim ownership of most of these ideas.
A lot of these ideas are inspired from:
Rise of the Triad (implementing more creativity).
Halo (different styles of similar weapons for different gameplay).
Time Splitters 2 (Again, more variant styles of familiar weapons to vary the gameplay).
Red Faction Guerrilla (Inspiring a different way to play Heavy since he is a Heavy Weapons Guy).
Counter Strike: Source (Inspiration of the Deagle-like idea).
Team Fortress 2 (Some of these are a way to implement the same type of art style).
NOTE 2: Some of the brackets will elongate a contracted name of the weapon. The rest of the brackets usually state which slot they replace. Primary, Secondary or Melee.


8-Gauge Scattershot (Tactical Gauge Shotgun) (Primary)
You start with 8 shots.
Left click to fire two shotgun shots with 33% more spread and double the knockback.
Right click to fire a single shotgun shot that's slightly more spread than the original shotgun but spends less ammo and does less damage.
-20% Accurate.
Innovative Pressureshot (Like the Scattershot from Halo) (Primary)
50% More accurate than Scattergun.
Slight Knockback on target enemy.
0.60 second reload speed.
1 Shot before reload.
Dual-Barrel Boston Boomer (Longer Double Barrel Shotgun like a Zombie Hunter) (Primary)
+25% faster firing speed.
Knockback on the target.
+20% Bullets per shot.
-15% Damage penalty.
-66% Clip Size.
No random critical hits.
Spark-a-Citrus (Another Crit-a-Cola -like can)(Secondary)
When consumed, when an enemy hasn't seen you, zip away so fast that you teleport behind the nearest player.
Make a fizzing noise behind your target. Basically like when you get a Bonk out but they can hear it as well as you.
The Crit Club (Caveman Club with Crit-a-cola attached) (Melee)
Melee attacks mini-crit after being airborne.
Right Click: Grants a temporary speed boost for 4 seconds with half the cooldown of the bonk! atomic punch.
-15% damage vs buildings.
This weapon holsters 50% slower.
No random critical hits.


Twin-Missile Collider (Primary)
Shoot twin missiles outwards then inwards toward the crosshair's current location. Fire twice the missiles. Each missile deals 75% normal rocket launcher damage.
Gain ammo from dispenser 50% slower.
-25% Accurate.
No random critical hits.
Homing Rocket Slinger (Primary)
Fires a projectile homing in towards your intended enemy in your crosshair.
-33% Clip Size.
-10% Projectile Speed.
Heat-Seeking Bazooka (Primary)
Fire a projectile that homes in towards any object projecting heat. This includes Pyros, Buildings, Soldiers and Demomen.
Deals 33% more damage to Pyros.
15% Additional Projectile Speed.
These projectiles can still be reflected back towards its owner in the same pattern.
-33% Clip Size.
No random critical hits.
Drunk Missile Launcher (Primary)
You fire four small missiles that deals 33% rocket launcher damage that vaguely launch towards a particular enemy.
+25% Clip Size.
-25% Firing Speed.
No random critical hits.
Corporal's Elevator Shoes (Secondary)
After initial landing, you bounce again, half the air time in the same direction you went.
You can barely control this momentum.
Meteoric Vertical Jetpack (Secondary)
After Rocket Jumping, switch to this and press MOUSE1 to go crashing down vertically faster than normal. You deal 2x explosive rocket launcher damage to anyone in the landing zone and a slight knockback away from the center point to all within the landing radius.
No random critical hits.
Stolen Bayonet Knife (Melee)
Description: The soldier was known for being rejected many times signing up to War, so he decided
to "borrow" some equipment.
+10% Rocket Jump Height.
-25% Falling Damage.
-25% Attack Speed.
-15% Damage.


Flamewall Pitcher (Primary)
You fire a missile that arches towards the ground.
If it hits the ground, it sparks a wall of flame that burns enemies and afterburns them.
The closer the enemy, the higher the damage and longer the afterburn.
+15% Clip Size.
If it hits a building or an enemy directly, it detonates into a weak blast, dealing 50% less damage.
No random critical hits.
Volcano Propeller (Secondary)
You fire a flare like normal but where the projectile lands, it creates a small lava pool, setting fire to any enemies who spawn in it and dealing constant fire damage for 3 seconds.
Downsides being it has to be in the air for at least 0.5 seconds before it can activate a lava pool. Hitting enemies with the projectile itself does 20% less damage and no afterburn.
Inferno Shooter (Incendiary Shotgun) (Secondary)
Fires Inferno Breath Rounds, dealing damage and set the enemies on fire for a short amount of
+15% Firing Speed.
+10% Spread.
-15% Damage.
-15% Reload Speed.
-50% Afterburn Duration.
Firestarter (Blacksmithing Hammer) (Melee)
1 hit marks the target for Fire-setting.
2 hits on the same target expands their form, slowing them by 15% but setting the target on fire.
3 hits on the same target causes them to explode, dealing explosive damage to the target and causes their allies in close proximity to get knocked slightly upwards.
Any teammates can decrease the hits by 1 if they hit the same target with their own Firestarter.
-20% Damage.
No random critical hits.
Cannot use kritzkrieg on a target wielding this weapon.
Unfinished Fire-settings after death or after 8 seconds will reset.


Lobbing Glen Valleymaker (Primary)
Special Fire to switch between Alt Modes, 1 being an arc close to you, 2 being an arc 5 yards away from that and the furthest (being 3) being 5 yards further. The farther away the shot, the less accurate it becomes.
+15% Reload Speed.
At Alt Mode 1, +100% accuracy. -15% movement speed. +10 damage done to self.
At Alt Mode 2, -15% accuracy. -15% movement speed.
At Alt Mode 3, +10% damage, -25% accuracy, -25% movement speed,
-85% Clip Size.
Must reload after 1 shot.
T.M.L. (Timed Mine Lobber) (Secondary)
Fire a timed mine onto a surface to wait 5 seconds (Default) before it explodes and deals explosive damage to surrounding enemies and buildings with full knockback.
Charge the shot to bury it deeper within the surface.
Special Fire to set a time between 5-30 seconds displayed on your H.U.D.
Alt Fire to prematurely detonate, dealing 75% explosive damage instead and 75% less knockback.
The mines emit a vibrating sound if you listen closely.
Enemy Explosives set off the mines and deal the same amount of damage as if you detonated them manually yourself.
Proximity Mine Launcher (Secondary)
Shoot proximity mines that hide themselves from enemy view. If enemies step on it, it explodes dealing damage to them and anyone else surrounding them, knocking them back.
You can't detonate it manually.
Enemy explosives will blow up the mines.
Slurring Scotsman's Elixir (Melee)
Bottle Taunt: Extends your stickybomb maximum by +4 for 15 seconds.
Has same cooldown as Mad Milk.
-20% Melee Damage.
XYX Hard Intoxicant (Melee)
If 3/3, -15% Melee Damage and -20% Movement Speed but on hit, causes the enemy's movement speed to slow by 25% for 5 seconds. No shattering occurs.
If 2/3, -15% Melee Damage and -20% Firing Speed but on hit, causes a small knockback to the afflicted enemy. No shattering occurs.
If 1/3, -10% Fire Vulnerability but on first Hit, causes the bottle to shatter, causing -10% fire vulnerability to the enemy (removing your vulnerability) and dealing +5% melee damage and bleed. When shattered, deals bleed damage on hit. Does not stack.
If 0/3, -15% Fire Vulnerability but on first Hit, causes the bottle to shatter, dealing +5% melee damage and bleed. When shattered, affects the target with a bleed. Does not stack with itself.
Bottle Taunt: Drink 1/3rd of spirits. Taunt executes 10% slower than the normal Bottle. Doesn't recharge on its own.


The Baby Manschredder (Gatling Gun) (Primary)
-50% less windup.
+15% Fire Rate after 4 seconds.
-50% Accuracy after 4 seconds.
+25% Fire Rate after 5 seconds.
-25% Accuracy after 5 seconds.
+25% Turning Speed after 5 seconds.
-50% Fire Rate for the first 3 seconds.
-75% Accuracy for the first 3 seconds.
Gauss. Acting. Utility. Survival. Shotgun. Cannon (Primary)
Description: Now known as GAUSS Cannon. Formerly known as Gauss Cannon.
You have 50 hyper velocity, high density projectiles instead of 500 bullets. One shot takes 0.33 seconds to fire.
+10% Damage.
+33% Damage to Buildings.
No rev up time.
You stop moving completely to fire instead of slowing down.
Slight Self Knockback.
Weighted Arc Welder (Heavy Tesla Launcher) (Primary)
Description: A shocking transition from bullets to electricity, you shoot it outwards, even disrupting nearby buildings.
You have 500 Ammo.
You deplete 10 Power per shot.
Your shots are in an arc in front of you.
You short-circuit nearby enemy buildings for 3 seconds, stopping them working.
+25% Damage.
Rev up time is what's used to fire the shot and half of that timer to be able to shoot it again.
-25% Range.
Selfish Chicken Dingwing (Secondary)
Description: Eat a chicken wing.
On 3/3: Heal for 75 Health.
On 2/3: Heal for 50 Health & increases next melee hit by 50 damage.
On 1/3: Increases next melee hit by 50 damage and throw the bone, dealing 25 damage.
Has 3 charges.
Can't overheal.
Can't throw to others.
Protective Custody (Riot Shotgun) (Secondary)
Right Click: Bring up a Riot Shield to defend from 250 damage. Afterwards, the shield is disabled for the same amount of time that a Chargin' Targe recharges.
+33% Clip Size
+10% Knockback on enemy.
-10% Damage
Big Man Pole of Vaulting (Olympic Pole) (Melee)
Description Idea: Heavy not pole dancer. Sasha makes Heavy graceful.
Right Click: Throw the pole at an angle and vault upwards, passing distance quicker than normal. Vault same cooldown timer as Mad Milk.
-10% firing speed.
This weapon holsters 25% slower.
Barbed Gloves of Punching (Melee)
Has the normal boxing gloves wrapped in barbed wire. Every punch causes the target to bleed and every consecutive punch in 3 seconds increases the bleed damage by 15% stacking up to 3 times.
-10% Damage.
On miss: Hit yourself, idiot.
Stacks afflicted by you on yourself stack up to 3 as well.


Heating Rail Rifle (Primary)
Description: Allows you to see through one wall in front of you to detect enemies as heat signatures.
Fast classes hit are dealt +15% damage to them.
Slow Classes hit are dealt -15% less damage to them.
1 Second Firing Speed.
=10% Damage.
-85% Clip Size.
Exertion Dispersion Plunger (Secondary)
Appearance Idea: Imagine the appearance of a plunger like an old timey detonator blowing up tnt.
Firing allows you to push your dispenser into overdrive, dispensing 25% more resources than normal in an aoe radius around the dispenser (if there's no room, it will produce it and put it wherever it can, near the sentry.
Only allows this exertion if you have enough in your dispenser. After triggering it, you have 5 seconds to wait for the dispenser to return to a normal rate.
Roborex Minibot Controller (Melee) (Replaces Sentry)
Appearance Idea: Replacing the Sentry, you construct a small helicopter-like platform with a Robotic T-Rex on top of it named "Roborex".
Press Reload to look through its vision and activate or deactivate if already active. Control the Roborex with WASD.
Fire: Swipe with the left claw.
Deal -50% melee damage of the normal wrench to enemies.
Alt Fire: Swipe with the right claw with a slight step forward.
Deal -75% melee damage of the normal wrench to enemies.
Your Roborex will turn around and return to its deployment pad. The closer the Roborex is to the deployment pad, the sooner it can be deployed again.
+15% Roborex Attack Speed (Adding onto normal wrench speed obviously)
-50% melee damage to enemies upon melee swing of the controller itself. If the platform is destroyed, so is the Roborex.
-25% Controller Attack Speed.
-15% Controller Damage.
Double Sided Spanner (Melee)
You repair a building in front of you and behind you, showing you an indicator of the building behind you on your hud in a bubble at the bottom center.
Has a double attack that executes on 3rd swing.
-25% Attack Speed
-25% Upgrade Rate.
-10% Repair Rate.
The Monkey Wrench (Melee) (Replaces Sentry)
Appearance Idea: Mechanical Banana with bolts on the banana peel and the banana innards are carved in the form of a monkey wrench.
Alt Fire: Sends a small monkey to the nearest ally building to repair it at 25% of the normal engineer repair rate. Once the desired building at the crosshair has finished repairing, the monkey then manually walks back the way he came to the engineer.
The Monkey is AI controlled, cooldown is the same as the Sandman.
It sits on the Engineer's shoulder as default.
It has -25% engineer movement speed.
It can be killed while on the engineer's shoulder or off to repair a building.
- has 75% health.
- can be headshot like a player.
Surreptitious Surveillance VR Stick (Melee) (Replaces Teleporters)
Description: The latest in spy tech gadgetry, this retro joystick and headset allows you to change your point of view to the cameras you've set up. Keep an eye on those spies before they keep an eye on you. The radius of the camera's view is the same as a sentry.
Alt Fire: Allows you to monitor your cameras. Camera 1 first (entrance replacement) then Camera 2 (exit replacement).
Has a red dot emitting on the front of the camera, visible to allies and enemies.
Two beeps emit from the camera if an enemy is in the camera's range. The engineer will be alerted on his hud with a green eye with a number next to it, showing how many are in its sights.
When in Monitoring Mode, Fire to go to Camera 2, then again to exit.
When in Monitoring Mode, Alt Fire to go to Camera 1 if on Camera 2.
When in Monitoring Mode, Special Fire to turn the camera selected off to not show the red dot
to enemies to make it less obvious.
The highest a Camera can be built is the highest an engineer can jump.
While monitoring, your other buildings have a 15% efficiency drain.
Dispenser dispenses 15% slower while in Monitoring Mode.
Attack speed of your Sentry fires 15% slower while in Monitoring Mode.
0.5 Seconds to go into Monitoring Mode. 0.5 Seconds to go out of Monitoring Mode and being able to move again.
-25% Wrench Damage.
-25% Wrench Attack Speed.
M.C.C (Mumbling Constructor's Controller) (PDA 1)
Description: This is themed towards the way the Pyro deals with his enemies. Burning. Slowly.
The Sentry is replaced with an Auto-Torcher (Turret).
The Dispenser is replaced with a Thermal Generator.
This heals other engineer buildings but at the same rate as dispensing ammo/metal.
The teleporters are replaced with 2 Plasma Shields.
The Plasma Shields reflect 3 projectiles each, reflecting them directly back to where they came from.
If an enemy is nearby, the closest building to the enemy will vent a small amount of fire for 1 second in one direction then vent air to slightly push them away for 1 second.
+20% additional metal needed for your buildings' construction.
The Auto-Torcher turns 10% slower than a normal turret and shoots 15% slower than a normal Sentry. This is because afterburn is a factor here.
Once the shields are down, they require a timer that is 1.5x the time it takes to dispense ammo from a dispenser to recharge. Reflects from BOTH sides.
-50% less afterburn timer to all vent fire and Auto-Torcher fire damage.
E.M.P.R. - (Electro-Magnetic Pressurized Remote) (PDA 1)
Description: This is what happens when you plant your feet in your shed while a storm brews around you.
What a shocking turn of events!
Sentry is replaced with the Tesla Coil. Tesla Coil has no turning and deals damage all around it.
Upgraded, it has a little more attack speed and damage. Upgraded again, it has 1.5x more attack speed and damage.
Dispenser replacement is the Pulse Generator. It destroys potential sappers one at a time on a cool down.
Upgraded, the timer of destruction of potential sappers is decreased by 1.5 seconds. Upgraded again, it's decreased by 3.0 seconds.
Teleporters are replaced with Motion Detectors. When built, projects a minimap on the builder's screen and giving you your current room and half of the next room's blueprint and enemy's last position.
Upgraded, decreases the cooldown and increases health. Upgraded again, decreases the cooldown and increases health.
Alt Fire: Increase security measures and compromise the safety of the Pulse Generators at the same time. They take +50% damage but send out a disruption wave, short circuiting any potential cloaks and temporarily showing a spy's silhouette for 1.5 seconds and dealing 20% engineer's primary weapon damage to enemy buildings nearby.
Tesla Coil attack rate is cut by -10% lower than the normal Sentry.
The electric shocks deal 10% more damage than the regular Sentry.
The Pulse Generator's recharge timer is the same as the amount of ammo/metal that would generate on a dispenser.
The Motion Detector updates the image as often as a teleporter's cooldown.
Hidden Stat: Doesn't counter dead ringer.
D.P.C - (Dangerous Painful Constructioneer) (PDA 1)
When constructing your buildings, you deal a small amount of damage to any enemy running into your buildings' melee range and cause them to bleed for a small amount of time.
Your buildings take 50% longer to construct because of the addition of the pointy shrapnel.
Texan's Terrific Taille (PDA 1)
Description: Nothin' like sittin' on your robotic rockin' chair while drinking your Taille, telling a tale.
Appearance Idea: Hook up two of those beers that the engineer drinks in his Rancho Relaxo taunt to each building on each side, to signify they are juiced up.
Your buildings build 25% faster.
Your buildings operate 15% faster.
+10% Movement Speed bonus when moving your gear.
-15% Bullet Vulnerability.
Your buildings are capped at Level 2.
E.E.D - (Extra Explosive Detonator) (PDA 2)
When you detonate your buildings, you deal 33% explosive damage of a stickybomb mine and cause a slight knockback.
You must manually detonate to trigger the effect. Getting your buildings destroyed by someone else, it will not activate. Your buildings must be level 3 respectively to have the effect be available to trigger.
You cannot destroy your buildings normally at level 3 so pick a good spot or it'll take you a while to recover.
Costs 20 additional metal on each building.
If too close, explosives also knock you back and deal damage to you.
If multiple of these ideas are somehow seen by Valve (I wish, xD), If the wrench replacements replace a Sentry or a Teleporter or a Dispenser already, then you will not be able to equip the PDA replacements that also do the same thing to avoid software conflict. Basically like equipping cosmetics and/or weapons that occupy the same part of the body like the Soldier with Mantreads and cosmetic boots conflicting or Ali Babas conflicting with cosmetic boots.


The Nadelprojektor (A Nail Gun) (Primary)
Shooting these needles at allies heals them and provides a +20% resistance to the damage type that the ally took last.
Shooting out these needles to enemies makes them +10% vulnerable to the last type of damage they took.
If the target ally or enemy has taken no damage since spawn, default resistance is bullet.
Damage Types:
-20% Attack Speed.
Death's Door (A Coffin with a tube stuffed in it) (Secondary)
While healing, provides 20% melee resistance to you and your target and provides a melee knockback immunity. Ubercharge halts both the medic and the target's health at the current value and absorbs half the incoming damage.
The rest of the absorbed damage is reflected directly back to where it came from after the Ubercharge ends, including fire and projectiles.
+20% explosive resistance.
-33% Overheal build rate.
-66% Ubercharge rate on Overhealed patients.
The Seesaw (A Seesaw with the balancer as the handle) (Melee)
+67 Overheal build rate on Demomen, Soldiers and Engineers.
+10% Projectile Resistance on wearer and target.
Ubercharge provides +75% projectile resistance to the medic and ally affected.
-66% UberCharge rate on non-demomen, non-soldiers and non-engineers.
The Sawsaw (A chainsaw) (Melee)
Fire to attack with the blade as is, doing 10% less than an average bonesaw swing.
Hold Fire for 2 seconds to execute a charged swing.
Charged: Deals +20% Melee Damage.
You can switch weapons to reserve the charged swing for later.
-10% Damage.
-25% Melee Attack Speed.
-30% Attack Speed on charged swing.
If you die before executing the charged swing, you'll lose it.


Scoped Crossbow (Primary)
Scoped Headshots deal 40% more damage.
+50% Firing Speed.
Has a very tiny arc at the end, like the huntsman.
You can light these arrows too like the Huntsman.
Cannot be charged up.
-20% Damage.
Unscoped headshots or bodyshots deal 20% less than a non-charged bodyshot from the sniper rifle.
Shortsighted Shortbow (Primary)
Fire 50% faster than the Huntsman.
+20% larger arc than the Huntsman.
You can light these arrows too like the Huntsman.
-25% less damage if it's a body shot.
Compact Cablebow (Primary)
You can light these arrows too like the Huntsman.
The arrows shoot forward, left and right of crosshair, respectively.
Fire for one arrow.
Alt Fire to load 3 arrows but with 10% less firing speed than the normal charge rate.
+25% attack speed.
+25% Slow to the normal Huntsman Movement Speed Debuff.
Python Longbow (Primary)
The arc of the shot is 2x longer than the Huntsman.
If the top of a level 3 sentry has an arrow lodged in it, 2 rocket shots from that sentry will blow up inside the sentry and do damage to itself, knocking back anything on it's left or right a little bit.
You can light these arrows too like the Huntsman.
Takes 25% longer to charge up than the Huntsman.
If an engineer is on the sentry, hitting it twice, the arrow will dislodge after the first rocket and the rocket will fire as normal if a target comes by for the Sentry to shoot.
Surf's Up for Desert Surfboard (Secondary)
Fire to surf down a hill at scout running speed, adding 75% sniper rifle unscoped damage to your next 2 shots with an additional slow added to afflicted target enemies.
Halves the slow debuff applied by the Huntsman.
Cooldown as long as the razorback once used.
If any jars of liquids are thrown at the Sniper, the effect of said liquid is 1.5x longer.
Fire up a hill sends you down behind you the opposite direction, taking 0.75 seconds to turn around.
Rocky Treadknife (Melee)
Description: For a last ditch effort in melee range. If you encounter a Pyro, it's over.
+25% Attack Speed.
-10% Range.
-20% Resistance to Fire.
Donovan's Didgeridoo (Melee)
Alt Fire: Taunt with the didgeridoo taunt to increase your firing speed by 10% and slows projectiles coming towards you in an area around you for 8 seconds.
+25% Additional Range.
-25% Attack Speed.


Ode to Eiffel (.44 Magnum Revolver) (Primary)
+33% Damage
Slight Knockback on user and target.
-20% Accuracy
-33% Firing Speed
Throwing Daggers (Primary)
50 Daggers. Throw daggers at enemies.
Silent Firing. Only the enemy you hit or if they see where your knives are coming from, will know where you are.
+25% Firing Speed.
-20% Accuracy.
-30% Damage.
Chic Shuri-kens (Primary)
Fire to throw shurikens at enemies.
Alt Fire: Throw 3 shurikens at once in an arc horizontally in front of you.
Fire speed increased by 10%.
Alt Fire speed decreased by 20%
-15% Damage.
Mini Axes of Experts (Primary)
Fire to throw an axe with an arc. It does 25% more damage than a revolver shot.
Alt Fire to throw 3 axes horizontally one after the other.
Alt Fire has half the firing speed with 15% less accuracy.
-25% Firing Speed.
Listening Amplifier (Primary)
Fire against a wall to get a more accurate trace of where the enemy is in that room on the other side of the wall. A glowing outline (like when you sometimes respawn with teammates) will highlight two targets closest to the wall for 3 seconds. This includes enemies and buildings.
1 Shot then reload.
0.75 seconds recovery time from pulling the trigger on a successful wall.
Does not apply to enemy cloaked spies.
You cannot move while amplifier is applied to the wall.
Can only look to your left, right and in front of you while using the Amplifier.
Portable Upgrading Software (Sapper)
Description: Still in beta stages. Do not apply to any engineer buildings or suddenly remove it. It may cause the building to be damaged or result in death.
When applied to buildings, it lays a trap for the engineer to discover when upgrading their building. Once the engineer upgrades it to the next level, it will upgrade like normal but when the engineer goes 5 feet or more away from the afflicted building, It uploads a virus into it that forces the building to upgrade again, forcing it into hibernation for self repair after the time is up. After 1.5x the time it would take to sap a building, it will downgrade to its original state before the forced update. If the engineer repairs their building before it hibernates, 1/5 of the building's health takes damage.
Hibernation forces the building to power off for 5 seconds.
Normal cooldown is 8 seconds.
Can stealth and apply this sapper.
15 Second Cooldown if suddenly removed via wrench ingenuity.
If forcefully removed at any point, it short circuits, zapping the user, revealing it for 1 second.
The idea of that sapper is to create confusion. If you check via scoreboard and see no other engineers on your team or communicate to your teammates via voice, then you know a spy has tampered with your building(s).
Curler's Rhoomba (Sapper)
Fire to target an area and Fire again to throw the Sapper. You slide it along the ground to that area, activating the sapper, doing damage to all buildings on both teams.
Sentries cannot kill it even with Wrangler.
The first hit on the Sapper causes it to cease functionality for 10 seconds, reactivating it again.
The third hit destroys it completely.
+50% Sapper Durability.
-25% Sapper Damage to ally buildings.
Explosives destroy it.
Hidden: Must have 2 engineer enemy buildings and an enemy engineer nearby to be able to activate the Sapper to prevent possible trolling.
Leathered Bond Wristwatch (Invis Watch)
Description: After 007 retired and abandoned his gadgets, the Spy saw this opportunity and thought "If you can't beat 'em, steal 'em.".
Cloak Type: Create Illusion.
Leave an illusion behind at your current location on cloak and temporarily gain speed and damage resistance for 3 seconds while cloaked. The illusion has your current disguise on at the time of cloaking and will stand still and use your equipped pistol to shoot at the closest enemy nearby.
-75% Regen Rate
-25% Maximum Cloak
-50% cloak meter from ammo boxes.
No Cloak meter from ammo boxes when invisible.
-35% of your pistol's damage is what the Illusion does.
Hidden: If you equip the L'etranger, you get 10% of its effect from your illusion when they fire it and hit their target.
If Diamondback is equipped, you get a bonus crit every 3 shots landed on an enemy by your illusion.
IF Enforcer is equipped, you get a bonus 5% damage to any targets that you hit while disguised.
Debonaire's Dartwatch (Invis Watch)
Alt Fire: A small dart is fired.
Cloak Type: Venomous Dart.
-25% Movement Speed to affected enemy and doing poison damage that functions exactly like a bleed.
Since the damage type is different, it can also be applied as well as a bleed from someone else.
The target will know the last firing direction of the dart compared to their position.
Same recharge time as sandman.
-50% Cloak meter from ammo boxes.
-25% Cloak meter from ammo boxes when invisible.
Cigar Smokescreen (Invis Watch)
Cloak Type: Magic Trick.
Alt Fire to throw down a cigarette that creates a smoky barrier that enemies cannot see through.
This turns you invisible. Your allies will get a barely visible outline of the last location of enemies in the line of sight of the occurring smokescreen.
The cooldown is the same amount of time as the Dead Ringer.


Desert Hawk (Desert Eagle) (Scout and Engineer Pistol Replacements)
Fire to emit a powerful shot into your enemies, making for a useful substitute of a primary in dire situations.
+15% Damage.
Your aim is jolted slightly upwards from the force of your shots.
-25% Firing Speed.
-30% Clip Size.
-15% Magazine Capacity.
Remember, my aim is not to upset or annoy, it's to speculate. It's to theorycraft. To think of cool ideas for an extremely fun game. Leave your thoughts in the comments! Got suggestions of your own? Drop 'em down there, I'd love to see where your train of thought lies! Got a suggestion on how you could tweak what I came up with to make it better? Leave that bad boy in the comments too! I'd love to hear your opinion.
If structurally, some of these are different but say practically the same thing and I don't notice it, let me know.
Note: I know others wish to see the CURRENT weapons balanced first but please, put these concerns to a previous thread I've made for that reason: ***https://www.reddit.com/tf2/comments/8frau1/reworking_old_weapons/***
Thanks for reading!
P.S. Let me know if I made any typos. I'll fix 'em if I don't notice them when I check on this thread daily.
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